Mr. CEO’s sweet baby

The contraception!

Someone shouted behind Amandas back, the girl was just ignorant because she did not feel familiar with the voice.

Until the mans hand touched her shoulder, made Amanda startled, and turned around, she was even more surprised seeing a face with that sneering smile.

damn … why did he find me? Whispered Amanda in her heart, there was a little anxiety there.

The man stared intently at Amandas face, making Amandas brows furrowed.

–What is he staring at? Amanda asked silently?

”Miss I was looking for you in the lobby, and did not find you, it turns out you are already here, come now, follow me! ”

–What is this? Is this part of Daniels surprise? Amanda asked herself, but she didn want to interrupt. The girl followed in the footsteps of the man who bumped into her in the lobby earlier.

With a pounding chest and a head filled with question marks. This surprise was like a roller coaster ride. Was this all Daniels plan?

–Wait! Wait! Is this a drama? Huh, Amanda shook her head in disbelief.

The man walked in front of Amanda, he opened his cell phone screen and read a short message there,

message from the big lady of X company –

I arrived at the hotel lobby, I was wearing a black dress and had long hair. When you see me you will be blown away by my beauty –

That was the message on the cellphone of the man with glasses, wearing a full suit.

He smiled happily as if he had found someone who left a message on his cellphone, the bespectacled man opened a room door, he invited Amanda.

–Wait! Wait! Isn this the room from earlier? Amanda asked silently,

”Please miss! ” Said the man inviting Amanda to enter.

Amanda frowned but she accepted. The girl walked in slowly with a wary look, she looked around, the aura of this room was cold, making Amanda feel uncomfortable.

This room looks so luxurious, the decoration, the amenities, everything looks so waw!

Where is he? Amanda did not find the annoying cold man earlier, where could he be?

”Miss … You wait here for a moment, okay! I will prepare everything. ”

Was this luxurious room still not perfect as a surprise? Amanda asked silently.

Did Daniel spend all his salary on tonights surprise? Amanda shook her head in disbelief, how much does this luxurious room cost? And look at what was displayed there, in the glass cupboard, the best-quality wines, not to mention the big couch, the carpet that feels very soft under the heel.

Amanda really can believe the room Daniel has rented for her, don expect something will happen between her and Daniel tonight.

Thinking about it makes Amanda a little scared, but she didn want to be in a relationship with Daniel for a month and two months, they have been in a relationship for many years, isn it time for her to think about becoming more mature?

If not now, then how long again? Maybe Daniel won marry her, Amanda sighed, as if she was preparing herself for whatever happened tonight.

Amanda waited in a tense sitting position, her hands clasped on her thighs, her palms very cold, her chest pounding, and her feeling uncertain.

She glanced at her watch and it was half-past eleven, there was a luxurious bed back there, which could make Amanda could roll freely but she won be able to sleep tonight, Amanda really can wait for Daniels surprise.



Max punched the wall of the hotel room, he was still very upset about what his grandfather had said earlier. The old man was a real jerk, he was pissed off, his face was red with anger.

Not ten minutes before he left the luxurious room used by Mr. Olive Hendar to entertain himself,

Max clenched his jaw, so the sound of his teeth chattering was clear. The man looked very angry.

His grandfathers voice again sounded clear in his ears, ”what do you want! ” Max asked.

”Its easy, if you don want to be my successor, master Olive Hendras successor, you have to make a new successor for me! ”

”What do you mean! ”

”Geez Max, how old are you, Max? ”

”You should ask yourself! How old are you sir? And why are you still meddling in my relationships, You are old enough, your age almost a century? Its time for you to meditate and face God! ”

”Shut up Max! You want me dead! ” He raised his voice.

Max didn budge.

”I want you to give me offspring! if you give me offspring, you are– free from your duty as the successor of my company. Its your own fathers fault, why did he fall in love with an irresponsible and stupid woman! ”

”I told you never to bring up my past! ” Maxs eyes were sharp. Like an arrow.

”All right then.. ” Oliver Hander relented. ”Then its easy for you right, you just follow what I want, I just want a successor! ”

”You think its that easy? ” He sneered

tsk! Max grumbled in his heart, let alone a baby, I don even have a girlfriend! but he wouldn say that, because it would only hurt his pride in front of Mr. Oliver Hendar.

”Didn I already send the beautiful artist of A to you? Miss B is a well-known businessman, and Miss C is a person who was full of morals and ethics, D is a religious person, was there nothing that attracted your heart, Who can melt your heart? Who can conquer in your bed? Are they too high to be your standard? ” Olivers sarcasm didn make Max answer.

”Or do you want to pick up the trash on the dirty floor? Tsk ”

”What do you mean? ” Max asked.

”Yeah, I know that… ”

”What do you know? ”

”Max, you must fulfill this request of mine, or otherwise– ”

”Otherwise, what? ” Max replied defiantly.

”Otherwise, do you think I don know why you
e back here– ” Olivers face looked disgusting in Maxs eyes, he always looked like that anyway!

”What do you mean? ”

”I know, you already feel at home in Singapore. Isn the weather in there very comfortable and warm, but you chose to come back here instead! What else are you looking for? Besides that woman, right? ”

”Wa, wa– whos a woman? ” Max replied, stuttering as if he was caught stealing something.

”Max, you can lie to me, you know that? I am a person who has many spies everywhere, in this corner of the city. ”

”I do not care! ” Max replied curtly.

”I know you
e still sending money to that woman, ”

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