Mr. CEO’s sweet baby

The trashy old man

Return to the Apartment Lobby

Now and then Amanda glanced left and right hoping that Daniel would quickly return, but she could still wait patiently, after all, it was not yet ten in the evening.

But, it looks like Amanda needs to go to the bathroom because the weather today was not very friendly, nor was she wearing a thick coat.

”Miss Amanda? ” A hotel clerk approached Amanda.

”Yes .. ” replied Amanda calmly even though she was holding her bladder which kept moving as if it was about to leak.

”Here, Mr. Daniel asked me to give it to you .. ”

”What is this? ” Amanda asked innocently, obviously, it was a gift from a well-known clothing line with a fantastic price.

The waiter did not answer, he smiled thinly, ”You can come with me to change your clothes .. ” asked the waiter. But .. Amanda look grimaced, she needed to go to the bathroom for now.

”Me, Im going to the restroom! ” The waiter frowned in understanding Amandas attitude.

”I mean, Ill just change my clothes in the restroom. Please! ” Amanda said in a hurry, she needed to go to the bathroom right now! Her whole body was already shivering or she would pee and humiliate this impeccable hotel floor.

”Miss Amanda– ” the waiter lost Amanda who fled to the bathroom.

”Okay, Ill meet him after changing my clothes with this– ” said Amanda in a hurry.

The waiter took the gift box he had ordered for Daniel, but…

”Miss Amanda, there is– ”

He checked his pocket once again. ”Where is that thing! ”


Ah, how relieved, Amanda took a deep breath. She immediately came out of the bathroom with a package in her hand.

The girl was too busy with the contents of the brown parcel until she caught her guard off not paying attention to her steps towards the hotel lobby.

When Amanda was still amazed by the contents of the goodie bag in her hand she accidentally bumped into someones back, suddenly the girl immediately lowered her body and apologized.

”Ah … sorry, I didn pay attention to my steps .. ” Amanda was sorry for her negligence.

The owner of the broad back did not turn his body, he only moved his head about 20 degrees and that meant he could not see Amandas face.

Without words, the man immediately walked away.

Amanda was a little dumbfounded by the mans behavior. Didn he hear Amandas apology? Or not accepting Amandas apology? Does she have no idea?

”Sir! ”

Bumped again!!

And now someone bumped into Amanda until the shopping bag in her hand fell off. She fell and sat on the floor, grimacing in pain.

”Ah, sorry miss, sorry… I was in a hurry… Sir !! ”

The man with the full suite looked down briefly and then caught up with the first man Amanda bumped earlier.

”He knows someone is following him but the man is still ignorant and won stop walking, he looks arrogant and cold! ” Hissed Amanda was annoyed.

She took back her item that had fallen on the floor, and .. a box!

”Whats this? Does this thing come with this goodie bag, or? ” Amanda turned and found the two strange people had disappeared behind the elevator wall. She could only knit her brows together, confused!

As Amanda took a step back to sit on the lobby couch, the toes of her loafers touching a box, she bent down and grabbed a box wrapped in golden yellow ribbon, ”what is this? ” asked Amanda.

There are two boxes?

Looks like a gift, lest this belongs to the man she hit earlier. Amanda immediately ran following the steps of the men who had entered the elevator. She tried to follow the men with a little faltering.

Too bad when Amanda arrived in front of the elevator, the lift was closed.

”How about this? ” She asked.

While the lift was still far from the ground floor of the hotel, Amanda was forced to wait.

She looked at the floor that was aimed at the 5th floor, she thought the owner of this gift was on the 5th floor.

After waiting for a while, the elevator door finally opened and Amanda immediately entered. Too bad it turned out that the elevator went downstairs, the girl had to exhale, because she had to wait some more.

Why did she wait so much today? As if there was a destiny waiting for her. Either good destiny or vice versa.

Amandas eyes continued, paying attention to the floor monitor on the elevator until finally, she arrived on the 5th floor, the girl turned left and right, which corridor did the men go to? Because there are so many rooms on the left and right of this floor.

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