t go later in the original book.

But lightning would strike whoever disturbed a relationship.

He was here to be a matchmaker, not to break up a couple.

Taking his chopsticks, Li Qingzhou ate in silence, upholding his persona.

He held the bowl in one hand and took the food with the other, chewing methodically and slowly …… ate most of it by accident.

It couldn’t be helped, who made the food in Yan University’s cafeteria so good? It wasn’t for nothing that it had made it into the top few in the country!

In the end, Li Qingzhou just couldn’t eat any more.

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He put down his chopsticks reluctantly, averted his eyes that were about to stick to his plate, leaned back on the bed and said with downcast eyes, “Can you get me a kettle of hot water?”

To Xu Mengning’s eyes, it was — the youth’s head was wrapped in white gauze, his face slightly pale, his brow furrowed and he seemed to have a bad appetite.

He barely finished his meal before he put his chopsticks down with a tired look on his face and spoke to her with a wan expression.

Xu Mengning stood up hurriedly stood in response.

She finished clearing away the dishes and carried the kettle out of the ward, and soon the sound of footsteps faded away.

When the sound outside the ward door was no longer audible, Li Qingzhou relaxed with a satiated look on his face and slumped down on the bed, patting his stomach and burping happily.

Although he was still unable to stand up and walk, he was in good health and didn’t have to avoid eating what he should and shouldn’t eat.

Once upon a time, he had kept his meals under strict control.

Particularly in the later stages of his illness where he had basically said goodbye to rich, oily, high-calorie food.

There had been no sense of happiness at all.

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Li Qingzhou yawned with half-squinted eyes, sleepy after eating and drinking, wanting to doze off so badly ……

The original book begun with the female protagonist Xu Mengning receiving a phone call from Fang Xiyan, Li Qingzhou’s assistant, then she rushed to the hospital from Yan University to take care of him.

In the meantime, Liu Xiahui, the male protagonist from the original book, came to see Li Qingzhou at the hospital at the request of his third uncle, Liu Bohuai, to express his condolences to him.

And to discuss the Liu family’s ‘compensation’ to the Li family.

Here the male and female protagonist would meet for the first time at the hospital and proceed to act out the classic scene of the domineering president — woman, I’ll remember you.

Li Qingzhou pulled the quilt up over half of his face and scratched his bulging belly as he continued to remember the plot of the original book.

Oh, it seems that the male protagonist was so disgraced by the female protagonist that he left the hospital in a fit of pique, forgetting to even offer his condolences to the young master of the Li family

After all, the Li family was so insignificant to the Liu family that they could be contacted at any time if they wanted to ‘compensate them’.

Before leaving, however, the driver who brought Liu Xiahui to the hospital did remember to give the fruit basket of condolences for the Li family’s young master to the nurse at the nursing station to be delivered to the ward.

Thinking about this,
Li Qingzhou let out another yawn and closed his eyes slowly.
All this meant that there was nothing for him to do so he went to sleep.

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