face which felt so smooth and soft.

when the man so seriously looked at Amandas face with happiness that filled him, his chest pounding, his head that couldn think straight, his smile that couldn stop.

Amanda suddenly opened her eyes. Of course, Max was shocked and panicked, he fell to the floor until his buttocks felt cold against the marble floor.

Seeing their eyeballs meet each other with the blood flowing so clearly in their bodies, Max was speechless. he was very happy. His body seemed to be electrocuted by high voltage, burned!

While Amanda, the girl was silent, she watched Maxs face carefully. The face looked so foreign to her eyes, but she tried to close her eyes one more time then slowly opened her eyes again, the face was still there in front of her face.

”Daniel.. ”

Amandas voice was whispering but so clear to Maxs ears.

No. What did she say? Max thought in disbelief, that was not his name.


He heard another mans name, Amanda began to slowly rise from her sitting position with great difficulty, she was helped with both hands to lift her body, well, she was still under the influence of alcohol.

The girl also went down to the floor, leveling her height with Max, while Max was still in an unprepared position, he could only support his body with both hands touching the floor, without warning Amanda pushed her body into between Maxs slightly opened thighs, of course, man. it was shocking… Heavy shock! encounter a suddenly attacked like this.

Their faces were so close that the smell of alcohol from Amandas mouth wafted sweetly on Maxs nose.

”Daniel, how long do I have to wait for you again? How long do I have to wait for you here? waiting, waiting, and waiting, I don know how long I have to wait for you? ” Amandas face looked so pitiful.. full of burdens, she never even said all that to Daniel, she was not a woman who often gets drunk, or maybe this was the first time we get to see Amandas honesty under the influence of alcohol.

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