Chapter 1 – What Do I Like the Most?

When the last ray of light in the sky disappeared at dusk, the massive mansion of Princess Qiyang was still deserted, and only the main hall was brightly lit.

Princess Qiyang sat upright in the main hall, in front of a table full of food that had already gone cold.

The person Princess Qiyang was waiting for obviously hadn’t come back yet, but her face remained unmoved, with no sign of impatience.
She just stared at the empty courtyard outside quietly, and no one could tell what kind of thoughts were reflected in her eyes.

The senior maid close to her, Zhi Ting, finally couldn’t stand it any longer and stepped forward to persuade her.
“Your Highness, it’s getting late.
Prince Consort probably won’t be coming today.”

Qiyang didn’t bat her eyes when she heard it, and continued sitting upright like before, just staring at the depth of night outside the hall without saying anything.

Zhi Ting knew that it was useless to say anything else.
She didn’t know when it started, but Her Royal Highness gradually smiled less, and she became silent, deep and stubborn.
Now, even she who grew up with her couldn’t tell what she was thinking.

So when did this change start? Zhi Ting couldn’t help trying to recall it carefully.
In the end, she could only think that it happened after Her Highness and the Prince Consort got married.
Maybe it was a year after the wedding, or maybe half a year? Or perhaps it was only a few months after the wedding that she suddenly became silent.
After a few years, she could no longer find her innocent and cheerful appearance.

Everyone said that it was time to grow up after you got married.
Maybe that was what happened with Her Royal Highness too.
But for some reason, she always felt a little distressed when she looked at her being so silent…

The night gradually deepened, but Zhi Ting turned out to be wrong – the Prince Consort did come tonight.

Shortly after the wedding, Prince Qiyang somehow got sick of her Prince Consort.
At first, the Prince Consort would often come to the Princess’s mansion, hoping to change her mind.
But later on, as the Prince Consort’s position in the court stabilized, his visits became less often.
Later on, when the Prince Consort secretly made connections with the Third Prince, he would appear even less in the Princess’s mansion.
Right now, the last time he appeared here was a month ago.

No one knew why Princess Qiyang suddenly called the Prince Consort tonight.
This rare occasion surprised not just the people in the Princess’s mansion, but also the Prince Consort Lu Qicheng himself.
So even though it was already late when he left the Third Prince’s mansion, he still rushed back.

When he entered the main hall, Lu Qicheng raised his eyebrows in surprise when he saw the table full of cold food.

Zhi Ting said from the side with a wink.
“Prince Consort has finally returned, Her Highness has been waiting for you for a long time.
The food is already cold, so let’s get it replaced with new ones.” As she said that, she called a group of maids and soon the cold food on the table was taken away.

There was only one pot of wine left behind, which Princess Qiyang kept from being taken away herself.
Neither Lu Qicheng nor Zhi Ting minded.

When the outsiders in the main hall had all left, Lu Qicheng gave Qiyang a slight bow and asked, “Your Highness the Princess seem to be in good spirits tonight.
I wonder for what reason have you called me1?”

The years have worn down all of Lu Qicheng’s patience.
Even though Princess Qiyang was of noble birth and born beautiful, if the beauty didn’t mince her words, then there was no way he could please her.
After a long time, he gradually lost his patience.
What’s more, his position in the court was now stable.
Even if it wasn’t to the point that he could move a hundred men with one word, he was no longer afraid of her, a mere princess!

Qiyang didn’t care about the frank and rude tone of Lu Qicheng’s words, and finally looked up at the person in front of her.
It was the first time she looked so seriously in several years, her eyes scanned his face inch by inch – from a teenager to a young man, the boy’s once androgynous face now looked a bit more tough and the face of handsome boy who used to be indifferent now looked a bit more tough and sharp, but it was still 80% similar.

Looking at this familiar face, Qiyang’s deep black eyes were gradually filled with turbulent emotions.
But before Lu Qicheng could see something in her eyes, the emotions that surged just a moment ago instantly disappeared, so fast that people would think it was just an illusion.

Lu Qicheng felt inexplicably uncomfortable, and he also had a bad feeling in his heart so he called out again.
“Your Highness?”

Qiyang finally withdrew her gaze and raised her chin slightly, still as arrogant as before.
She gestured to the seat across her with her eyes and said with a flat tone, “Sit.”

Lu Qicheng was confused, but he sat down on the chair following her words.
After waiting for a while, there was still no one else but Princess Qiyang who kept staying silent.
This made him feel a little depressed, so he asked again, “For what reason has Your Highness summoned me here today?”

Qiyang picked up the pot and poured a cup for herself and the person in front of her while casually saying, “I2 haven’t seen my Prince Consort for a long time, so I asked you to come so I can take a look at you.<

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