After one month, Shun Long had finally purified all of his 80 balls of qi, bringing them to the level of the 81st.
This was the absolute peak of qi condensation. 

His cultivation now was just a step from entering the earth grade, while his strength would probably easily destroy any peak rank 3 earth grade cultivator. 

Although Shun Long was just a step away from reaching the earth grade, he was first planning to make a trip to the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ and purchase some ingredients, before attempting his breakthrough.

Just as Shun Long reached the third floor of the ’Mystifying Fragrance pavilion ’ however, the familiar silhouette of a fat young man dressed in green robes could be seen rushing at him before that person asked in a somewhat confused voice

’ ’Bro-brother? ’ ’

Shun Long looked at this person and smiled as he nodded his head.

This familiar person was, fatty Fu and he was looking at Shun Long slightly dazed.

The last time that these 2 had met, was 2 months before the ’outer sect examination ’.
However, just before the sect examination had started, Shun Long had refined the rank 2 ’inner destruction pill ’ and his body had changed from the inside out, bringing a huge transformation to his outer appearance. 

Shocked, fatty Fu looked at him from close up and after making sure that he was truly Shun Long he said

’ ’Brother, your face seems to have…
changed? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head, as he smiled and walked towards an empty table.
He gestured for fatty to sit as well before calling over a waiter and saying

’ ’Bring us 2 jars of ’Mystifying Fragrance wine ’.
I ’m also staying in a room on the 6th floor.
Here are 4400 sect points, for the wine and for 2 months of payment for my room in advance. ’ ’

The waiter bowed as he received the 4400 sect points and hurried to bring Shun Long ’s order, while fatty Fu was looking at Shun Long with a wide open mouth before he asked

’ ’Brother, where did you find so many sect points? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he opened his jar of wine, before he started explaining to fatty Fu that he had gotten first place in the ’outer sect examination ’.

Aside from some secrets that involved little Black, the central region, the ’Profound earth fruit ’, and of course the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’, Shun Long recounted most of his experiences inside the Demonic Mountain Region to fatty Fu. 

Nevertheless, fatty Fu was still extremely shocked when he heard that Shun Long had taken first place in the sect on this ’outer sect examination ’.

’ ’Brother…
I still can ’t believe that you managed to get first place when there were even peak rank 3 earth grade disciples participating.
Lu Wen will definitely be happy when he finds out about this too.
Right, have you been in seclusion since you returned from the Demonic Mountain region? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head at fatty Fu ’s sudden question, who then continued 

’ ’In that case, let me fill you in on some things that you probably are unaware of.
First of all, Lu Wen is in seclusion after his grandfather gave him the ’golden eagle spirit nourishing pill ’ and if he successfully refines it, he will probably be on par with rank 3 bronze grade alchemists. ’ ’

Fatty then took a sip from his wine before leaning towards the table and lowering his voice she continued speaking

’ ’The next 2 things I ’m going to tell you are extremely important.
Firstly, I heard from my father that the ’floating cloud sect ’ is going to ally with the other 3 sects that were in the Demonic Mountain region this time, and asking for the help of another very strong power, they want to probe the Demonic Mountain region.
But since this mostly affects the upper echelons of the sect, it is useless for us to worry about it. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head as fatty Fu continued

’ ’Remember how I told you that you need to enter the top 100 ranks in the arena if you wish to have a chance to become an inner disciple? Well, my father said that in the next few months, a secret realm will open and that it ’s the chance of a lifetime for us.
There will be many precious treasures inside, and even some Elders of the sect will enter along with the disciples.
However although all of the inner disciples will be able to enter this secret realm, only the top 100 from the outer disciples will be allowed to enter. ’ ’

As he finished speaking, fatty Fu took out 2 bottles of pills as he pushed them towards Shun Long and said

’ ’These are half of the rank 2 ’Congealing Qi pills ’ that my father has given me to reach the peak of the earth grade.
Although half of them won ’t be enough to reach the peak of the earth grade, I hope that after refining them, you can reach at least the late stages of the earth grade brother.
Then we can enter the secret realm together. ’ ’

Fatty Fu saw that Shun Long didn ’t accept the 2 bottles of pills yet and said

’ ’If you consider me your brother then you have to accept the pills no matter what. ’ ’

Shun Long however, shook his head as he smiled and simply said

’ ’Thank you brother ’ ’

He then pushed the bottle of pills back to fatty Fu as he said

’ ’It ’s because I truly consider you my brother that I won ’t accept these. ’ ’

Shun Long now clearly understood fatty ’s character even more than before.

This gesture from fatty couldn ’t be counted with money or with anything else.

This was genuine brotherhood.

Shun Long however, had the ’Heaven swallowing vine, as well as enough medicinal ingredients to refine pills.
Thus he had to give a good reason why he couldn ’t accept the ’Congealing qi pills ’, one that Fu Li couldn ’t deny

’ ’Don ’t misunderstand fatty, I will definitely do my best to enter the top 100 in the arena ranks in the next few months.
The truth is however, that I am mainly a body refining cultivator, so pills that aren ’t specifically meant for body refiners can ’t help me advance.
Don ’t worry, soon I will be able to concoct some rank 2 ’Bone Tempering pills ’ or even some ’Marrow cleansing pills ’ for myself. ’ ’

Fatty Fu was stunned when Shun Long continued

’ ’I need to make a trip to the ’Treasure Pavilion ’ and purchase a few ingredients before entering seclusion once again. ’ ’

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