”What time is it? ”

Amanda Stone glanced at the watch wrapped around her wrist.

She was a patient woman, the proof was that even though he was an hour late and she was still waiting for Daniel –her lover.

Amanda was a 26-year-old woman, an ordinary office worker, she has a long enough relationship with a rather amazing man, named Daniel.

Daniel, a department head, you can say .. yes … He was a quiet establishment, people will say that they are jealous of the relationship between calm Amanda and cheerful Daniel.

Maybe .. because Daniel was a man who was quite popular but their relationship was not as beautiful as that, The reality was…

Like presently, and again .. Daniel was late to pick up Amanda, maybe because the conditions out there were still drizzling.

But then! He doesn pick up by foot, he drives a luxury car that he was so proud of having paid off in just a few moments.

Long leaning against the wall, in front of the porch of the office, with the dim light and rain.

Makes Amandas joints tingle. The girl shifted her position closer to the direction of the busier shops.

She was stone and subconsciously drew a faint smile on her pink lips, as the look in her eyes with naturally curled lashes decorated her eyeballs, she caught a jewelry shop that crowded buyers…

which was next to the office where she works, the sparkle of jewels behind the wall glass. It caught Amandas attention.

Is this what an adult woman feels when she sees the wall glass that displays the beautiful jewelry in there, but she hasn got any from her boyfriends yet.

It does not mean that she has never received a gift, any ring, or jewelry from someone, its just that throughout her relationship with Daniel, -the warm man with stunning charm-

Signed, Amanda takes a deep breath.

Yes … Amanda doesn know where their relationship is going, she alone is hoping for a bonding ring, every time Amanda invites his boyfriend, talks about their relationship, into more serious conversation, Daniel will avoid her and interrupt her.

Unconsciously, Amandas gaze was fixated on the sparkle of the jewelry in there, until someones voice startled her,

”hi, who is this here! ”

Amanda realized with a loud voice behind her back, her consciousness seemed to return and she just knew that the rain had completely stopped.

But Daniel never arrived.

”Amanda! What are you doing! ” The girl glanced at her watch, ”Its eight oclock in the evening and you are still in the office area? ”

Amanda took a short breath,

-Are you not here in our office area too! – She thought irritably.

”Ah! I mean, you are still in the office area with the uniform you wore this morning? You are different with me, If I — ”

Has she heard my heart voiced? Amanda was surprised to hear Lisas words as if she was answering the question on her mind.

This girl named Lisa was my co-worker. She was a girl who looked fashionable and modern, huh … Besides, her mouth was always upgraded to gossip-gossip, and was a little annoying!

–I didn have a close relationship with her, but I also have no reason to avoid her at this point.

–I hope Daniel arrives soon, but where is he!

”Isn our office no overtime today? ”

–I saw a lot of question marks in those eyeballs, which was clear that Lisa was not worrying about me.

”Im waiting for someone, ” Amanda replied casually. But it seems that her answer becomes the attractions in Lisas eyes.

”Geez Amanda, don tell me you
e waiting for your lover, ”

Right on target, Lisas guess never missed. Amanda felt like she wanted to just disappear from in front of this girl,

”I do not know why you are still in a relationship with him! But on my eyesight .. ”

”Ehmm, hmmm, ” she continued then clear her throat with a discordant tone heard in Amandas ear.

”I don want to talk about this to you Amanda, I know for sure you will get hurt.. ”

–then stop talking!

–I don know what Lisa meant, which was clear that Amanda wasn too interested in their conversation.

She hopes that she wants to leave this place immediately,

”I mean, Amanda .. ” Lisa pulled Amandas arm. As if she knew that Amanda would run away from her,

”When I met your lover, How many times have we met before, do you know what he did? ” Amanda didn answer, her lips locked.

This girl with blonde hair, wiped her forehead as if she cared about Amanda so much, she had full, sensual lips. Amanda was well aware of that.

No, no…

She is neither jealous nor inferior and Lisa was a different person both in appearance and character from herself.

”You know .. Daniels glazed towards girls has a lot of meaning, hes a shame! Im not interested in your lover. Im sure if I response glanced at his eyes, yeah …. maybe, you know, we had grown up. ! ”

–Did you hear what she was talking about? Cuihhhh, I feel like I want to spit in front of her.

Amanda can only pull the corner of her lips, she was caught in the rain and then stuck with an annoying girl like Lisa.

A middle-aged man approached Lisa, The man had just finished with a call on his cell phone, it seems like that.

Amanda didn care, but when the man pinched Lisas chin. Inevitably, Amandas eyes caught their movements, without hesitation, the middle-aged man kissed Lisas lips in front of Amanda, without feeling awkward.


That wasn Lisa and the embarrassed man, but Amanda, whose face flushed red.

The atmosphere after the rain should have turned cold but she felt hot and burning here, she wanted to run away.

Lisa did not forget Amandas existence, she gently pushed the chest of this middle-aged man who looked so hungry in front of her. The man did not give up, he grabbed Lisas slender waist, pulled in his arms, impatient to land his lips on the smooth skin of Lisas face.

”Darling .. ” he softly whispered with tenderness and desire in Lisas ears, making Amanda feel nauseous.

”Ah, Amanda introduces this is George, he is a famous businessman and was on the rise right now, ” again, the middle-aged man who was introduced named George attacked Lisa, you old fart itching! Thought Amanda was worried about herself.

”Eum … Im sorry because now its a Saturday night, so yeah … Did you Understand, if hes a little impatient .. ”

Amanda nodded slightly, Whatever!

”Okay then, we have to go, Amanda .. you know there are a lot of five-star hotels here, I hope your lover will arrive soon, ah … but if he brings a girl with him don be too disappointed! Because I warned you! ”

Finding the backs of Lisa and the middle-aged man who were further away made Amanda heave a sigh of relief.

”Oh my God, what kind of life was this? ”

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