admiration was cut short when she was called over.

”Maam, are you here for the Chef interview? ” A man asked. Evie cleared her throat and behaved like a lady boss.

”Yes. ” She replied affirmatively.

”Then follow me. ” The man instructed. Evie watched everything with her eagle eyes, if not because of the man in front of her then she would have definitely taken some pictures and sold them to someone she knew for art designs. Evie began to realize that they had been walking for about two minutes.

”Excuse me, is our little journey still far? ” She asked.

”If you can handle it then kindly make your way out of here. ” The man replied without glancing at her. Evie paused in her steps and mouthed Excuse me then she looked back, she didn even know the way back. Was he kidding her now?! She quickly picked up her steps.

Finally, they arrived at the designated area. It was another reservation area. It had an open, big, and wide kitchen and opposite the area were different ladies. With her fast eyes, she counted them and they happened to be nineteen, including her, which made them twenty.

The ladies were dressed extravagantly so Evie believed that they were here for a fashion show of some sort. The man directed with his hand for Evie to join the sitting ladies. With boldness, she walked without missing a step despite the disgusting look that the ladies threw her way. She sat at the extreme part of the chair…she came alone so she was going to do everything alone.

”Ladies, I hope that you are prepared enough. The time for cooking will start very soon and before then, the rules will be given to you. You are expected to prepare only one meal and answer one question sincerely after cooking.

Do you understand? There will be no form of cheating nor will there be any form of misconduct. I don care about your reputation because you are here to work as a Chef not as a first lady, am I clear? ” The man gave out the instructions like a chief in command. The ladies nodded.

”Good… ” Another man rushed to whisper something into his ears and he kept nodding his head that Evie was trying to guess what was happening. Then he left. The instructor cleared his throat as if to say something but then the atmosphere suddenly changed when the click of the heels was heard. The ladies looked up as quickly as they could and stood up with a smile, each of them trying to put on her best seductive and warm smile.

Even though they managed to do that, they couldn look him in the eye as they tried to act cute and shy. Evie was the last to stand up and she was taken aback by what she had just seen. Her heart raced faster than a sports car could ever race, her eyes widened and her mouth dropped low.

This was…he was Ryan Anderson? He was the perfect definition of gorgeousness. He was tall and muscular enough, at least that was what she was saying. His face was oval and had flat yet thin lips. His hair was…she was running out of words to describe him.

Ryan made his presence known, his left hand was cuffed with a slender pair of arms, and an elegant lady showed up with a sarcastic gaze as if saying sorry, b*tches, he is mine already.

The other ladies cast a doubtful and disappointed look but still, they didn stop smiling or getting shy so much that Evie almost puked.

How ridiculous.

Ryan was passing by with this lady, and his gaze met with Evies and it lasted for about 5 seconds before he was no longer in view, his lips revealed a thin yet mysterious smile as he got blocked by the wall while climbing the staircase.

Evie then blinked. What the hell just happened now? She was completely taken aback by his handsomeness that she had forgotten to take note of the most important thing about him.

”Alright, ladies. Lets get the show started. ” The instructor announced and the ladies walked quickly to pick up aprons to wear. They were of different colors. Their phones were meant to be in silent mode or switched off. Evie breathed in and out and reassured herself that she could do this.


The men who were sitting in the other room stood up when they saw their boss and bowed to greet him and his mistress.

”Boss. ”

They presented the chairs for them and then within the snap of a finger, drinks, snacks and healthy fruits were served to them.

In front of them was a big TV screen that was probably worth a million dollars. The activities that were about to start in the kitchen were shown for them to see.

”I see absolutely no reason why you should go this far. ” Ryans lady Mandarin said as one of the bodyguards poured the drink for her. Ryan crossed his legs but did not say a word. Mandarin glanced at him and shook her head while chuckling.

His playing dumb almost all the time wasn strange to her. It was just a matter of time before she was going to try to be his wife finally.

”You are weird. ” She muttered and then Ryan looked at her with his cold eyes yet he didn say a word. She raised her champagne glass for him to see and so did Ryan.

”Cheers. ” They said in unison and Mandarin took a sip.

The ladies stood in front of the little space given to them with different ingredients. Evie kept looking at everyone with a lot of emotions in her eyes. She was so nervous and would sometimes sneak a look at the CCTV cameras around.

Ryan watched with a simple expression. He picked up a snack box.

”You don eat snacks that much, its been a while, ” Mandarin commented. Ryan opened the box and threw one into his mouth.

”I am getting entertained, thats why. ” He replied shortly.

Back to the kitchen, the instructor walked around them, ensuring that everything was okay when his phone rang.

”Hello. ” He answered it.

”Instruct them to cook whatsoever they can from the ingredients. ”

”Got it. ”

”Alright ladies, from the provided ingredients, try to cook something edible and classifiable. While we want to see your ability to cook in this manner, we also want to know the time you are going to use, how serious you are, how dedicated you are to your work, and how clean you are. Your time starts now. ”

Evie smirked, it seemed like luck was on her side this time around. Everything she needed to use in cooking was here so she could just go ahead to prepare a simple dish…how bad could things go?





Hello, guys. I need you all to be aware of something, especially for this book. The main thing the female lead is going to use in entering is the word COOKING and I don have much idea about Western meals and how they are prepared. I only know about my local dish and pizza etc. So in case you come across a recipe that is quite the same as the one you are using but with a different name, don just mind me. I decided to give it a different name for this story.

Remember that everything is fictional, okay? Thank you for reading.

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