Cases of monarchies being restored after revolutions were not uncommon.


In some cases, the former prevailed between royalists and republicans; in others, the military removed the opposition and enthroned the king.


Or there were cases in which the people, repelled by the incompetence of the revolutionary forces and the politics of authority, once again came to desire a monarchy.


At present, however, the forces of monarchical restoration were largely trampled on within Padania.
It was thanks to the abilities of the Commander-in-Chief of Padania – Heiner Valdemar.
Sometimes one outstanding person could lead an era.


Heiner solved the problems of post-revolutionary turmoil and conflict, the infighting among the revolutionary forces, and the solidification of the dictatorship in a fairly idealistic way.


Currently, Heiner was the idol of Padania.
In this situation, the royalist faction was unable to exert its power due to national sentiment and could only move abroad.


‘If they are in a state of exile in France, they are more likely to receive help from outside forces to restore the monarchy.’


Annette did not know much about international affairs, so she could not make any further analogies.
But this much was clear.


‘My father is a nephew of King Piete.
I have royal blood in my veins.


If necessary, it would be used as a means of restoring the monarchy.


Her mind sank coldly.
There must already be several royals in exile, so why would they reach out to her? She didn’t know the details.


Whatever it was, she could not accept Ansgar’s words with perfect good intentions.
In the past, she would have rejoiced at a rescuing hand offered by an old friend, but not now.


Annette walked away from the door.
The business card crumpled slightly in her hand.
Her blue eyes took on a slightly cold light.


“Take my hand, Annette.”


“Come on.”




Annette checked the sponsorship list and the monetary comparison chart.
Her slender fingers slowly ran down the numbers.


Managing donations and sponsorships in the name of civic organizations was one of the tasks she had taken on after she married.


Since the Revolution, Annette’s name had been officially excluded from this task.
However, she still made the final inspection.


No one else was willing to take on this daunting task.
Annette could truly boast that she had handled this job cleanly and transparently.
No one had ever admitted it, but it was so.


[We must do our duty.
All of you listening to this radio right now are enlightened and are not prevented from acquiring information.
Your government does not censor information to you………..]




After examining the documents, Annette turned off the radio.
Her head throbbed again.
She opened the window to ventilate the room, but the headache did not go away.


She put on a shawl and went out into the garden.
Lately she had been following her doctor’s recommendation to walk at least an hour a day.
Not for health reasons, but because she did not want to be called lazy.


After wandering around the garden, Annette soon became exhausted.
Her health really wasn’t what it used to be these days.
She didn’t remember when……..
she stopped after trying to remember.


She sat down on a bench in front of the fountain.
The afternoon sun was making her body feel sluggish.
The stream of water pouring from the fountain glistened in the light.
She smiled calmly in its peace.


Ah .


It’s okay to die like this.


She suddenly had that thought.
Annette always wanted to die at the moment she wanted, in the place of her choice.


Right here, right now.


Wasn’t it strange indeed? That her breathing kept getting longer without her permission.


Annette closed her eyes and breathed in and out very lightly and slowly.
Her breathing felt crippling and foreign.


Suddenly, she heard a  talking voice behind her.
The voice sounded somewhat familiar.
Annette opened her eyes and turned around.


A man and a woman were walking down the corridor connecting the main building of the official residence and the secretary’s office.
The tall, slender man was Major Eugen, and the woman standing next to him was………..


‘Annelie Engels?’


The woman looked at Annette the moment she noticed her.
Annette remained still without averting her gaze.
Major Eugen, who was talking about something next to her, followed Annelie’s gaze.


As soon as he saw Annette, Major Eugen raised his eyebrows.
Annelie looked a little surprised.
After a short conversation with the Major, Annelie approached Annette.


Annelie’s stride was long and confident.
She soon reached Annette and greeted her in a rather gentle tone.


“Hello, madam.”




“This is our first meeting.”




It was the first time Annette had met Annelie in person.
Although she knew her face through the newspaper.


But Annette didn’t know why Annelie was talking to her.
They had a verbal relationship that was unapproachable.


It was not just a matter of a fallen aristocrat and a revolutionary army.
Annelie had openly wanted Heiner.
Annette was Heiner’s wife.


However much her marriage was not normal, it was awkward to converse with her husband’s admirer.


“May I have a moment of your time? Can we talk?”




