Chapter 834: Recognized?

”Hmm? A peak rank 6 magic beast? What’s going on?”

”Who are these people? There is still someone with a peak rank 6 magic beast who has yet to go forward?”

The groups of Dao Kings stationed near the city gates started to chat among themselves as their eyes stared at Shun Long and his group who had just entered the city.

Naturally, every single one of the Dao Kings present could sense that there was something special about this group of newcomers that none of them seemed to have recognized, but the most unexpected thing in their eyes was surely the black panther that was following behind the blue-robed young man who was leading this group.

”Eh? Look at these people’s robes! Aren’t these the robes of our Holy sect?” From the midst of a large group that consisted of more than 300 people, a young man in yellow robes suddenly exclaimed in a surprised voice as he pointed with his finger at Liu Mei’s and Xingyi’s yellow robes that looked identical to his own.

The people around this young man all turned to look at him for a moment, before they turned their gazes towards Liu Mei and the others who were still wearing the outer-court disciples’ robes.

Indeed, unlike Shun Long who had already changed his clothes before he left the Northern Sovereign’s estate to participate in the auction in Murong city, Liu Mei, Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian, were still wearing their Holy sect’s robes.

”…Wait! I know who these people are! Look at that blue-robed person in the front! Isn’t that Shun Long? The rest of them are Jiang Chen and the others who are all in the top 1000 in the Martial Roll of Honor too!”

Soon, quite a few people from the yellow-robed young man’s group started recognizing Shun Long and the others before they exclaimed in voices that were filled with surprise and shock.

Of course, these people who managed to recognize Shun Long and his group were all outer-court disciples of the Holy sect, and since they hadn’t kept their voices down, the nearby groups around them seemed to have overheard them as well.

”A disciple of the Holy sect? How interesting… Even if he is an inner court disciple, it’s quite rare to see someone with a peak rank 6 magic beast like him, especially when he belongs to such a small sect!”

”Eh? So they just entered the ‘City of Immortals’? Hah, even though their group isn’t that weak, they can’t be considered strong either.
Other than that peak rank 6 magic beast and that guy in the lead who has hidden his cultivation base, the rest of them all seem to be just middle-stage Dao Kings.
Even if they are able to leave this ‘Demon-fanged city’, I am sure that they won’t be able to get very far.”

Even though the Holy sect wasn’t a peak power in the central region and it could barely qualify as a first-rate power even in the northern part of the central region, quite a few people seemed to be familiar with it while mocking smiles appeared on many of the surrounding Dao Kings’ faces when they realized that Shun Long and his group had just entered the ‘City of Immortals’.

At the same time that the nearby Dao Kings started to chat among themselves, as if they had suddenly found an interesting discussion topic, in the center of the Holy sect’s group, the yellow-robed young man who had first recognized Shun Long stood in front of a beautiful young woman with blue hair and blue eyes and recounted what he had just seen.

Naturally, this beautiful young woman who was emitting the aura of an early rank 5 Dao King, was no one else other than the person ranked 2nd in the Martial Roll of Honor, Qiao Min.

Qiao Min stared at the young man in front of her with a look of surprise before she then asked

”Shun Long is here? Are you sure?”

The young man nodded his head fervently and answered in a confident manner

”I am sure, senior sister! Although I didn’t recognize him at first because he was wearing different clothes than the rest, I am positive that that person is Shun Long.
The people around him are Jiang Chen and the others as well!”

Before Qian Min could respond, a young man with blond hair and violet eyes who was standing just a few meters away from Qiao Min snorted, before he said in a voice full of displeasure

”So that little bastard is finally here! Heh, even if the Grand Elder favors him, it’s time for him to understand that this is the ‘City of Immortals’ and not the Holy sect! Let’s see who can save him this time!”

Of course, the person who had spoken just now was the son of the clan leader and the heir to the Dong clan in the Holy sect’s territory, as well as the person ranked 6th in the Martial Roll of Honor, Dong Cheng.

Since Shun Long had abused his little sister with a single slap in the Martial Roll of Honor tournament, Dong Cheng harbored quite a bit of hatred towards him and was looking forward to paying Shun Long back.

However, Qian Min simply shook her head and ignored Dong Cheng’s remarks before she turned her gaze towards the young man in front of her and said in a calm voice

”Lead me to them.”

The yellow-robed young man in the lead then turned around, before he led Qiao Min to the very front, towards Shun Long and his group who seemed to be taking a stroll around the city.

At the same time, the rest of the people in the top 10 in the ‘Martial Roll of Honor’ seemed to have their interest piqued as well, as they decided to follow after Qiao Min and have a look at the group of newcomers.

Although Shun Long and the others were only Nascent Soul stage cultivators before they left for the King’s Palace, during the Martial Roll of Honor tournament more than a year ago, everyone had witnessed Shun Long’s terrifying strength that was enough to effortlessly destroy people at a higher realm, attracting the attention of even the strongest outer court disciples in the process.

Back then, although Shun Long wasn’t even a rank 9 Nascent Soul stage cultivator, everyone had started to feel wary around him due to his abnormal strength that seemed like it would be enough to even rival Yang Hui’s once he became a Dao King!

Now that Shun Long was inside the ‘City of Immortals’, it meant that he must have definitely broken through to the Dao King realm, and even if he was just a rank 1 Dao King right now, nobody from the top 10 of the ‘Martial Roll of Honor’ other than Qiao Min and Yang Hui would be qualified to look down on him!

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