Chapter 844: Information (2)

”200.000 high-grade spirit stones?” Liu Mei frowned when she heard the absurd price that Li Tian mentioned, while Xingyi and the others all widened their eyes in surprise.

Even an average peak rank 9 Dao Emperor wouldn’t have more than a couple hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones in their possession, so for Li Tian to ask for such a price truly dumbfounded them.

However, Li Tian wasn’t surprised by their reactions, looking like he had already seen similar reactions like theirs countless times by now, as he nodded his head and continued

”Although this price may indeed be expensive, I can assure dear guests that the information of our ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ is one hundred percent accurate and worth every single one of your high-grade spirit stones.”

Of course, Li Tian didn’t expect that Liu Mei and her group would purchase the information about the powerful Dao Kings who were present in the ‘City of Immortals’ right now since such information would be absolutely useless to them.

After all, the way that Li Tian saw it, even the most powerful person among their group was only a peak rank 6 Dao King.

Thus, it didn’t matter if their group met an ordinary rank 9 Dao King or one of those terrifying monsters who could completely destroy anyone else at the same level of cultivation as them, as their group would be dead either way.

In reality, only some of the most powerful peak rank 9 Dao Kings who had entered the ‘City of Immortals’ this time, especially those who came from extremely powerful backgrounds around the central region would be interested in buying this information from the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’, since they would aim to learn more about their rivals.

However, contrary to Li Tian’s, and even Liu Mei’s and the others’ expectations, Shun Long merely stared at Li Tian for a few moments, before he asked him with a deep look in his eyes

”You are saying that the information you have includes details about their cultivation techniques and martial skills as well?”

Li Tian’s eyes narrowed into slits when he heard Shun Long’s question, before a radiant smile appeared on his face shortly afterwards as he nodded his head and replied in an even friendlier manner than before

”It seems that this guest is quite familiar with our chamber of commerce.
Indeed, as you have guessed, the information that we have does not only include the names of those Dao Kings who stand at the peak of our central region and the names of the powers they come from, but it also includes some of their personal information like the cultivation techniques and the martial skills that they train in, and even the Daos that some of them have comprehended.
Obtaining this information would allow our dear guests to be even better prepared, and will give you a higher chance of survival for the next 8 years!

Of course, as our dear guest can probably guess, some of these experts are also quite secretive, so even our ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ may not know too much about them.”

Shun Long nodded his head when he heard Li Tian’s answer, as he understood that the price the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ had set was most likely considered to be fair if things were as Li Tian had just said.

After all, just the information that he had purchased back in Murong city which included information about Murong Tian and the remaining Dao Emperors of the Murong family, had cost Shun Long 60.000 high-grade spirit stones!

Although information about some powerful Dao Emperors, especially peak Dao Emperors like Murong Tian was expected to be expensive, Shun Long understood that the reason why the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ had priced the information of the peak Dao Kings of the central region even higher than that, surpassing even the price that would cost someone to scout a powerful family in the northern part of the central region like the Murong family by more than 3 times, wasn’t just because of the information itself, but because of the status that some of those Dao Kings had in the central region.

”I am not sure if the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ will have any information on the ‘geniuses’ of powers like the Tianxuan dynasty, but this should still be useful regardless of that.” Shun Long thought to himself as he stared at Li Tian for a moment, before he waved his right hand soon after, causing a mountain of high-grade spirit stones to appear in front of him.


Staring at the huge mountain of high-grade spirit stones that had suddenly appeared in front of him, Li Tian was stunned momentarily, feeling like his mind had short-circuited for a brief moment.

However, the senses of a businessman kicked in merely a few seconds afterwards, as Li Tian quickly regained his bearings and gathered the dozen memory-recording jades that he had taken out from his spatial ring, before he personally handed them to Shun Long.

”Dear guest, thank you very much for your business!” Li Tian said with a face full of smiles before he started gathering the high-grade spirit stones in front of him, afraid that a passerby might see them exposed.

Even with his status as a late-stage Dao King of the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’, Li Tian knew that in this place where there were no other experts around to protect him, he would truly be in trouble if anyone else saw this scene.

After all, forget about other Dao Kings, 220.000 high-grade spirit stones were enough to attract the attention of even some peak rank 9 Dao Emperors!

Meanwhile, Shun Long nodded his head and accepted the memory jades from Li Tian, before he sat cross-legged on the ground and began to check their contents on the spot.

As for Li Tian, he wasn’t in a hurry to leave after gathering the spirit stones, as he stood there with that same smile on his face, waiting for Shun Long to finish checking the contents of the memory jades first before they could conclude their business.

A few minutes later, Shun Long opened his eyes and stared at the memory jades in front of him with a serious look on his face, looking like he was deeply pondering over something.
At the same time, the final memory jade in his hand turned into a pile of dust as well, just like the previous ones, as it disappeared on the spot.

Meanwhile, Li Tian had that same smile on his face staring at Shun Long, and after a moment of silence he asked curiously

”Dear guest, were you satisfied with the information?”

At this point, Li Tian would be dumb if he didn’t understand that the leader of this small group in front of him was actually this short-haired young man whose cultivation was only at the peak of rank 3 in the Dao King realm.

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at Li Tian and answered calmly

The information of your ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’ was worth the spirit stones.”

Shun Long then turned to look at Liu Mei and the others before he said

”Let’s have a look around this city first before we leave this place.”

A moment later, Shun Long then led Liu Mei and the others as they left the plaza, leaving Li Tian and his group behind.

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A few moments after Shun Long’s group had left however, the young man behind Li Tian looked at Shun Long’s disappearing figure and asked in surprise

”Senior brother Li, are we really going to let them leave like that?”

Li Tian raised his eyebrows as he stared at the young man behind him, before he said coldly

”Junior brother Xian, could it be that you want to chase after them?”

The young man that Li Tian had just called ‘junior brother Xian’ nodded his head, as if he hadn’t noticed Li Tian’s displeasure before he answered seriously

”Senior brother Li, if that guy can take out 200.000 high-grade spirit stones so easily, isn’t it practically guaranteed that he must have even more? I know that senior brother is someone who only does business and avoids robbing others, but even the strongest person in their group is merely that girl who is just a peak rank 6 Dao King! With senior brother’s strength, killing them all should be a piece of cake! Are you really going to let them leave?”

At the same time, the young woman who was standing next to this young man took a step forward and stared at Li Tian, before she said in a solemn voice

”Senior brother Li, I agree with senior brother Xian! Although we are disciples of the ‘White tiger chamber of commerce’, we are also cultivators! We can’t let such an opportunity go to waste!”

The young man named ‘junior brother Xian’ spread out his hands and continued

”Senior brother, think about it! Even if we let them go due to senior brother’s kindness, do you really think that those people will survive? In my eyes, it’s better if we are the ones to benefit instead of waiting for others to kill them!”


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