Leaving the cave, Shun Long had finally arrived back at the foot of the mountain.
As the starry sky shed some light to his surroundings, Shun Long heard little Black ’s voice saying

’ ’Master, there are many magic beasts coming from both the forest on our left, as well as the mountain on our right.
The rank 4 beasts are all inside the central mountain so this is probably the best time for us to leave! ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long headed directly towards the big lake in the middle.
Since all of the beasts had now entered the central mountain this was the best chance to leave this place.

Running at full speed, Shun Long had quickly arrived in front of the lake as he directly dove inside. 

Since this lake was the territory of a magic beast that was infinitely close to the peak of rank 4, no other beast was living here, making it the best path for Shun Long to take to return back.

While Shun Long was swimming through the lake, the magic beasts in the central region were swarming the lush forest in droves, as they were all heading towards the central mountain.

Meanwhile, neither the magic beasts in the inner region, nor the bigshots from the 4 sects at the Demonic Mountain region ’s entrance had noticed anything yet.
After all, the fact that a ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ existed in the depths of the central mountain was a closely guarded secret that the magic beasts had never allowed the humans to find.

Although the 4 sects had their suspicions about a mysterious treasure existing at the heart of the central mountain, which increased the qi in the air of this region, they were unable to find out anything thanks to the silver winged roc and the other powerful rank 4 magic beasts inside, that were guarding the vine with their lives,

More and more disciples were gathering back at the entrance of the Demonic Mountain region, while the disciples that were deeper inside like Yong Ru and his group, or the 3 geniuses and their own groups, would take at least a few days to return.

Nearly 2 hours later Shun Long had already swam to the other side of the huge lake.
Completely ignoring his clothes that were drenched in water, he rushed towards the inner region.

The sun soon rose and a bit more than 6 hours had passed by since Shun Long had left the central mountain.

After many hours of non-stop running and many detours to avoid the waves of magic beasts, he had managed to return back to the inner region.
And yet, Shun Long was now exhausted both physically and mentally.

Not having slept for so long, along with the stress from barely escaping the pandemonium in the central region had really tired Shun Long out.

After finding an isolated cave, he sealed the entrance with a big rock as he then immediately fell asleep.

It was only after 10 hours that Shun Long had woken up.

After waking up, the first thing he checked was little Black ’s condition to make sure that his wounds hadn ’t reopened.
After making sure that he was alright, Shun Long heaved a sigh of relief before he took out his cauldron from the ’Stone of Time ’.

Taking out the beast core of the rank 3 ’man-eating tree ’, as well as a few other medicinal herbs, Shun Long threw them all inside the cauldron as he mumbled to himself

’ ’The ’man-eating tree ’ is a magic beast of the wood element.
Its beast core has plenty of wood energy inside, and it ’s brimming with vitality which will help you fully heal your injuries.
Adding a stalk of a rank 2 ’ice grass ’ along with the ’purple fire fruit ’ will also enhance the pill ’s effectiveness.
Since I don ’t have any better ingredients at hand, I have to at least create a high-grade rank 2 pill or its effect won ’t be enough to fully heal you. ’ ’

As Shun Long was mumbling to himself, his hands were also moving non-stop as he was adding the ingredients inside the cauldron.

The rank 2 ’ice grass ’ required Shun Long to be very careful with the cauldron ’s temperature or it could easily be destroyed, losing all its medicinal properties, while the ’purple fire fruit ’ instead, needed a very high temperature to be properly refined into medicinal essence. 

Shun Long who was aiming to create a high-grade rank 2 pill for little Black had to completely split his attention into 3 parts as he placed the ingredients inside the cauldron.

The beast core of the ’man-eating tree ’, the ’ice grass ’, and the ’purple fire fruit ’ had to all be refined at the same time as Shun Long merged their essence into one.
If he failed to do so, part of their medicinal essence would be lost during the refinement process and he would at most create a middle rank 2 pill.

Beads of sweat rolled off his forehead, as 30 minutes later, Shun Long had reached the most crucial part of the refining process. 

The cauldron had started to tremble as Shun Long was mixing the medicinal essence inside it.

With the ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ though, he had managed to successfully finish the refinement.

Opening the lid of the cauldron, Shun Long saw a bright green pill inside it.
The pill had red and white lines on it and it was emitting a very refreshing smell.

Shun Long smiled as he saw the high-grade rank 2 pill in his hands, before he handed it to little Black.

As little Black consumed the pill, his internal injuries had already started to heal.
His external injuries followed right after them and in just a few of hours, his body had already been restored back in perfect condition.

Laughing, the black Dragon flew around the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ as he said

’ ’Master I feel really good! Even better than before actually.
Now that we have this ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ our cultivation will surely advance greatly ’ ’

Shun Long smiled as he watched little Black eyeing the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ greedily, like a kid that had just discovered a treasure.

Little Black however, seemed as if he had just remembered something as he suddenly asked

’ ’Master, do you really have to return to this ’floating cloud sect ’? ’ ’

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