Opening the lid of the cauldron, Shun Long could see 9 sparkling pills inside.

The pills were all bright red and they emitted a strong scent of blood.

Seeing the pills, Shun Long seemed extremely happy as he collected them in a pill bottle before hearing little Black ’s surprised voice

’ ’Master! Are these top-grade rank 2 pills? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he held one of the pills and explained

’ ’Originally the ’earth refining pills ’ should have just reached the high-grade.
But because they were refined flawlessly this time, and thanks to the ’Profound earth fruit ’s ’ high quality, as well as the rank 3 beast core of the ’red-fanged flame bat ’, it ’s normal to refine top-grade rank 2 pills. ’ ’

Although Shun Long had put it like that, in reality, there was no bronze grade 3 alchemist that could refine a top-grade rank 2 pill anywhere in the ’floating cloud sect ’.
Even a rank 1 silver grade alchemist wouldn ’t necessarily be able to produce a top-grade rank 2 pill, let alone 9.
(Author ’s reminder: bronze grade alchemists can refine up to rank 2 pills–> which is the equivalent of the earth grade.
Rank 3 pills and above can only be refined by silver grade alchemists and above.
For more info remember to go back and check the auxiliary chapter) 

After all, it was thanks to Shun Long ’s massive spiritual strength that had allowed him to refine rank 3 ingredients like the ’Profound earth fruit ’ and the rank 3 bat ’s beast core, which normally only silver grade alchemists or above were able to use. 

After collecting the pills, Shun Long closed his eyes as he rested to recover his spent spiritual strength.

It was only 6 hours later that he opened his eyes again after his spiritual strength had completely recovered, before he started another pill concoction.

Soon, 2 days had passed and Shun Long had refined 36 glistening, bright red pills.

Looking at the 4 pill bottles in his hands Shun Long mumbled

’ ’33 top-grade pills and 3 high-grade ones.
I ’m curious how much my ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ will advance after I refine their energy and absorb them. ’ ’

Just as Shun Long finished speaking, his ’sect identifying jade ’ had suddenly lit up as 2 words appeared on it

’Arena challenge 17 ’

’ ’Arena challenge 17? Fu Peizhi? ’ ’

Shun Long ’s lips curved up into a smile after seeing the challenger ’s rank, before he put his sect jade away, completely ignoring it as he turned his eyes back to the pill bottles.

Taking out a top-grade ’earth refining pill ’, Shun Long could feel the immense amount of energy inside the pill.
A top-grade rank 2 pill was after all more than 2 times more effective than a high-grade pill of the same rank.

The moment that Shun Long placed the pill in his mouth, he could feel it as it immediately dissolved, turning into a stream of energy that went down his throat like a burning liquid before it spread throughout his body.

Unfortunately, the energy inside the ’earth refining pill ’ was extremely violent, and Shun Long had to withstand tremendous pain as his ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ was circulating by itself, absorbing every bit of the ’earth refining pill ’s ’ violent energy. 

After an hour, Shun Long ’s body had finally started to get used to the pain.

The ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ was absorbing the pill ’s energy like a starved beast, as it started to strengthen every single part of Shun Long ’s body once again.
From Shun Long ’s blood, to his meridians, tendons and internal organs, all the way to his skin and bones.

It took 2 hours for the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ to completely absorb the energy of the first top-grade ’earth refining pill ’.
And yet, Shun Long could feel that his body was now starving for energy as he continued absorbing a second top-grade pill.

At the same time, in front of the arena ’s registration counter, Fu Peizhi was waiting for Shun Long to come here, as a huge crowd had gathered around him.

Although people were excited at first, after 2 whole hours even Fu Peizhi had started to get impatient as he waiting for Shun Long to enter.
One of the disciples then looked at Fu Peizhi as he said

’ ’Senior brother Fu, I don ’t think that this kid will come.
How could he have the guts to fight against senior brother after all? He is probably hiding somewhere, afraid that you will find him and teach him a lesson. ’ ’

Fu Peizhi nodded his head after hearing these words, as he had already started to get impatient long ago when he said

’ ’You are probably right, if he is bent on hiding then I can ’t do anything to him.
However, if any of you see him, you must immediately inform me. ’ ’

’ ’Don ’t worry senior brother, if we see that kid we will immediately call for you. ’ ’

’ ’He won ’t be able to hide from us senior brother Fu, rest assured! ’ ’

Fu Peizhi nodded his head after hearing these words, before leaving the arena.

Since Shun Long wasn ’t coming, he would look like a fool if he kept waiting here.

2 days went by in the blink of an eye before Shun Long opened his eyes.

His body and face were covered by a layer of blood, and even his yellow robes were now dyed red. 

His eyes however were shining brightly while his body was now naturally exuding a powerful and majestic aura.

The 4 pill bottles on the floor in front of him however were completely empty.

’ ’Master, you advanced from the peak of the first stage in body refinement all the way to the middle of the second stage in just 2 days.
I have never heard of anything like this before. ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he clenched his fist that now felt full of endless energy before he said

’ ’I can feel that my body is many times stronger than before.
I ’m not sure if I can win against Fu Peizhi just yet since I don ’t know the extent of his abilities, but I ’m certain that if I fought with Lei Pong again now that my ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ has reached the middle of the second stage, the fight would only take one punch. ’ ’

After Shun Long finished speaking, the look in his eyes suddenly turned ice-cold as he mumbled 

’ ’It ’s finally time to settle some old accounts. ’ ’

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