It took about thirty minutes for Kam to get to Shell Street, where most of the popular clothing stores in the city are located. A couple of the stores are high-end but the majority are in the upper mid-range for clothing. In the past, Kam couldn spend much money on clothes. While he couldn go as crazy as he wanted to right now, soon he would make sure to completely redo his wardrobe.

Stepping out of the car Kam got a good look at the buildings. He noticed that they had a sort of uniformity to them, but each store made slight changes that made them unique from one another. Whether it be the color the store is painted or the way their signs looked, they each had their own unique feeling to them.

I would love to stay here all day but my stuff should be here soon. So lemme just find the stores Deacon mentioned and see if I can find something I want there. ” He looked around until he spotted one of the stores

I need more colorful clothes. I only need a few outfits really, just to get me by the next couple of days. The rest I can figure out when I got more time. And if I have time, I should probably get fitted for a suit. Maybe a couple. Never know when you might need one.

As Kam thought about what he wanted to get for himself, he made his way to the first store on the Deacons list.

Kams small shopping spree did not last very long, an hour max. He was able to find most of the clothes that he wanted at the first store he went to. He brought a total of six outfits, that he could wear interchangeably with one another and still look good. They all had some color in them because he thought it was too weird to have only neutral-colored clothes.

For the six outfits, he spent about four thousand credits in total, which he felt was pretty good considering their quality. He didn get any new shoes, he felt it would be better to just buy them online as there would be more options.

The feeling of being able to spend money without having to worry about if he was going to be able to eat the next day or have a place to live the next month was freeing to him. He added shopping to the list of things he wanted to continue doing in this life.

As far as the suits went, Kam asked the cashier as he checked out if she knew of any places nearby and was led to a place a couple stored down. From there he was able to get measured and put in an order for three suits; black, grey, and red.

The suits would be ready in about a week. Kam planned on staying and looking around at a few other stores to see if he found anything else he liked but by the time he was done paying for the suits he received a message from the Sahara App, letting him know that his items had been delivered to his apartment building.

So, with excitement Kam hurriedly requested a driver in the app, even putting in an extra-large tip ahead of time to get a willing driver faster.

It took about an hour due to traffic in the city to get back to his apartment building. When he finally got to the apartment he headed toward the receptionist to make sure his packages had been delivered to the right place.

After confirmation from the receptionist and signing the package, Kamara along with some of the building employees brought the packages up to his apartment. The process was tiring as they had to make three trips back and forth from his room to the mailroom. But after a while, they finished and Kam made sure to tip his helpers well.

Once everything was done Kam made his way back to the room and closed the door. He looked around his living room which was covered in all types of boxes. It was obvious what was in some boxes like monitors and computer casings, but for the smaller boxes, it could be a number of things inside of it.

Before opening them Kam decided to put away the clothes he had just brought and then change into something more comfortable. It took his effort to maneuver through his apartment with all the boxes everywhere but he managed.

He took all the outfits out of the shopping bags and hung them on the hook, while he wouldve liked to color-code them, it was pointless with the amount of black, white, and grey within his closet. Instead, he just added the clothes within the middle to make sure it was the first things he saw when he was picking an outfit in the future.

Once his new clothes were put away he changed into a pair of shorts and a T-shirt. From there he went back to his living room.

He began organizing the boxes from smallest to largest, with the larger boxes on the left side of the room near his kitchen and the smaller ones on the wall opposite from his couch. From their cam went through each box and began to organize them based on what they were going to be used for in the future. Stuff for his computers and monitors were in one section, things for his prototype were in one section and the last section was made for things needed to make his RP server.

There was one more section but it was just one item, Kamaras new phone. His current one was far too outdated for his liking and he needed a newer one. It still wasn as good as he knows it can be so he had plans to upgrade it once he finishes setting up the more important things, but for now, its basic functions will do.

”Finally got everything sorted ” Kam exhaled, he checked the time on the phone, It was currently 1 oclock ”Oh, I got plenty of time. Ight, I can set up my desk area and build my computers. If Im quick enough I might even have enough time to start on that prototype. ” With that cam bean to work.

