Chapter 840: Progress

Smiles appeared on Xingyi’s and the rest’s faces when they heard Shun Long’s words, as Shun Long led them towards the city gates of the ‘Demon-fanged city’ shortly afterwards.

Other than Liu Mei who would occasionally leave the ‘Northern Sovereign’s city’ to go train and increase her cultivation through her ‘Blood Absorption art’, neither Xingyi, Jiang Chen, or Bai Longtian, truly had a chance to test how much their strength had increased after they had broken through, since they had all practically confined themselves within the Northern Sovereign’s estate and continued to cultivate without stop since they had left the King’s Palace.

Of course, the same went for Shun Long who had yet to test out his strength after he broke through to the Dao King realm.

Moments later, Shun Long led Liu Mei, and the others, as they flew past the city gates of the ‘Demon-fanged city’ and headed towards the general area where they had previously met the ‘Demon-fanged mice’.

In reality, it didn’t matter which direction they chose, since the entire area around the city was practically infested with ‘Demon-fanged mice’.
Other than the city itself that the mice seemed to be avoiding for some reason, every place around the city was practically occupied by the ‘Demon-fanged mice’.

Less than a minute later, Shun Long’s group suddenly stopped, as everyone could hear a familiar rumbling sound coming from the ground below them, while the earth beneath their feet had soon started to tremble.

”Little Silver, stay back!” Shun Long suddenly said to the black panther who was standing behind him and seemed to be already prepared to fight, while Liu Mei and the others all spread out and covered a large area around Shun Long.

Of course, Shun Long wasn’t worried that Xingyi and the others would have any trouble fighting against the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ regardless of the mice’s numbers.

After all, Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, had all reached the peak of rank 4 in the Dao King realm in the last year, and shouldn’t have any trouble even if a few dozen early rank 6 ‘Demon-fanged mice’ attacked them simultaneously.

As for Liu Mei… her cultivation was actually the highest, as Liu Mei was already a peak rank 6 Dao King!

Even Shun Long was surprised when he saw how much Liu Mei had advanced while he had stayed in seclusion, but Shun Long also understood that Liu Mei had definitely gone all-out during the past few months, increasing her cultivation base without holding back in the least, and that unless she dispelled the negative effects of the ‘Blood Absorption art’ that were accumulating inside her, it would be impossible for her to increase her cultivation any further without suffering from the side-effects of the ‘Blood Absorption art’.

Barely a few moments had passed since Shun Long’s group had arrived in the area before the ground beneath their feet finally started to crack open, as dozens of pitch-black figures shot out from each crack heading towards Shun Long and the others at an alarming speed.

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Naturally, these figures belonged to the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ who had almost instantly sensed the humans that had entered their territory.

Staring at the hundreds of ‘Demon-fanged mice’ around her that seemed to be ready to tear her apart, Xingyi was the first one to make her move, as her body disappeared on the spot while her figure seemed to have become one with the shadows as well.

Shun Long only needed to throw a single glance at this scene in front of him, before he realized, that after breaking through to the Dao King realm, Xingyi had become many times stronger than before while her ‘Vanishing Shadows unique physique’ had also become much more powerful as well.

It was especially so for Xingyi’s own attack and speed that seemed to have been elevated to another level.

The ‘Demon-fanged mice’ around her couldn’t even touch her body that had already melded into the shadows, before their bodies were pierced through by the tens of shadow spikes and shadow thorns that seemed to have ambushed them from their own shadows, instantly taking their lives.

More than a dozen ‘Demon-fanged mice’ seemed to have been ambushed from shadow thorns and shadow spikes that had appeared from their own shadows, as their lifeless corpses collapsed on the ground shortly afterward.

At the same time, a few tens of meters away from Xingyi’s own fight, Bai Longtian didn’t activate his ‘Golden Buddha unique physique’, and instead, he unsheathed his peak 1-star white sword before a blinding white light covered his entire body.

Augmented by his ‘Dao of Light, Bai Longtian’s current speed wasn’t any inferior to Xingyi’s own when she was using her ‘Vanishing Shadows unique physique’, as his figure flashed repeatedly, leaving behind countless afterimages as he swung the white sword in his hands towards the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ around him.

Whether it was Bai Longtian’s speed, the sharpness of the peak 1-star sword in his hands, or the Dao of Fire inside his white sword, none of them were things that the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ could resist, as their figures were being cut down at an alarming rate while Bai Longtian harvested the beast cores from their bodies.

Jiang Chen merely snorted as he stared at Bai Longtian before a golden saber appeared in his hands barely a few moments later.

And yet, Jiang Chen didn’t activate his ‘Eternal Darkness unique physique’ either, as a pair of flaming, dark-red wings suddenly sprouted from his back before the golden saber in his hands turned into a blur, reaping the lives of the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ around him without the slightest hint of mercy.

After breaking through to the Dao King realm, each of Jiang Chen’s attacks that were strengthened by his ‘Demonic Dao’ seemed to be even stronger than they were in the past, as every slash of his terrified the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ around him that couldn’t even approach too close to him before their bodies were cut in half.


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