Chapter 833: Demon-fanged mice

Moments later, a rain of fresh blood filled the air around Liu Mei and the others, as Little Silver’s sharp fangs and its bright silver wings cut through the bodies of the weird-looking mice around it, leaving tens of corpses on the ground beneath it.

And yet, the remaining mice didn’t seem to falter even after seeing how terrifying the power of the panther in front of them really was or how many of them it had killed, as they kept charging towards the black panther without any care for their own lives, akin to moths diving into flames.

However, neither their fangs nor their claws were able to so much as pierce through Little Silver’s tough skin before their lifeless corpses collapsed on the ground.

”Long-ge, what kind of mice are these?” Liu Mei asked with a serious look in her eyes as she stared at the hundreds of mice that kept shooting out from the cracks on the ground, as they kept charging towards Little Silver.

It seemed as if there was an unending sea of black mice in front of them, and regardless of how many of them Little Silver exterminated, even more of them kept charging out from the cracks on the ground without stop, looking like they were willing to die as long as they took Little Silver down with them.

At the same time, Shun Long kept staring at the hundreds of mice below him before he looked at Liu Mei and said in a serious voice

”These are rank 6 ‘Demon-fanged mice’.

Although they are just early rank 6 magic beasts and their individual strength is only comparable to that of an early rank 2 Dao King, their numbers alone are enough to kill even middle-stage Dao King realm cultivators who aren’t careful.

After all, the biggest advantages of the ‘Demon-fanged mice’ lie in their discipline and their endless numbers, as a single colony may hold more than a million of these mice.”

Liu Mei, Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen, were all stunned when they heard Shun Long’s words, as the terrifying scene of more than a million of these mice spouting from the ground seemed to have appeared in their minds at the same time.

Even if these mice were only comparable to early rank 2 Dao Kings in terms of strength, Xingyi and the others all understood that a million of these mice together, were still enough to obliterate practically every single middle-stage Dao King who happened to step foot inside their territory.

Even middle-stage Dao Kings who had comprehended unique or supreme Daos may not have a hundred percent certainty of escaping alive if they were attacked by an entire colony of early rank 6 ‘Demon-fanged mice’.

As for completely obliterating a colony of these ‘Demon-fanged mice’? The difficulty of that was almost at the same level as dealing with a powerful peak rank 6 magic beast!

And yet, Little Silver didn’t seem to be intimidated in the slightest by the hordes of ‘Demon-fanged mice’ that were blocking its way, as it kept slaughtering them all without mercy drawing a rain of blood above the vast green plains, while its figure kept flying towards the city in the distance like a bolt of silver lightning.

A few minutes later, the number of ‘Demon-fanged mice’ that appeared in front of Shun Long and the others seemed to have been reduced greatly, and soon, Little Silver’s figure finally arrived in front of the city gates of the massive city in the distance.

Unlike the cities in the central region however, this city didn’t seem to have any soldiers manned in front of the gates or on the city walls, allowing anyone to enter inside at will.

A few moments later, Liu Mei and the others got off from Little Silver’s back before they stepped past the city gates and entered the city.

”Eh, there seem to be quite a few people here.” Bai Longtian said in a surprised voice once their group entered the city.

At the same time, Shun Long nodded his head as he looked at the hundreds of groups of cultivators that were present everywhere around him.

Unlike the desolate appearance that the city seemed to have from the outside and the ancient aura it was emitting, Liu Mei and the others soon noticed that the city itself was actually anything but deserted, as there were countless groups of cultivators stationed a few tens of meters away from the city walls.

Most of them were sitting cross-legged on the ground with their eyes closed looking like they were silently cultivating, while others seemed to be chatting with each other without a care in the world, as if they were out on a field trip.

Many of those people seemed to be wearing robes that indicated that they were from the same sect or power, but there were quite a few of them who were also grouped together despite their different clothes.

The most eye-catching thing however, was that every single one of those people present was clearly at the Dao King realm.

The moment that Shun Long’s group walked past the city gates it naturally attracted quite a bit of attention, as many of those people who were silently cultivating, as well as those who were leisurely chatting with each other just now suddenly turned their eyes towards the newcomers.

Many of those people were stunned when they noticed Shun Long’s incredibly handsome appearance or Liu Mei’s and Xingyi’s otherwordly features, as well as Jiang Chen’s and Bai Longtian’s handsome visages that seemed to have attracted the eyes of quite a few young ladies as well.

However, the one who seemed to have attracted the most attention was actually Little Silver, as most of the Dao Kings present seemed to have turned their gazes towards this peak rank 6 magic beast in front of them!

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