’ ’Brother, he is the one! ’ ’

Everyone in the audience turned to look at the source of this voice, only to see a pretty young woman with blonde hair, with a young man who was standing next to her.

The man had blonde hair and was carrying a large spear, over 2m(6.6ft) long on his back.

Exclamations sounded from the crowd as people immediately recognized this blonde-haired man

’ ’It ’s Lei Pong! ’ ’

’ ’Senior brother Lei! Also, who is that beautiful woman beside him? Is it his girlfriend? ’ ’

A disciple slapped this person in the head as he said

’ ’Idiot shut your mouth! That is senior brother Lei ’s sister.
I think her name is Lei Xiang. ’ ’

’ ’Ah! Then why are they here? Does senior brother Lei have a fight today? Don ’t tell me that they came for Guan Hong. ’ ’

’ ’How should I know idiot? ’ ’

As the disciples in the crowd were discussing among themselves guessing the reason that Lei Pong had come in the arena today, Lei Xiang ’s eyes were staring hatefully at Shun Long at the center of the stage.

Lei Pong looked at Shun Long who was also staring at him and his sister nonchalantly.

Lei Pong then jumped all the way from the audience seats, landing straight at the center of the arena, his eyes glued at Shun Long in front of him as he asked curiously

’ ’You are the person who dared to rob my sister during the sect exam? Kid, do you know who I am? If you beg my sister for forgiveness perhaps you will still be able to walk by yourself out then. ’ ’

Shun Long looked at Lei Pong who was caressing his spear in his hands, before he nodded his head seriously and said

’ ’You are the person who lost to Xiao Juyan 2 months ago right? What was your name? Lei Bong? ’ ’

The crowd was silenced after hearing Shun Long ’s ’serious words ’, while Lei Pong himself looked at him with narrowed eyes 

’ ’Brat, you only have one chance.
Kneel and apologize right now, and then crawl in front of my sister as you ask for forgiveness.
Otherwise… ’ ’

Shun Long ’s eyes narrowed as he asked Lei Pong

’ ’Otherwise what? You will kill me? You will cripple me? Even if the sect rules permitted it, do you even think that you have that ability? ’ ’

The crowd exploded in discussions as they heard the exchange of words between Shun Long and Lei Pong

’ ’This guy dares to taunt senior Lei even though he knows that he is the strongest person outside the top 100? Is he tired of living? ’ ’

’ ’I bet that this kid doesn ’t know that senior Lei Pong can find other ways to make his life hard inside the sect, that ’s why he is acting arrogant now. ’ ’

’ ’He is dead meat for sure! Senior brother Lei will definitely beat him badly! ’ ’

’ ’Brother, you have to take revenge for me! ’ ’ Even Lei Xiang started shouting from the audience seats after hearing Shun Long ’s words.

Lei Pong looked at Shun Long placidly but he still couldn ’t hide the anger in his voice as he said

’ ’Don ’t tell me that you are all talk and you don ’t dare to fight kid. ’ ’

Shun Long looked at him mockingly as he asked

’ ’So I, a middle stage rank 3 earth grade cultivator have to fight a peak rank 5 earth grade like yourself just because you say so? Are you an idiot? ’ ’

Just as Shun Long saw that Lei Pong was finally angry, he smiled as he said

’ ’Actually, it ’s not like we can ’t fight at all.
You just have to be willing to put a wager for our match, what do you think? ’ ’

As Shun Long finished speaking, he removed 100 spirit stones from his spatial ring as he showed them to Lei Pong and said

’ ’How about it? ’ ’

Lei Pong ’s eyes shone brightly as he said

’ ’100 Spirit stones? Hahaha! Brat, since you have brought gifts I will gladly accept! ’ ’

The crowd was once more astonished as they heard that these white stones that Shun Long was holding were spirit stones.

’What? These are 100 spirit stones? AHH this kid is definitely the idiot here! ’ ’

’ ’Damn, senior brother Lei is so lucky! I wish I could get paid to beat people I don ’t like as well. ’ ’ 

’ ’Even if you could get paid, you first have to be strong enough to do it! Didn ’t you see that kid beating Guan Hong senseless earlier? Can you beat a rank 4 earth grade expert yourself? ’ ’

’ ’So what idiot? Don ’t compare Guan Hong to senior brother Lei. ’ ’

Shun Long and Lei Pong didn ’t pay any attention to the crowd, as they both called for a representative of the arena who handled official bets during fights, before they handed 100 spirit stones each.
The winner of the fight would take all 200 of them.

Little Black had already told Shun Long that he will need spirit stones if he wants to swiftly advance to the Heaven grade.

Although cultivators at the peak of the earth grade could also advance to the Heaven grade by slowly absorbing the earth qi, even with the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’, if Shun Long didn ’t have any spirit stones it would him take at least a few years to advance.

That ’s how Shun Long came up with the thought of scamming some spirit stones from Lei Pong.
Although Lei Pong was strong, as long as he hadn ’t reached the peak of rank 6 in earth grade Shun Long was confident that he could at least fight him evenly. 

Lei Hong ’s mood had obviously improved after thinking of the 100 spirit stones that would soon fall in his hands and looking at Shun Long he said

’ ’You must be really dumb if you think that you can defeat me, just because you managed to beat that garbage Guan Hong. ’ ’

As Lei Pong finished speaking, he held his spear with both hands as he started infusing his qi inside it, making his spear buzz as it started to tremble. 

Lei Pong seemed to have already reached the early stage of rank 6 in earth grade, instead of the peak of rank 5 that he was when he had fought Xiao Juyan.

Shun Long ’s eyes instantly turned golden and with a serious look on his eyes he said

’ ’Come! ’ ’

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