pointed at Lu Zijia again and questioned Song Zhuohai unbelievably.

Without waiting for Song Zhuohai to answer, Song Zhuolan said emotionally again, “Brother, are you nuts?

“It’s okay you don’t know who Lu Zijia is, but you should know the Lu family, right? Have you not heard of the Lu family at all?

“Lu Zijia even seduced her sister’s fiancé.
She seduced her sister’s fiancé in public and said she could be his mistress.

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“How would such a shameless woman possibly be a master? What are you thinking?

“Besides, if she’s really a master, how could it not be revealed at all throughout all these years?

“If she’s really a master, how could the Lu family treat her like that?

“Brother, you don’t know about that, do you? She and her mother have already been kicked out of the Lu family.

“Think about this.
She lied to you and said she was a master.
She must be trying to take your money.
How can you be so dumb and be deceived by her so easily?” Song Zhuolan said with an exasperated and furious look.
She even wanted to poke Lu Zijia’s head with her finger.

However, before her finger touched Lu Zijia, a piercing pain came from her finger.


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Song Zhuolan couldn’t help but scream in pain.

“I don’t like people pointing at me with their fingers.
If you do this again next time, I’ll directly crush your finger,” Lu Zijia glanced at Song Zhuolan coldly to warn her without the slightest emotion.

Even though she was only at the first level of Qi practicing right now, it was more than enough for her to deal with an ordinary person.

If it weren’t that she couldn’t kill people casually in this world, she would have already done so because of Song Zhuolan’s insults and deliberate discrediting of the original host!

However, even if she couldn’t kill her directly, it was fine.
The Song family, who had known the truth, wouldn’t let her go anyway.

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