Chapter 832: The ‘City of Immortals’

A few moments later, Shun Long could see his blurry surroundings slowly turn clear as a vast field that was filled with green began to appear in his eyes.

At the same time, Liu Mei, Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen all opened their eyes and took a look at their surroundings, before Bai Longtian spoke in a curious voice

”So this is the ‘City of Immortals’…?”

At the same time, sensing the extremely pure qi in the air around him, Shun Long momentarily closed his eyes and took a deep breath, absorbing a large amount of qi in the process, before he opened his eyes again and mumbled to himself with a smile on his face

”This place truly has immortal qi.
Although the immortal qi seems to be mixed with the normal qi in the air and it also seems to be heavily diluted as well, it’s still immortal qi!”

”Brother Long, what is this immortal qi?” Xingyi asked as she stared at Shun Long with a curious gaze.

Although Xingyi didn’t know what immortal qi was, something that was enough to excite Shun Long like this was bound to be quite special.

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at Xingyi and the others and said with the same smile on his face

”Immortal qi is the qi that is present everywhere in the Immortal Dimension and it is what immortals need to absorb to advance their cultivation.

In reality, it is an extremely pure type of qi that is countless times more precious and potent than the qi that we can usually absorb.
Even the qi back in the ‘Southern dragon’s courtyard’ in the Northern Sovereign’s estate can’t be compared to a single whiff of immortal qi.

After all, immortal qi shouldn’t exist anywhere in this world of ours, but even though there are only traces of it and it also seems to be mixed with the normal qi in the air, I am certain that the air in this ‘City of Immortals’ definitely has immortal qi.”

Although Little Black had already verified that there was immortal qi inside the ‘City of Immortals’ before they even entered, Shun Long was actually surprised to see that the immortal qi seemed to be mixed in the air around him and wasn’t somewhere in the depths of the ‘City of Immortals’, totally inaccessible to most people.

Even if this immortal qi around him was diluted and only made up a hundredth of the actual qi in the air, it was still immortal qi nevertheless!

Bai Longtian and the others had never heard of immortal qi either, but hearing Shun Long’s explanation, they only quickly realized the importance of this immortal qi as well.

After all, the purer the qi in the air around them was, the faster they would be able to advance in their cultivation while the quality of their own qi would also increase.

A few moments later, Shun Long took a good look at his surroundings and stared at the vast, empty plains that seemed to span for countless miles everywhere around him, before his gaze finally landed on the outline of a large city that was situated a good distance away from his current location.

Jiang Chen and the others seemed to have noticed this city as well, as Liu Mei looked at Shun Long and asked curiously

”Long-ge, should we go and take a look at that city?”

”Since we are already here, we might as well explore this place.” Shun Long said as he nodded his head in agreement, before he waved his right hand calmly soon after, as the figure of a large black panther with bright silver wings appeared in front of him.

The moment that Bai Longtian, Jiang Chen, and Xingyi, noticed the sudden appearance of Little Silver, the 3 of them were momentarily stunned, but Shun Long simply patted the black panther’s head as he introduced Little Silver to them

”This guy’s name is Little Silver, and just like Little Black, he is my spiritual beast.”

Although Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian were all surprised for a moment, their shock quickly turned into curiosity as they stared at the peak rank 6 magic beast in front of them with curious gazes.

After all, although Little Silver’s emergence was sudden, since Shun Long had already revealed Little Black’s existence to them, seeing the appearance of the black panther wasn’t that much of a shock in comparison.

A few moments later, Little Silver spread its bright silver wings, before its figure shot towards the city in the distance at full speed, while it carried Shun Long’s group on its back.

However, even with its speed that exceeded that of most average peak rank 6 magic beasts and even after flying for an entire hour at full speed, Little Silver had only managed to cross half the distance between itself to reach the city in the distance, allowing Shun Long to get a general idea of how enormously vast this place truly was.


Half an hour later, just as Little Silver had arrived a few hundred miles away from the city, Shun Long narrowed his eyes as he noticed that cracks had begun to appear on the ground below him, while a deep rumbling sound seemed to follow along with them.

Moments later, hundreds of squeaking sounds could also be heard coming from the depths of these cracks, before tens of pitch-black figures flew out from the cracks that had opened on the ground, as they shot towards Little Silver from every direction.

Once those pitch-black figures got closer to Little Silver, Xingyi and the rest all noticed that these figures belonged to some weird-looking magic beasts that looked similar to mice.

Unlike normal mice however, Liu Mei and the others could all sense that each one of these mice around them was emitting the aura of an early rank 6 magic beast, while their sharp fangs and claws were all aiming to strike Little Silver’s vital spots.

Sensing the tens of early rank 6 magic beasts that were attacking it from every direction, a bloodthirsty light appeared in the depths of Little Silver’s deep yellow eyes, before the powerful aura of a peak rank 6 magic beast exploded from its body without any restraint, as it kept flying forward, intending to meet the mice head-on.

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