While Kam said that he got a look at everyones outfits. The simplest dressed one is Day, as she has on a pair of black jeans, with a red crop top -that showed off her fit stomach and belly button piercing sneakers- and matching heels. Making her tall figure even taller.

Her hair flowed freely down to the middle of her back, her face fixed to perfection with makeup, her red lipstick particularly standing out. She has on a silver necklace with a heart-shaped pendant, two silver hoop earrings, an assortment of bracelets on both her wrist, and a small black purse that hangs from her left shoulder. Along with the aforementioned belly button piercing. While she made a lot of noise when she moved, he still felt that she looked good.

From Day he moved to Berry who had on a burgundy Abaya that has golden designs along the edged of the clothing, with her hair covered in a matching Hijab with only a bit of it peeking out from underneath. She has light makeup on with matching burgundy lipstick making her whole outfit look complete. Around her neck, she wore a simple gold chain with a pendant in some Arabic word that Kamara couldn read. On her left wrist, she wore two thin golden bracelets, and on her right, she wore three similar ones, but the middle bracelet had a pendent with a jade jewel hanging from it.

Amy is wearing a blue plaid jumper dress, a grey turtle neck along with black stockings underneath, and shiny black combat boots. Her dreads are put into two pigtails that each flow on either side of her shoulder, with her dread accessories, fully showing now. She has heavy makeup on that matches the style of her outfit, Kam was genuinely surprised at how much effort she put into it.

For Jewelry she went lighter this evening with only having two rings on either hand (one of which Kam wasn sure was a ring as it covered up her whole right index finger like a piece of armor), a small moon necklace, and the same owl septum piercing from earlier in the day.

The most extravagantly dressed person of the group was by far Deacon. Honestly, Kam assumed that he mustve just got back from a fashion show considering how extreme he was dressed.

He wore a navy opened double-breasted topcoat, that had a large white and navy sunflower on the right side and wide brim plants to match that. Underneath the topcoat, he wore a white collard shirt that had three different colored flowers that seemed to grow from the bottom hem of the shirt. On his head, he wore an orange beanie and gold-rimmed round eyeglasses. For shoes he had black platform boots, that looked uncomfortable to walk in.

In terms of jewelry, he had a hand full of rings with two on his right hand covered in a similar armor as Amy had. On his neck he wore nothing but on his ears, his right one has a gold Bajoran earring, and on his left, a golden rose that hung loosely from his ear.

From this outfit alone Kam understood why Amy interrupted him from asking, it was clear that Deacon was either a fashion fanatic or was involved in the fashion industry in some capacity from the way that he was dressed. No normal person, Kamara believed, would walk out of their house dressed that extravagantly for a simple night out.

”Yea, some of us don understand the idea of dressing casually. Making the rest of us have to dress up more than we would normally. ” She said pointing her head towards Deacon, who looked unbothered by her statement.

”Hey, I have to uphold a certain standard, can let people see me in such…things. ” Deacon exaggerated as he crossed his arms examining the clothes the passersby wore.

”Yea yea we get it, you like to play dress up. Anyway, can we go? Im ready to get this party started! ” Day shouted as she pulled out nips of tequila, vodka, and the other four base liquors from the small black purse she had hanging on her arms.

She started passing them out as she spoke ”Alright lets start his night off right. Everyone take one and on the count of three, well all chug. And no Amy, Im not taking no for an answer. But don be upset, this time I made sure to get everyones favorite type. For you, we have a small nip of 1535 Vodka ”

”If not for you being a functional person during the day, I would really consider getting you some help, ” Amy commented as she took her nip.

”Help Shmelp, just open your drink and get ready. ” She joked as she gave a nip of rum to the unwilling Berry before moving to Kam ”Ah and for the newbie, what type do you want? ”

”Umm. Whats going on? ” Kam asked the group. While he had pre-gammed before, wasn this a bit too late?

”Oh yea, newbie your new, I forgot. ” Day said as she slapped her forehead

”Well whenever we go out we chug a nip, to get the juices flowing. Helps lighten the mood. ” She explained the groups little ritual.

”She does it because shes a drunk. ” Amy pointed at Day ”We do it to make her look less of such, ” Amy she then motioned to the other two, who nodded along with her.

”You know my motto. Never waste a good drink. ” Day said, not minding her friends casually calling her an alcoholic.

Kam shook his head and grabbed a random nip of gin, from a brand he didn recognize, from Days hand.

”Oh, good choice make sure you drink it all! Don want all that confidence you had earlier to be washed away from one nip now do we? ” She winked at Kam before giving a whisky nip to Deacon.

”Don have to worry about me ” Kam managed to get out.

After handing out all the nips she took out a tequila one from her purse before Shouting ”To a good night! ” and chugging the drink

”To a Good Night! ” the others repeated before downing their drinks too.

After a few seconds a cacophony of gagging and coughing ensued as Amy, Beery, Deacon, and Kam had barely finished theirs. Day watched all this with a slight smile on her face, completely unaffected by the drink she just had. ”Come on guys, stop your fussing. We gotta show Kam around, remember ” She teased.

”Fuck you, crazy b***h ” Deacon choked, with red eyes

”Love you to Deacon poo ” Day returned with a kissy face

”Ye- hm..yea shes right lets get going. My car is just over there. ” Amy said with a pained expression as she stood up from her hunched position and pointed to a shiny silver SUV.

The group then followed her to her car. With Amy as the driver and Berry as the copilot. The back seat was then filled with Kam behind the driver, Day in the middle, and Deacon behind the passenger seat.

”You do realize one of us couldve sat in the very back, right, ” Deacon said pointing towards the last row of empty seats in the vehicle.

”Yea but then one of us would be left alone back there. We don want that now do we my Deacy Poo. ” Day said as she pulled Deacon into a tight hug. Kam just watched the situation watched as the shorter deacon was pulled into her chest unwillingly.

He let out a slight chuckle which caught Days attention ”Isn that right Kammy Wammy. ” the next thing Kam knew he was being smothered in a hug from Day. Fortunately, he wasn as short as Deacon so he didn have to deal with being suffocated.

”Umm Day, I think deacon is gonna die if you keep him like that any longer, ” Berry commented from the front seat.

”Oops.. sorry Deacon, ” Day said as she let go of the frowning Deacon.

”Never Again ” was all Deacon said as he slumped back in his chair.

”Alright, enough horsing around. First, stop The Public Library! ” Amy exclaimed as she started driving.

”Boo! ” the three said, to which Amy ignored.

For the next four hours, the group showed Kam the various hotspots of the city. They took him to places that most tourists visit when they come and even to the places that they each thought were particularly interesting. Day took him to a local brewery and a pottery barn that she liked; Deacon to a fashion house that people can explore; Amy showed Kam to the Aline Public Library, which was four stories; and Berry showed him to two museums that she particularly likes going to.

Some of the spots were very close together and they were able to walk to, while others required them to drive a bit out of the city to see. Regardless the group had a very good time out with one another. During this time Kam even learned some more about what the members of the group do for a living.

Amy is an Associate History Professor at Aline University, an ivy league school. Deacon, unsurprisingly, is a fashion designer for his own small studio. Kam was surprised when he found out that he is pretty well known and popular in and out of the city. Berry doesn work, she doesn need to. And lastly, Day owns her own construction company that does a lot of the work in the suburbs of Aline.

After they finished their tour of the city the group made their way toward the largest park in the city Diamond Meadows. So that Kamara could get a taste of what the nightlife in Aline was all about.

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