Chapter 847: Blood castle

”Mei, what is this black skeleton of yours? Why is it so different from your white skeletons? It’s actually strong enough to fight against that Li Tian all by itself?!” Xingyi asked with a curious look in her eyes as she stared at the black skeleton that was silently standing just a few meters away from Li Tian’s corpse.

Meanwhile, Liu Mei first retrieved Li Tian’s spatial ring and handed it to Shun Long with a bright smile on her face, before she turned to look at Xingyi and said calmly

”It’s a skeleton king.”

”Skeleton king?”

It wasn’t just Xingyi who was surprised by Liu Mei’s answer, but Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian as well, while a curious look had also appeared in Shun Long’s eyes as he stared at the black skeleton.

Shun Long could sense that even though the black skeleton’s aura was clearly at the same level as Liu Mei’s, its actual strength exceeded that of an average early rank 7 Dao King.
This was why, even with his pair of 1-star daggers, Li Tian couldn’t get any advantage in his fight against it.

Nodding her head, Liu Mei explained seriously

”Skeleton kings are the strongest type of skeletons I can currently create a connection with, and each of them is strong enough to overpower even my Death Eater in a fight.
Of course, the Death Eater’s defense and survivability are much stronger than the skeleton kings’, but in terms of raw attack power and speed, the skeleton kings are much stronger.
However, right now I can only summon 3 skeleton kings at most with my current strength.”

Liu Mei’s last sentence stunned Bai Longtian and the others as they had already thought that Liu Mei had gone all-out during the fight just now.

Just a single one of these black skeletons was strong enough to fight an early rank 7 Dao King like Li Tian to a standstill, and yet Liu Mei could summon 2 more of those monsters at the same time?

If Li Tian was still alive, he would have definitely ended up vomiting blood due to anger and frustration.
If he had known about this beforehand, he would have never chosen to attack Shun Long’s group so hastily.

Unfortunately for him, there was no information about Shun Long and the rest in the memory jades of the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’, so Li Tian had no idea what type of people he was fighting against.

Staring at Li Tian’s unrecognizable corpse that was now nothing more than a pile of raw flesh and blood, Xingyi then looked at Liu Mei and asked her curiously

”Mei, are you going to turn this guy into an undead? No matter what, he is still a late-stage Dao King so he could be quite useful.”

Indeed, although ‘junior brother Xian’ and the young woman from the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ were nothing more than rank 5 Dao Kings, whose strength was even inferior to the undead knights, Li Tian’s strength was an entirely different matter.

However, Liu Mei merely stared at Li Tian’s corpse for a few moments in silence, before she shook her head and said

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”It’s too dangerous.”

Xingyi was confused momentarily, but a look of realization suddenly appeared in her bright emerald eyes as she stared at Li Tian’s corpse.

Indeed, at the end of the day, Li Tian was still a member of the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’.

Even if his own position within the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ wasn’t high and he was just a normal disciple, and even if he had been the one to attack Shun Long and his group first, there was no doubt that if another member of the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ happened to see his corpse being commanded by Liu Mei during a fight, it would definitely attract endless trouble.

After all, this was still the ‘City of Immortals’, and there was no doubt that there would be plenty more disciples of the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ other than the 3 that they had just killed.
Even Shun Long couldn’t estimate the number of peak rank 9 Dao Kings that the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ had sent in this place, let alone the number of late-stage Dao Kings.

Nodding his head, Shun Long first gathered ‘junior brother Xian’s’ and the young woman’s spatial rings, as well as Li Tian’s 1-star daggers and placed them all inside the ‘Stone of Time’, before he said calmly

”Let’s go take a look at the castle here before we leave the city.”

After walking around the empty streets for a while, Shun Long soon arrived at the heart of the city, standing in front of the entrance of an enormous castle.

Despite its appearance that made it seem like it could collapse at any moment, Shun Long merely took a look at the castle from the outside, before he stepped through its wide-open gates and entered inside.

Surprisingly, the first thing that Shun Long noticed when he stepped inside, were the countless bodies that were spread everywhere around him, as well as the scent of blood that was present in the air.

The dried blood that had painted the walls and the floor of the castle a deep red color made it obvious that a large-scale fight had taken place here.

However, Jiang Chen and the rest could all tell with just a few glances that this fight had only happened less than a year ago, or the scent of blood in the air wouldn’t be so intense and the bodies around them would have definitely turned into skeletons by now if that wasn’t the case.

After staring at his surroundings for a while, Shun Long first closed his eyes and spread his soul sense as far as he could, before he continued to walk towards the depths of the castle.

Of course, even though there were countless bodies around them, Xingyi and the others all noticed that none of these bodies had any spatial rings on them, as they had clearly been looted long ago.
Naturally, the people who had killed them wouldn’t leave their enemies’ wealth behind before they left.

As they walked past the thousands of corpses and headed even deeper inside the castle, Jiang Chen suddenly said as he stared at his surroundings

”I could sense it ever since we arrived here, but the qi in this city is even purer than the qi in that ‘Demon-fanged city’.”

Shun Long nodded his head in agreement as he had also sensed the same thing the moment they stepped foot into this city.

Both the qi in the air and the quantity of immortal qi that was mixed with it were many times better than the qi in the ‘Demon-fanged city’ where Qiao Min and the rest of the disciples of the Holy sect were staying in.

After walking around the enormous castle for more than an hour, Shun Long and his group finally arrived at the entrance of a large throne room.

However, even before he stepped past the room’s entrance and entered inside, Shun Long could smell the scent of blood that was coming from this room which was many times more intense than any other place inside this castle.

It was obvious that a large massacre had taken place here some time ago, and it was clearly much more intense than the fight at the castle’s entrance.

Staring at the decapitated corpses everywhere around him, some of which were missing their limbs, others missing their heads, while others were in an even worse state than Li Tian’s corpse, Shun Long shook his head as he understood that there was truly nothing left in this place.

Whoever had come before him had definitely robbed this place clean.

At the same time, he also understood that for such a large fight to have taken place here, the treasures in this place were definitely nothing ordinary.
However, Shun Long wasn’t too disappointed either since he had already expected this outcome from the moment he stepped foot into the castle, since it was extremely unlikely for any treasures to have been left behind.

”Brother Shun, it seems that we were not fated to get the treasures in this place.” Bai Longtian said after a moment of silence.

Nodding his head, Shun Long smiled and turned his gaze towards Bai Longtian and the rest and said calmly

”It’s only natural.
If there was anything to gain from this place, this city wouldn’t have been deserted like this to begin with.
Let’s go to the location of the first trial.”

Once he finished speaking, Shun Long closed his eyes, before the figure of a huge black panther with bright silver wings appeared in front of him.

After he took one last look at the throne room, Shun Long sat on Little Silver’s back along with Liu Mei and the rest, before Little Silver’s figure shot out of the castle like a bolt of silver lightning, flying towards the east of the city.


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