Before that, he took all the boxes down to the apartments recycler. When he got back he started on his first objective, find the place he wanted to have his work area. His apartment didn have much room to work with. He couldn use his bedroom, it would become too crowded, all he had left was his Kitchen area and his living room.

”Living Room it is, ” he said as he gave his apartment a brief look. It was really the only option he had. When he moves out he would have enough room for something more permanent and private than this.

With an area decided Kam got to work on his desk. He decided to go with a desk that can go between standing and sitting because he felt it would be better for his health in the long run. It was a simple process for him to put it together. During the process, he did find many things he thought they couldve done better on the technical side, but he believed it wasn worth the effort to fix it.

Once finished Kam got a good look at the desk and was satisfied with it. The desk was made up of recycled wood from similar products, so the flat top of the desk was a hodgepodge of light and dark brown. He didn buy it for the design, it was the cheapest version and the only one left in stock, but once he saw it in person he thought it was pretty interesting to look at.

He was sure he would never get bored looking at it as every inch was different from the last. The legs of the desk were also made from recycled material. Though it was of steel, so there wasn much discoloration in the design. He was a bit disappointed in that but he quickly forgot about it.

He moved the desk up to the wall, leaving some room for his monitor that he planned on mounting. It took more effort than he thought it should. The full desk was much heavier than he realized and he was much weaker than he thought. Although his body did have higher natural strength due to good genetics, it still was wasted due to his lack of activity.

”Yea….Im gonna have to go to the gym. Fuck! ” Kamara cursed, he wasn a big fan of doing strenuous work. But he knew it was gonna be necessary if he was gonna be on his computer for the majority of his time.

In his past life, he didn have to worry about going to the gym as most of the legal jobs he worked were physical labor, but now he had to do it for fun.

After complaining a bit in his head, Kam began to gather the parts for his computers. He had brought a total of three desktop computers that he would be using. This is where Kam decided to use the abilities he had asked for.

For the abilities that Kam got there is a passive effect and an active effect. The passive effect shows him bits and pieces of important info that he might need about a piece of tech or science, but it is mostly just the general gist of things. On the other hand, the active part, which he just has to think about to activate, shows him everything there is to know about anything related to tech or science.

Including, how it was made, how it works, the date a piece was made, the tree it came from, how to improve it, etc. As for things that don exist in this world or are completely made up by him, it will show him a detailed step-by-step of how he can make them. Getting the materials is up to him but anything is possible.

Once Kam activated the ability he quickly realized that if he wanted he could send humanity into the likes of tier-two civilizations in a matter of years. And it would only take that long because of the resistance he would receive from people not wanting to change.

”Holy shit, thats insane, ” Kam said to himself as he looked at some of the blueprints of things he had thought up.

”I need to focus on the task at hand. Im not here for all that. ” Kam snapped out of his daze and focused back on his computers and got to work according to his blueprints.

One would be for his streaming and editing computer. It was a high-end and powerful computer but was of a lower level than the other two. It didn need as many expensive parts as his other ones making it a bit cheaper.

The next one would be his everyday use computer. It would be used for things like video games, internet browsing, business, etc. This one was much more powerful than his streaming computer and honestly, he believed it was a bit overkill. But Kam believed that overkill was the best kill, all in the context of computers though. With his gaming computer he could play any game he wanted at the highest setting and never notice a change in his PCs performance.

The last computer was dedicated purely to his technical things. It was meant for him to be able to code, design, and test all of his future projects and ideas. It couldn handle everything that he planned on making, but it would help him create things that could handle them. It was probably the most powerful computer he could make as a civilian.

To get anything better he would probably need to ask the WG when he gets in contact with them. Which wasn something he planned on doing as he could just make something better himself in the future. He planned to skip that whole step and go to his own computer after he had designed and made all the parts he needed.

He wanted his next computer to be able to do everything that all three of his computer do and much more, with ease. Because, while building the computers he had realized that having three desktops would be very annoying in the future.

It took about an hour for him to finish them, as he took his time during the process. This was his first time making one, and although he knew what to do, he still didn have the experience of building them, especially something this expensive. They were the most expensive things hes owned that weren a car.

Well, technically they were the second most expensive things as he now owned a house. Kamara got a small smile on his face as he thought about finally owning his own home. It was one of his most important goals in his last life that he never got to achieve.

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