With Annette’s permission, Annelie motioned for Major Eugen to leave.
Major Eugen disappeared with a look of total displeasure on his face.


Annette stared at his back.


‘So Major Eugen and Annelie Engels knew each other.’


Perhaps it was natural.
Major Eugen was a close associate of Heiner’s.
He may have been a colleague of Annelie’s during the Revolutionary Army days.


Whatever the case, it was clear that Annelie was not too fond of him.
Annelie asked with a smile.


“I was hoping to meet you once, but we ended up meeting this way.
Shall we sit here and talk? Or we can take a walk.”


“Please have a seat.”


“Thank you.
The garden was very beautiful.
You must have taken very good care of it.”


“It’s not something I manage.”


“Oh, I see.
I heard madam used to manage it……..”


“It was a long time ago.”


Annette replied blandly.
She didn’t feel the need to have a friendly discussion with Annelie.


“……How is life at the residence? I heard you’re not going out much.”


“I just spend my time quietly.”


“You seem like a quiet person.
Actually, I only saw you in the newspaper, so I didn’t expect you to be like this.”


“I see.”


Annelie smiled awkwardly, as if she had nothing else to say.
An awkward silence fell.
Annette spoke with an expression unchanged on her face.


“Miss Annelie, I’m sure you didn’t really come here to find out if I’m well or not.
If you have something to say, feel free to say it.”


Annelie’s lips clamped together and parted as if perplexed by Annette’s directness.
She steamed for a while and eventually opened her mouth as if she had made up her mind.


“Madam, I heard you demanded a divorce.”


 “Was it from my husband?”


“No, Major Eugen told me.
His Excellency did not agree to divorce…… I also heard the reason.
I wasn’t convinced.”




“I actually don’t like the madam.”




“It’s close to hate.
I’m sure madam would feel the same.I shudder when I think of what the Marquis Dietrich did and what you enjoyed under his power.
I also respect His Excellency as a human being.
I do not think you are a good fit next to him.”


Her string of words came out as if she had been waiting for this moment.
Annette stared at the high fountain stream.
Annelie sighed lightly next to her.


”Well…that’s all from me.
For the sake of keeping the Republicans and liberals in check, His Excellency’s marriage to me must take place.
I am not sure you are aware, madam, but the international situation these days is extraordinary.
First of all, Padania needs to be organized internally.
And if war should break out, for the sake of easy conscription.”


“As for the divorce issue.”


Annette’s voice came out a little faint.
She briefly cleared her throat and continued speaking again.


“As for the matter, you might as well go and talk to my husband.
It is no longer in my purview.”


“Madam, I am warning you.”


Only then did Annette turn to face Annelie.
Annelie still looked as gentle as ever.


“His Excellency is willing to accept damage for the sake of this marriage, but what if the damage is greater than the extent of the sacrifice? Of course, we cannot attack His Excellency.
Nor do we intend to.”




“Remember, madam  has many enemies.”


Annette understood the meaning of Annelie’s words without difficulty.


The easiest way to get a court-ordered divorce was to make one party guilty.
This was also what the revolutionary army, the Congress, and the press had done very well so far.


To drag Annette down so far that Heiner could not bear the damage.


“Miss Annelie, I know that you and your colleagues have used me in public opinion.”


Annette said, looking straight into Annelie’s red eyes.


“At first I was frustrated when I first heard the accusations.
I wanted to explain myself.
I also wanted revenge.”


“It’s not like it was not true….”


“Don’t psychotics firmly believe they aren’t crazy? I think maybe I am too.
I think I alone am crazy and believe in my own innocence, when in fact I am wrong about everything? If everyone in the world says the same thing except me, then of course I am wrong.”




“Well, at the point where I started to feel that way…………..
all my will to explain and all my desire for revenge is gone.
I do not hate you people.
I know why you did it.
I respect that cause.
I mean it.”


Annelie’s pupils shook as if she had been told something unexpected.
Annette looked at the fountain again.
The towering stream of water broke white.


“As I said, Miss Annelie, the divorce issue is no longer in my authority.
But I understand what you are saying.
Don’t worry too much.”


A stream of water sprung up.
It rose high then fell, 

bathed in light.


Annette slowly rose from the bench.
Standing with her back to the light and looking down at Annelie, she declared.


“…this marriage will end soon.”


Annette smiled quietly in the shadows.

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