Chapter 11.2 – Hidden Plots and Open Schemes (2)

The Spring Exam was still like a grindstone.
Even though winter this year was warm and the effect of weather this time had been much lower, the large number of exam questions and the poor conditions in the Examination Hall still ground the examinees to exhaustion.

The examination was divided into three sessions; on the 9th, 12th and 15th of the first month of the Lunar New Year.
Each session lasted for three days and two nights.

When the first test session ended on the afternoon of the 11th day, the gate of the Examination Hall opened, and a group of examinees swarmed out.
Some of them staggered, and some of them were in a trance.
There were also some that were filled with self-satisfaction, but they were very few.

Within those group of people, the haggard and disheveled Lu Qicheng was not very conspicuous.
He carried his own test basket and walked out in a trance together with the crowd.
His body that used to be strong and healthy looked like it had been hollowed out in this test, making his steps feel like they were floating.

When he looked up, he saw an ocean of heads calling out to their family one after the other.

Lu Qicheng felt unwell, the noisy scene causing his body to sway as he almost fainted.
Fortunately, although his servant boy hadn’t come to find him yet, there was a kind-hearted person nearby.
When he saw that an examinee was going to faint, he gave him a helping hand.

As his dizziness subsided, Lu Qicheng caught the hand of the man who was supporting him and turned his head to say, “Thank you.”

The one who helped him was also a servant boy, wearing student clothes and small hat, with a simple and honest face.
“This little one cannot accept Young Master’s thanks.” After that, he looked at Lu Qicheng’s face carefully and said, “Young Master, you don’t look very well.
I’m afraid you won’t be able to return alone.
Do you have someone from your family to pick you up?”

Lu Qicheng had always acted modest and courteous when in front of outsiders.
Even if he was only a servant, he still politely answered, “Thank you for your concern, I have someone from my family who will pick me up.” After saying that, he looked around for a while, and was distressed.
“I just don’t know where he is.”

Right now, the Examination Hall had just opened, and it was even more crowded and noisy than when he first entered.
It was really difficult to find someone right now.
The servant boy hesitated for a moment and looked towards the crowd, then said, “There’s too many people here, and I don’t know where my Young Master is either.
You look like you’re worried that you wouldn’t be able to squeeze your way out of the crowd, Young Master.
Why don’t I take you out first, so you can find somewhere with less people to wait for the person your family sent.”

Lu Qicheng naturally thanked him, and with the help of the servant boy, he finally squeezed his way out from the crowd.
The latter did not stay long, and after notifying him, he quickly went back and soon disappeared within the crowd.

Leaning under a tree beside the road, Lu Qicheng looked at the noisy crowd, but his eyes were cold.
Even though he had just been helped, he did not feel grateful.
On the contrary, he felt that the servant boy didn’t know how to prioritize the more important things.
At such a time, instead of focusing on his master family’s affairs, he was taking care of outsiders instead.

If his servant boy dared to do this, he would be severely punished!

Lu Qicheng didn’t realize that the servant boy who had disappeared inside the crowd had hung a square handkerchief on him before he left.
There was nothing notable about the coral-colored square handkerchief, but its color was very conspicuous next to his green shirt.

After a while, Lu Qicheng’s servant boy finally came.
His clothes were very disheveled, and he even lost one of his shoes.
It was almost like he had just escaped from a disaster.
Lu Qicheng was disgusted when he saw it.

But Lu Qicheng did not have the energy to care about him right now.
He asked for the direction of the carriage and planned to leave.

The servant boy naturally picked up the test basket and stepped forward to help him up.
When Lu Qicheng raised his hand, he saw the handkerchief hanging under his clothes.
The servant boy untied it for him and wondered, “Young Master, you didn’t have a handkerchief of this color, did you?”

The handkerchief’s style was one that men would use, but the coral color looked a bit feminine.
Naturally, it was something Lu Qicheng wouldn’t use.
However, he was currently in a daze and had no intention to pay attention to this.
He just figured that he was inside of the crowd earlier and it probably got stuck to him from who knows whom.
He felt so disgusted that he pulled the handkerchief and threw it away, saying, “Stop talking nonsense.
Help me go back to rest quickly!”

Seeing his haggard face with blue and black under his eyes, the servant boy did not dare to say anything else, and quickly helped him leave.

The carriage from the Lu family’s mansion had been waiting for him for a long time, but there were a lot of people outside the Examination Hall, so it was parked a little far away.
When Lu Qicheng finally climbed inside the carriage with the servant boy’s help, he felt as if his energy had been completely drained.
He couldn’t even give any additional commands and fell asleep.

This was something normal among examinees, and no one would think that it was strange.
The servant boy stayed silent and sat outside the carriage with the driver.
Then, as the driver waved the whip in his hand, the horse pulled the carriage away.

The carriage went neither fast nor slow; it moved very steadily without disturbing the one sleeping inside.

After they crossed two streets and was halfway back, the horse who had been obedient and docile so far suddenly became agitated.
Then before the driver could react, it suddenly made a long neigh and dashed!

The unsuspecting servant boy was the first to be thrown off the carriage, his head bleeding.
The driver was still trying to pull the reins, but even though he pulled so hard his hands were bleeding, the crazy horse could not be controlled at all and still ran forward.
No one could tell exactly how many pedestrians were startled along the way and how many stalls got knocked over.
In just a moment, the whole street was turned upside down.

Such chaos finally woke up Lu Qicheng.
He was still dazed at the moment, and he staggered out of the carriage while holding his head.
As soon as he asked “what’s wrong”, he followed the footsteps of his servant boy and fell off the carriage.

All of this happened in just an instant.
The driver was so shocked that his face immediately changed.
He could no longer care about the crazy horse; he shouted “Young Master” and jumped down.

Lu Qicheng fell hard and could not get up for a long time, clutching his broken leg.
The driver who jumped down the carriage ran over and helped him up, then he looked up and almost fainted!

Lu Qicheng’s face was stained in blood.
Who knew what he had hit when he fell of the carriage, but there was an open wound from the corner of his eye all the way to his chin! The dazzling blood together with the hideous wound had completely ruined his originally handsome appearance.

But right now Lu Qicheng had no time to pay attention to the wound on his face.
He only clutched his leg in pain while sweating all over.
It took him a long time to let out a sentence while shaking, “Leg, my leg is broken…”

Author notes:

Lu Qipei (in self-satisfaction): If I write my essay better and better, then someone without the ability would not dare to use it!

Qi Yang (with mixed feelings): Fine, as long as you’re happy… In any case, I’m also pretty happy too.

Translator notes:

Qi Yang’s starting to show how she ain’t letting anyone mess with them in this life!

Lu Qipei’s being jealous :3

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