Both Guan Hong and Shun Long were now looking at the name at the top of the list in the arena rankings.
When the woman saw them she started explaining

’ ’That person is the strongest out of all the outer disciples, senior brother Wen Zihao.
It is said that senior brother Wen is not only extremely talented, but he is also said to possess some kind of special physique that is unbeatable within the same level of cultivation. ’ ’

Guan Hong nodded his head and it seemed that he already knew about this person.

Shun Long ’s gaze moved downwards as he observed the other names as well.
The person ranked second was named Kang Sun and although his wins and losses weren ’t as exaggerated as Wen Zihao ’s, he still had 110 wins and just 33 losses.

Shun Long kept observing the names in the rankings until he caught sight of a familiar name near the bottom of the list

’Rank 93

Name: Xiao Juyan

Wins: 36 Losses: 20 ’

The woman was also staring at the rankings as she said

’ ’Belonging to the top 100 is a form of honor for every outer sect disciple, and only the people ranked 101-200 are allowed to challenge them. 

Putting the top 100 aside, even entering the top 1000 is exceedingly difficult.

The sect has millions of outer sect disciples but only about 200.000 of them have reached the earth grade and participate in the arena rankings.

To be in the top 1000 among 200.000 disciples, I ’m sure you can guess how difficult that is. ’ ’

As the woman finished speaking, Guan Hong looked at Shun Long provocatively as he puffed out his chest, before the woman continued explaining

’ ’After entering the top 1000, one can issue an official challenge to another person directly through the sect identifying jades, even if the other person isn ’t registered in the arena yet, just like senior brother Guan Hong did today.
Cultivators at the top 1000 ranks and above, will also receive spirit stones from the sect every month depending on their rank.

I don ’t know why senior brother Guan challenged you but I suggest that you forfeit the match.
Anyway, in your case, since senior brother Guan is higher ranked than you, even after forfeiting you won ’t drop in rank.
Although you can ’t cripple or kill others in the arena, accidents have happened in the past as well. ’ ’

Shun Long shook his head after hearing the woman ’s words, and having understood the rules he turned to look at Guan Hong before saying

’ ’Let ’s go then ’ ’

Guan Hong was excited seeing that Shun Long didn ’t choose to forfeit from the challenge and he followed him inside the arena.

Guan Hong and Shun Long both had to wait as there was already a battle going on inside.

10 minutes later, as soon as the previous battle finished Guan Hong jumped at the center of the stage. 

Some of the disciples in the audience immediately recognized him as they said

’ ’It ’s senior brother Guan Hong. ’ ’

’ ’Senior brother Guan? Who is that? ’ ’

’ ’It ’s senior brother Guan who got the second place in the ’outer sect examination ’.
6 days ago, he even beat senior brother Yu He and entered the top 1000 in the arena rankings. ’ ’

’ ’The top 1000? Then, is his opponent today also in the top 1000? ’ ’

’ ’I don ’t know, I haven ’t seen this person before. ’ ’

After seeing Shun Long, none of the disciples in the crowd recognized him as they watched him enter the arena.

Shun Long who had just advanced to the middle rank 3 in earth grade was also excited to test out his new strength.

Guan Hong then, took out a saber from his spatial ring, and as he held it in front of his chest he said in a voice that oozed confidence

’ ’I had already warned you that the day would come when I would challenge you in the arena, since you stole my first place in the ’outer sect exam ’.
I ’m sure that you accepted today ’s challenge thinking that you have a chance against me, but…
it ’s time to show you the difference between us. ’ ’

As Guan Hong finished speaking he completely unleashed his aura, and he surprisingly had already advanced to the early rank 4 of the earth grade in these 2 months that he had returned to the sect.

Shun Long wasn ’t surprised at all by this and after looking at Guan Hong in the eyes as he finally spoke

’ ’You have been boasting since the first moment I saw you.
You even challenged me in an arena fight after breaking through to rank 4 in earth grade because you felt that I stole your spotlight in the ’outer sect exam ’ and you are certain that this is your chance to take it back right? ’ ’

After taking a breath Shun Long continued

’ ’But what you don ’t seem to understand is that from the start I didn ’t even care about you.
I have to admit that if this was 2 months ago, then you would definitely be a troublesome foe to deal with but now? ’ ’

As Shun Long finished speaking, he unleashed his aura of a middle rank 3 earth grade cultivator that made Guan Hong suddenly laugh

’ ’Just a middle rank 3 earth grade disciple and you dare to stand in front of me? Brat, I don ’t know what trick you used to get first place in the sect exam but you have no chance against me. ’ ’ 

Holding his saber with his right hand, Guan Hong rushed towards Shun Long as he sent slash after slash at him.

Shun Long ’s eyes turned golden as he dodged left and right, avoiding Guan Hong ’s slashes by a hair ’s breadth.
Shun Long didn ’t even activate his ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ as he tested his golden eyes.
Seeing in the future and knowing every single attack that your opponent would do was a massive advantage.

2 minutes later the crowd had started booing as they said

’ ’Why are you only dodging? Are you even a man? ’ ’

’ ’Fight! Fight senior brother Guan fairly! ’ ’

However, there were others within the crowd that argued with these people as they said

’ ’Fairly? Is dodging not a part of fighting? ’ ’

’ ’That ’s right idiot.
Senior sister Tong is also an expert at dodging! Are you implying that senior sister isn ’t fighting fairly in the arena? ’ ’

As the arguments were getting more heated in the arena, Guan Hong had started to lose his patience when he sent a wide slash towards Shun Long ’s face.

Shun Long ’s golden eyes shone brightly with a faint of blue light inside them as he then tightly clenched his right fist and took a step back.

It was simply one step and yet Guan Hong ’s slash completely missed its target. 

Shun Long gathered his physical strength in his right fist, as he then sent a full-powered punch at Guan Hong ’s ribs, that were completely undefended when he had lost his balance after his wide saber slash.


A cracking sound was heard from Guan Hong ’s ribs as he was sent flying for a dozen meters into the air, before he fell on the ground sideways, his right hand still clutching his saber.

Shun Long looked at him with apathetic eyes, not feeling even the slightest sense of pity for his plight as he asked

’ ’Give up yet? ’ ’

Shun Long ’s golden eyes shone as he saw Guan Hong ’s left hand grabbing a concealed dagger from his robes and throwing it right at his face.

Without giving him a chance, Shun Long sent a kick at Guan Hong ’s body who was then sent flying once more as it crashed in the arena walls.

Guan Hong spat out blood from the impact as his eyes bulged out before he lost consciousness.

As soon as Guan Hong ’s body fell to the ground, Shun Long felt that his sect jade was warming up as 3 numbers appeared on it

’689 ’

The crowd was completely shocked as everyone had now fallen silent. 

An expert at the top 1000 ranks in the arena had been beaten senseless and toyed around as if he was a kid before falling unconscious.

Amidst this silence, the voice of a woman in the audience was particularly ear-piercing as she said

’ ’Brother! He is the one! ’ ’

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