Lei Pong ’s feet kicked the ground as he quickly arrived in front of Shun Long before thrusting his spear forward.

The tip of his spear was shining brightly with thunder sparks forming on top of it, as it was heading straight towards Shun Long ’s chest.

Shun Long tried to dodge to the side, but the spear tip instantly changed its course as it chased after him.

As Lei Pong ’s spear was relentlessly chasing after him, Shun Long seemed to have entered a passive position as the fight went on.

Lei Pong ’s explosive attacks weren ’t that hard to avoid thanks to his golden eyes, but the fact that these attacks never let up, had left Shun Long without any windows to counter-attack. 

Lei Xiang who watched this scene smirked as she cheered for her elder brother.

Lei Pong had trained his spear arts for many years, even before he had entered the sect.
Although Shun Long had also received some basic training in weapons from his father, he couldn ’t compare to Lei Pong in this regard. Even Lei Pong ’s cultivation technique was a perfect fit for him using a spear, and finally, Shun Long had understood his weakness.

He didn ’t have enough fighting experience yet.

Although he had trained with the guards on the ’Shun estate ’ in the ’Sky Fortune Kingdom ’, these people couldn ’t even be compared with Lei Pong.

In his fight with Guan Hong, Shun Long could easily exploit the openings that Guan Hong showed after each failed attack as well.
However, Lei Pong continued his attacks one after the other, as if they were all part of a set.

’ ’It looks like this kid doesn ’t have a chance after all. ’ ’

’ ’Of course, who do you think senior brother Lei is? ’ ’

’ ’After all the boasting, it looks like this kid is only bark and no bite. ’ ’

Hearing the comments from the crowd, little Black was actually feeling indignation for Shun Long as he asked 

’ ’Master, why don ’t you use your ’Monarch ’s Domain ’? Although there is a big difference in cultivation, it should still be able to slow him down and give you enough room to attack. ’ ’

Shun Long who seemed to be stuck in a passive position, where all he did was dodge Lei Pong ’s attacks, replied to little Black contentedly

’ ’This guy is so fast and his attacks are like a chain.
My biggest flaw right now is my lack of combat experience.
Although this is exhausting, this person is also the best sparring partner I could ask for. ’ ’

Little Black ’s eyes shone as he stopped speaking, allowing Shun Long to completely focus on the fight.

As long as his concentration was focused on Lei Pong, with his eyes ’ ability to see in the future, he could still avoid his attacks. 

20 minutes soon passed and Lei Pong ’s attacks had started to slow down.
Both he and Shun Long were drenched in sweat but the fight didn ’t stop. 

The crowd had also noticed this anomaly.

Since Shun Long couldn ’t fight back and Lei Pong ’s cultivation was so much higher than his, then shouldn ’t he have already lost by now?

’ ’Senior brother Lei ’s movements seem to have somewhat slowed down. ’ ’

’ ’Stop spouting rubbish! They haven ’t slowed down, it ’s obvious that senior brother is conserving his strength.
He just wants to tire this kid out before beating him. ’ ’

’ ’But senior brother Lei and that kid both look tired. ’ ’

Lei Pong had really started to get frustrated now.
It was one thing to not be able to beat Xiao Juyan due to his abnormal defense, but now, fighting against this kid who constantly dodged his attacks was even more frustrating. 

’ ’This kid ’s ability to dodge my attacks is even scarier than senior sister Tong ’s. ’ ’

Although he was tired, Lei Pong didn ’t stop.
He was certain that since he was the one with the higher cultivation in this battle, Shun Long would be the one to succ.u.mb to the exhaustion first. 

As he thrust his spear at Shun Long ’s left leg, Lei Pong seemed to have changed its direction at the last moment, sweeping it upwards towards Shun Long ’s abdomen…
and yet Shun Long still managed to avoid the attack, as if he somehow knew where Lei Pong was aiming from the start.

The fight continued as the 20 minutes soon turned into an hour. 

No matter whether it was straight attacks of pure speed, feints, or attacks from a tricky angle, Shun Long managed to avoid every single one of them. 

Even the people in the crowd didn ’t believe that Lei Pong was toying with Shun Long anymore.
as they now understood that this was a real fight. 

Lei Pong had already expended more than 70 percent of his qi, and his body was also exhausted as he was drenched in sweat from head to toe. 

Although Shun Long ’s robes were also drenched with his sweat, since he was also a body refining cultivator, he could actually fight for even longer than this. 

Finally, frustration kicked in and Lei Pong stopped chasing Shun Long as he mumbled

’ ’You asked for it brat! ’ ’

Shun Long ’s golden eyes shone as he quickly understood what Lei Pong was trying to do and finally, he activated his ’Monarch ’s Domain ’. 

Inside the domain Lei Pong ’s speed had unknowingly dropped by more than half as Shun Long rushed straight at him.

The crowd saw Shun Long heading towards Lei Pong who didn ’t seem to have realized this yet as he was still infusing his qi in his spear.

’ ’Brother watch out! ’ ’

As Lei Xiang ’s voice was heard, Shun Long ’s full-powered punch hit Lei Pong straight on the chest.

Before he could even process what had happened, Lei Pong ’s body was flying in the air.

He crashed on the ground with a bang and after vomiting a mouthful of blood he had finally lost consciousness.

The entire arena had fallen dead silent as everyone ’s eyes were now on Shun Long who had just won against the strongest expert below the top 100 in the arena rankings. 

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