Mr. CEO’s sweet baby

The toxic circumstance



It turned out how many times Daniels cell phone rang,

”Daniel picked up your incoming call. It disturbed my concentration, who did that.. ” Said Naomi, who was under the imprisonment of Daniels naked body, which was gripping Daniels broad back, enjoying the sighs and groans that mingled together in the rhythmic movements of their hot bodies.

”Ahh .. ” Daniels hot breath hit Naomis face, making the girl even more excited and reluctant to end their second round in the bed.

”But it didn bother my concentration at all.. ” He smiled.

Daniel replied with a grin on his lips. The man was still busy with their work toward climax under the covers.

Before finally his body shook, and a sigh of relief came out of his breathing cavity.

Sweat flooded the bodies of the two of them, shooting the point of meeting, either the umpteenth time in this room.

The two of them slumped onto the bed, loosening up the joints that had been working hard.

”Who has been calling you since earlier? ” Naomi asked with a sullen face on top of Daniels muscular chest, while She gently stroked her lovers chest, playing with Daniels chest smooth hair.

Daniel didn answer and he only gave a faint smile. While his hand stretched out towards the cupboard beside the bed, took out his cell phone.

There were ten called and all of them from Amanda.

And there was a reminder alarm, which was…

”MY beloved BIRTHDAY! ”

Reading that reminder, Daniel immediately got up and wiped his forehead, which was still wet with sweat.

Daniels sudden movement made Naomi a little annoyed, she still wanted to lean on Daniels burly chest.

”Whats the matter, you surprised me! ” Naomis voice sounded unhappy, the girl lifted the blanket that covered half of her body.

She down the bed with graceful steps,

”Okay, then I have to clean up my body! Until we meet in the next round! ” Naomis crisp voice sounded hopeful.

Daniel was silent for a moment, he could see Naomis beautiful, sensual curves body from behind, a body that made him feel satisfied in bed, a body that was volunteered, accompany his tough day.

”Naomi! ” called Daniel.

The girl just tilted her head a little,

”well …. ” She replied briefly.

”Looks like I can sleep in your apartment tonight, ” there was a thin smile on Naomis lips that looked bitter heard Daniels words.

”Why? ” asked Naomi.

”This day, Amandas birthday, ” replied Daniel.

There was silence for a while until Naomi slammed the bathroom door.

Naomi leaned against the bathroom wall, she touched the shower monitor, the water that came down soaked her skin and spat out the hot sweat that had blended with Daniels scent.

–Always! Always! Amanda!

–Then what is me in your eyes?

–You always said Amanda was unpleasant and too innocent, you always spend time with me, but why can you leave Amanda! This is a complicated relationship!

Oh no, they didn have a special relationship like that, Naomi and Daniel were different from Amanda and Daniel.

Amanda was a beautiful girl even though she didn need full covered make-up and trying hard for dresses, she was born with a gift attached to her, she was also a graceful woman.

–Well, apart from his slightly reserved and shy I don know what Daniel likes about Amanda. Although he often protested about the idealism held by her,

The girl was too conservative and idealistic, classified as conservative and old-fashioned. For Amanda, having a love affair with a man didn mean you have to sleep together, what era did she live in? They live in a western culture, where even teenagers have dared to live under one roof.

But not with Amanda, maybe she will become an old woman! But, Daniel never leaves Amanda, for him, Amanda was an attractive girl, where he needed someone who listened to his stories and complaints.

But, on the other hand, he also needs a woman to vent his desires and he gets that from Naomi, his old school friend.

Naomi, herself has never denied Daniels existence, nor has she been emphatic about their relationship.

Well, you could say that Daniel and Naomis relationship was a partner in Sex.

Daniel walked quickly leaving Naomis apartment, while the woman was still spending time in the bathroom, he didn even have time to wait for Naomi, after they had spent hours together. Since coming home from work, he forgot to pick up Amanda from work.


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