Mr. CEO’s sweet baby

Stop mentioning another man name

d by such wide and strong hands.

Max took Amandas ear.

”Stop mentioning other mans names in front of me.. ” Max whispered in Amandas ear.

His voice was so heavy that Amanda realized that it wasn the voice of Daniel, who always spoke warmly and sweetly.

This voice didn belong to Daniel, Amanda turned and she found Maxs side face that looked so flat, stiff, cold, and firm.

e not Daniel? Who are you? ” Amanda asked in a low voice, almost a whisper.

”What are you doing in this room? What do you want? ” Amanda asked.

Maxs cynical smile widened until their lips almost touched, oh its not quite right yet, there was still a distance of 2 inches there.

Maxs eyes dropped, so he could catch the corners of Amandas lips.

Amanda subconsciously followed Maxs gaze down, until she realized that this mans neck was so sturdy with masculine lines. The movement of Adams apple up and down made Amanda unconsciously swallow her saliva.

”Should I tell you that? What are you doing in my room? And youve finished two bottles of my wines! Then you are in clothes like this, do you know Im a healthy and emotional man. ”

As soon as Amanda came to her senses, she pulled herself up.

she glanced down between the two sexy peach curves on her chest, the girl immediately caught the low neck of the dress she was wearing. Covering that sexy bounces.

”So you
e not Daniel? ” Amandas voice rose.

Max did not have time to reply to Amandas words, he pulled the girls neck, grabbed the seductive lips, crushed them completely, full of emotion and annoyance.

How can you mention someone elses name in front of me! how can you think of someone else in front of me and how can you be in a relationship with another man! While me?

Maxs movements are getting rougher, dominating, and invincible, Amanda can even struggle, can refuse, or she just surrenders.



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