Shun Long smiled as he shook his head and said

’ ’I don ’t know if I have fallen for her but I am definitely interested in her. ’ ’

’ ’Haha, but I think that sister Liu has definitely fallen for brother Shun.
I saw how her gaze was locked at you the entire time we were speaking.

Haha, congratulations brother.
I as your brother will definitely support you. ’ ’

However, fatty Fu ’s expression turned serious as he remembered something and said 

’ ’However, brother if you really want to court sister Liu then it will definitely be very hard.
Putting aside Meng Shengyi that piece of trash from the Meng family, sister Liu has many admirers even inside the inner sect.
And although she definitely seemed to be interested in you, her opinion actually won ’t matter at all. ’ ’

Shun Long looked at fatty Fu puzzledly, who then continued explaining

’ ’Right now, if it ’s true that Meng Shengyi said that he will bring his father and propose to sister Liu ’s father, then he will definitely accept.
Sister Liu ’s father is the sect master and his Liu family has always had good relations with the Meng family. ’ ’

Shun Long then couldn ’t help but ask

’ ’Even if they have good relations and even if her father is the sect master, is it worth to sacrifice his daughter ’s happiness if she doesn ’t want to marry someone? After all, since the Liu family is the strongest in the ’floating cloud sect ’, then the Meng family shouldn ’t be able to pressure the sect master into marrying his daughter ’ ’

Fatty Fu shook his head as he then said

’ ’You are right brother.
However, things aren ’t as simple as they seem.
In reality, although sister Liu Mei ’s status in the sect is second to no one as the daughter of the sect master, there is a known rumor going around inside the powerful families of the sect. 

It is said that sister Liu ’s elder brother hates her a lot, since a little more than a year ago, when his best friend, the third son of the ’Flying sword sect ’s ’ sect master came to ask for her hand in marriage, she directly refused him saying that she doesn ’t want to marry him and that she will be the one who will choose who she marries.

Ever since then, Liu Changpun, sister Liu ’s elder brother, has had very strained relationsh.i.p.s with the ’Flying sword sect ’.

Since sister Liu ’s elder brother is the son of the sect master ’s first wife and he is also going to become the next sect master, his opinion is taken very seriously by the sect master.
Because of his extraordinary talent, the sect master views him even more importantly than the sect itself.

Meanwhile, although sister Liu is the child that the sect master had with his second wife, her status in the sect is far below her elder brother ’s.

Lately, the Meng family is also said to have come very close to Liu Changpu as well, so if he really decides to intervene on Meng Shengyi ’s behalf, considering how much the sect master listens to him, there is a very high chance that the marriage will actually go through. 

’ ’Master, if you want this Liu girl, then you don ’t really need to care about anyone and what they think.
If worse comes to worst then I can come out and destroy everyone here. ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he heard little Black ’s suggestion and said as he looked at Fu Li

’ ’Fatty, do me a favor.
I ’m planning to enter seclusion so keep an eye on Liu Mei ’s situation and if something really happens, send someone to let me know.
The truth is that I am really interested in her and I don ’t want someone else to get her. ’ ’

’ ’Hahaha that ’s the spirit.
I was already going to keep an eye on the situation anyway.
The truth is that my family as well as the Lu ’s and the Lan ’s don ’t want for sister Liu to get married to the Meng family so if something really happens, they will all definitely oppose it.
This concerns the balance of power in the ’floating cloud sect ’ after all. 

Rest assured.
If something really ends up happening then I will send someone to let you know brother.

Also, since I have told my grandfather about you, he said that he wants to meet this brother of mine who has such an amazing talent, so when you are free you should come with me to the inner city. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as he said

’ ’Thank you brother.
For now, I still have to enter seclusion and increase my strength if I want to reach the top 100 in the arena and enter the secret realm, but you can tell your grandfather that I will definitely come and visit in the future. ’ ’

After bidding farewell to fatty, Shun Long decided to directly return to the ’Mystifying Fragrance pavilion ’.

As he entered his room, Shun Long sat down cross-legged on his bed and he seemed to have remembered something as he took a look inside the spatial ring that Administrator Feng had given to him as his reward.

The space inside this spatial ring wasn ’t big, barely 10 square meters big and as expected, a black dagger with small runes on its surface was inside it.
It was obvious just from its aura that this dagger was a silver grade weapon.

’ ’I guess that ’s the reward for entering the top 10, a weapon from a silver grade formation master.
It ’s too bad that I am not proficient in any weapons so this dagger is useless to me for now. ’ ’ 

After putting the dagger back in his spatial ring Shun Long planted everything that he had purchased today from the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ inside the ’Stone of Time ’ before he said

’ ’Little Black, as I attempt to breakthrough to the earth grade this time, you should also try to breakthrough as well.
The qi inside the ’Heaven swallowing vine is more than enough for both of us. ’ ’

As Shun Long finished speaking he sent a mental message to the vine, to release part of its stored qi inside the ’Stone of Time ’.
Activating the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ Shun Long ’s body greedily absorbed the pure qi from the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ as he started his breakthrough.

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