“Thank you for the foodー”


After finishing the delivery of the sushi my mother ordered, Kana made a satisfied expression. 


Honestly, I wasn’t able to enjoy such good sushi that much.
I was so worried about Yumika-san that I didn’t even know what kind of sushi I ate. 


During the meal, we talked about Gifu, where Yumika-san lived, and about traffic and shopping conditions in Saitama City, where Fujigaya family lives. 


But there was an air of tension in the air, as if we were having a job interview.


As I tried to gather everyone’s dishes and wash them, Yumika-san called out to me.


“Sakiya-kun, will you let me wash the dishes? I’m a freeloader, and I’ve been fed a delicious meal, so I will feel uncomfortable if I don’t do something.”


Yumika, perhaps feeling a sense of entitlement, volunteered to help with the task of washing the dishes.


This was the first time she called me by my name, and my heart skipped a beat.
Since we are living in the same house, it would be only natural that I’d be called by my first name, but being called by a beautiful girl is still embarrassing.


“Then, I’ll leave it to you.”


I think I’d better leave this to Yumika-san.
I’m sure she wouldn’t be able to calm down if she didn’t help out with the housework.


“Please place the washed dishes here.”


“Got it.”


It’s not that I did not have communication skills.
It’s just that I’m not that good.
In this way we might be similar, I think. 


“Sakiya-kun is a germophobe, right?”


“How do you know?”


“Because I’m the same.” 


I’m the same, which means Yumika-san is also a germophobe. 


“Most people don’t wash dishes right after they finish eating.
一It’s fine if you live alone, but not in the case of a family.
You don’t like to leave your dishes unattended for even a minute, do you?”

“That’s right.”


Yumika dexterously washed dishes as she talked.
She washed every nook and cranny without leaving a single spot behind, making it clear that she was very thorough. 


If we were twins, then we must have the same blood type: A.
But still, her br***ts are huge.
If you look from the side, you can clearly see how big they are. 



I was a little tired, so I decided to go to my room.
My own room would allow me to be alone, and my exhausted mind would be at ease. 


However, Kana entered my room without knocking, as if to interrupt my peaceful time.


“Kana, what happened?” 


“What’s the matter Onii-chan? Are you really nervous or shy?” 


Kana hit a sore spot.
For some reason, I get nervous or fidgety when I see Yumika-san. 


“Not really…..” 




After all, Yumika-san is like me.
It’s like I’m looking in a mirror, except for the gender, and it’s kind of embarrassing.


“Actually, aren’t you only looking at Yumika-san’s br***ts?”


“I’ve only seen them three times.”


“You don’t have to answer me so honestly…”


Yes, Yumika’s personality is similar to mine, but she clearly has something I don’t.
It’s an unbelievably large chest, and no matter how hard I try, my eyes end up following them. 


This would be the same for all boys.


“Don’t get any weird ideas just because she’s beautiful.”


“Your worry is unfounded.
After all, Yumika-san and I are twins.
As siblings, you don’t feel that way about me, do you?”


“I don’t really get that…”


“You don’t..”


Her face was bright red, and she didn’t deny it. Onii-chan, don’t worry. 


“Anyway, it’s kind of awkward, so get a hold of yourself, Onii-chan!”


“Well, it’s impossible to open up on your first day.
You just need to get along a little at a time.” 


“You are saying that now~ I’m sure you’ll say the same thing a month later.” 


Kana doesn’t seem to trust me, but I have confidence in myself.
After all, being twins, our personalities are very much in sync with each other.


We confirmed that we have the same cleanliness disorder earlier.
If you have the same personality, you can understand the other person.


If you can understand what the other person hates and likes, so it might be surprisingly easy to get along with them—

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