’ ’NO ’ ’

Lei Xiang screamed as she watched her brother ’s body crashing on the ground before he lost consciousness.

She frantically run in the arena to support Lei Pong before turning her head to give a venomous look to Shun Long as she said

’ ’I will kill you! How dare you hurt my brother? I swear that I will definitely kill you! ’ ’

Her scream seemed to have waken up the entire arena, as everyone turned their heads to look at Lei Xiang who was now madly screaming at Shun Long.

Shun Long ’s eyes finally chilled as he then walked up to her.

Lei Xiang seemed to have finally felt fear as she stumbled backwards, seeing Shun Long coming closer and closer to her.

As Shun Long stood in front of her looking at her with his cold eyes that didn ’t conceal his anger, an apathetic voice sounded from the crowd as it said

’ ’You probably don ’t want to touch her. ’ ’

Shun Long turned his eyes to see a handsome young man in blue hair and yellow robes, around 20 years old staring at him.

The man seemed to be examining Shun Long before he revealed a smiled and said

’ ’Threatening her is fine but…
if you touch her you will probably have more on your plate than what you can handle. ’ ’

The blue-haired young man seemed to be warning Shun Long out of good intentions, but the tone in his voice was definite, saying that if Shun Long touched Lei Xiang he wouldn ’t be able to handle the aftermath of it.

Shun Long looked at this man as he asked placidly

’ ’Are you saying that I should let her go because someone is backing her? ’ ’

The man smiled as he nodded his head.

Lei Xiang seemed to have just gained some newfound courage as she looked at Shun Long and said in a commanding tone

’ ’Kneel down now and wait for my brother to come back to his senses.
If my mood improves by then I can actually consider letting you go.
Or else, when brother Ren hears about today, you won ’t have a place to hide anywhere in the outer city! ’ ’

The blue-haired young man looked at Lei Xiang with an interested gaze, before his eyes noticed Shun Long ’s left arm slowly rising in the air.

The young man ’s eyes bulged as he understood what was going to happen, but without any time to intervene all he could do was just watch 


A crisp sound was heard throughout the arena as Shun Long ’s hand connected with Lei Xiang ’s face as she collapsed on the ground.

A bright red palm print was on Lei Xiang ’s right cheek as her eyes seemed completely unfocused.

The arena was so silent that even a pindrop could be heard, everyone ’s eyes staring at Shun Long who stood in front of Lei Xiang and said

’ ’Did you think that I wouldn ’t hit you just because you are a woman? ’ ’

As Lei Xiang raised her head, she saw Shun Long staring straight into her eyes, his eyes having a chilling look on them that seemed to have sent shivers all over her body as he continued

’ ’There will be no mercy if you dare to threaten my life again. 

Know your place! ’ ’

As Shun Long finished speaking, he took the 200 spirit stones from the arena representative before he turned around to leave, leaving behind him a dumbfounded crowd.

The blue-haired young man watched Shun Long as he walked away and shook his head before he too left the arena as he mumbled with a sly smile on his face

’ ’It looks like Ren Gui and Fu Peizhi will both be really mad when they hear about this. ’ ’

As Shun Long walked back towards the ’Mystifying Fragrance pavilion ’, Little Black was laughing feeling completely refreshed after having seen Shun Long slap Lei Xiang in the face

’ ’Master, that was a great slap.
Truly a great slap hahaha.
Did that girl really expect you to get scared and kneel in front of her? ’ ’

Shun Long shook his head and smiled after hearing the jubilant black dragon laughing and 10 minutes later he had already returned back to the pavilion.

After entering his room, Shun Long immediately sat down on his bed, as sent his spiritual strength inside the ’Stone of Time ’ ’feeding ’ 10 spirit stones to the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’.

The vine seemed to instantly get invigorated as it absorbed the energy from the spirit stones, immediately producing qi, that seemed to be even purer than last time.

Shun Long was disappointed to see that although the quality of the qi that the vine emitted had increased and the qi was now purer, the quantity was really small.

’ ’I wonder how much my cultivation will advance after feeding all the spirit stones to the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’? ’ ’

Shun Long then ’fed ’ 90 more spirit stones to the vine before he started absorbing the refined pure qi that it produced.

As Shun Long was cultivating using the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’, the entire outer sect was learning of what had transpired today in the arena. 

A person named Shun Long, who was rumored to have taken first place in the sect during the outer sect examination had first defeated Guan Hong who had recently advanced into the top 700 of the arena rankings, before he proceeded to defeat Lei Pong right after.
Of course, the details of him slapping Lei Xiang were also not omitted.

Xiao Juyan and Xiao Shitou were chatting inside the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ when they learned of these news.

Xiao Juyan was shocked to hear that a newbie had beaten Lei Pong and looked at his brother questioningly as he asked

’ ’Wasn ’t Lin Wu ’s previous fiance also named Shun Long, entering the sect with you half a year ago? ’ ’

Xiao Shitou however simply shook his head as he said 

’ ’Although that ’s true brother, the Shun Long who entered the sect with me half a year ago was just a rank 6 qi condensation disciple.
Do you believe that the same person can breakthrough to the middle or late stages of the earth grade in just half a year? ’ ’

Xiao Juyan shook his head as he laughed at his own idea before saying

’ ’Your words make sense little brother.
It ’s your elder brother who was foolish.
Among millions of outer disciples, it ’s not that abnormal for 2 people to share the same name. ’ ’

As Xiao Shitou and Xiao Juyan were laughing over this matter, in a private mansion near the entrance to the ’inner city ’, inside the main hall, a young man was filled with killing intent as he looked at the person in front of him and asked furiously

’ ’What did you just say?? ’ ’ 

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