Chapter 845: Chapter 845

Li Tian fell silent for a while as he stared at the young man and the young woman in front of him with a serious look in his eyes, before he shook his head and said in a solemn manner

”Do you really think that someone who carries so many high-grade spirit stones with them wouldn’t have any way to protect themselves? Most likely, those people either come from one of the top powers from the central part of our central region, or they may even be disciples of some powerful expert who has isolated himself from the world, otherwise, there is no way that they would have so many high-grade spirit stones.
Even if the strongest person in that group is that young woman with the long black hair, she isn’t someone that we can underestimate.”

Unlike his junior brother and his junior sister, Li Tian was someone with plenty of experience, and he could assess the situation in front of him much more logically.

Even if Liu Mei’s cultivation was slightly lower than his own, Li Tian understood that it wouldn’t be that easy for him to kill her even if he truly went all-out, since he could actually feel that Liu Mei posed a real threat to him.
This was a feeling that came from Li Tian’s own instincts.

However, the young man named ‘junior brother Xian’ didn’t seem satisfied with Li Tian’s response as he shook his head and continued immediately afterwards

”Senior brother, so what if they are disciples of some powerful expert? No matter what, this place we are in is the ‘City of Immortals’ and there is no one to protect them here! As long as we kill them discreetly nobody will find out about it either.
Besides, according to our information, these people don’t belong to any of the top powers of our central region, or our ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ would have definitely known about it.

The way I see it, there are only 2 possible scenarios.
It’s either like senior brother has said and that those people are truly disciples of some powerful reclusive expert, or… they happened to obtain the legacy of a powerful expert which is why they possess so many high-grade spirit stones!”

The young woman next to ‘junior brother Xian’ nodded her head in agreement, before she looked at Li Tian and said seriously

”Senior brother Li, I think that senior brother Xian is right! Even if those people come from a powerful background, this place is still the ‘City of Immortals’ and they don’t have anyone to protect them! Are we really going to let them go like that?”

Li Tian fell silent when he heard this as he stared at the young man and the young woman in front of him with a serious look.

In his heart, Li Tian also understood that regardless of what type of protective treasures Shun Long and his group may had, it wouldn’t matter at all while they were in the ‘City of Immortals’.
Even those extremely rare talismans like the ‘Soul-locking talisman’ that could normally affect powerful Sovereign realm experts would be restricted while they were in this place.

And yet, Li Tian’s own gut feeling told him that this situation wasn’t as simple as it seemed.

After a few moments of silence however, Li Tian finally gritted his teeth and steeled his heart, before he said in a determined manner

”Let’s go.”


At the same time, Shun Long, Liu Mei, and the others, all walked around the nearly deserted streets of the city, before Bai Longtian looked at Shun Long and asked curiously

”Brother Shun, are there any trials in this city?”

Shun Long looked at Bai Longtian and shook his head before he said calmly

”According to the information from the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’, there is only one other place in this city, other than that plaza where people from the ‘Demon-fanged city’ are teleported to.”

Staring at the numerous half-destroyed buildings around him that were clearly affected by the passage of countless years, Shun Long turned his gaze towards the depths of this city as he continued

”There should be a deserted castle in the heart of the city, but whether there are any treasures left in that place or not is actually unknown.
Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to take a look before we go towards the first trial.”

At the same time that he finished speaking, Shun Long suddenly narrowed his eyes, before he turned around and stared at the direction of the plaza behind him.

Jiang Chen, Liu Mei, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, seemed to have also sensed something, as they turned their gazes towards the plaza as well.

A moment later, Li Tian’s figure quickly appeared in the sky above them, while the young man named ‘junior brother Xian’ and the young woman who was following by his side seemed to have completely surrounded Shun Long and his group.

”Haha, senior brother, I knew that they wouldn’t have gone too far.
I bet that they were planning to take a look at that old palace before they left the city! How lucky!” The young man whose cultivation was at the peak of rank 5 in the Dao King realm said with a cold smile on his face, while his gaze was completely focused on Shun Long, as if he was staring at a juicy piece of meat.

Since this city was practically deserted and only had a few small groups of cultivators present, the young man named ‘junior brother Xian’ wasn’t worried that anyone else would interfere while they killed Shun Long and his group here.

What he had been worried about, was that Shun Long would end up leaving the city right after he finished reading the information within the memory jades.

If that truly happened, then even if they could find him again, it would have been much harder to steal his spatial ring in broad daylight without attracting attention, especially since the number of late-stage Dao Kings who were present in the ‘City of Immortals’ wasn’t small.

After all, although killings weren’t rare in this place, if another late-stage Dao King noticed this, they would definitely be able to guess what was going on and would most likely interfere and take the spirit stones for themselves.

After all, it was common knowledge that someone from the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ like Li Tian wasn’t someone who would easily rob others, so for him to do something like that, it must have meant that his target was truly wealthy.

And yet, Shun Long didn’t even look at ‘junior brother Xian’ who was eyeing him coldly, as his eyes met Li Tian’s cold eyes that were now filled with unconcealed killing intent, before Shun Long shook his head and said calmly

”It seems that you guys have come to give me back my spirit stones.”

Li Tian snorted when he heard this, while in his heart he could feel an uncomfortable feeling swelling.

He didn’t know why, but when he met Shun Long’s calm gaze that didn’t look the slightest bit panicked or surprised, Li Tian suddenly felt his entire body going cold.

”Senior brother, what are you waiting for? Let’s do this! Kill that woman while junior sister and I take care of the rest of them.” Junior brother Xian said to Li Tian as his cultivation of a peak rank 5 Dao King exploded outwards.

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Li Tian nodded his head and decided to not waste any more words with Shun Long, as the cultivation of an early rank 7 Dao King exploded out from his body in the next moment, immediately targeting the most dangerous person from Shun Long’s group, Liu Mei.

After all, in Li Tian’s eyes, Liu Mei was the only one who truly threaten him!

At that moment however, Liu Mei’s gaze was filled with cold, unrestrained killing intent as she stared at Li Tian and his group, before her cultivation at the peak of rank 6 in the Dao King realm burst out from her body!

Despite the fact that Liu Mei’s cultivation was lower than his, Li Tian could feel his entire body shivering when he sensed the terrifying aura around Liu Mei, that made even a late-stage Dao King like him feel fear!

”Attack!” Li Tian suddenly shouted before his figure turned into a blur, as he flew straight towards Liu Mei, while his body left behind countless afterimages.

A pair of small black daggers had appeared in his hands practically at the same time, as Li Tian aimed them towards Liu Mei’s heart.

And yet, Liu Mei didn’t seem flustered by this, as she stared at Li Tian approaching figure coldly, before a black ball of qi appeared between her hands in a single second.

Without any hesitation, Liu Mei allowed the ball of death qi to fall on the ground, causing the ground beneath her feet to start trembling.

Li Tian’s speed was truly fast, and in just a single moment, his figure had already arrived in front of Liu Mei, but before his daggers could actually pierce through her heart, Li Tian’s body seemed to have suddenly frozen into place as a terrifying sight appeared in his eyes.


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