Chapter 831: Entering the ‘City of Immortals’

Standing in front of the majestic closed gates of the massive city in front of them, Liu Mei and the others stared at the enormous city gates in silence, while a profound and ancient feeling slowly filled their hearts.

After a few moments of silence, Jiang Tianfang turned his attention towards the silver-armored Quan Lin and asked him

”Quan Lin, how do we enter inside?”

Quan Lin had a calm look in his eyes as he stared at Jiang Tianfang and said

”Based on what I know, all we have to do is simply place our hands on the closed gates and inject some of our qi inside them.
This is the only way to enter the ‘City of Immortals’.

According to what the city lord told me, whether one is in the Dao King or the Dao Emperor realm, the method is actually the same.
But of course, this method only applies to Dao Kings and Dao Emperors.
If someone at the Sovereign realm tries to enter the ‘City of Immortals’, they will find it impossible to do so regardless of how much qi they pour into the gates.”

Jiang Tianfang nodded his head calmly when he heard Quan Lin’s answer, before he turned his gaze towards Jiang Chen and the others and said seriously

”Be careful inside.
We don’t know what types of dangers this place contains, but if even the top powers of the central region can’t forcefully enter and are only forced to send their descendants and disciples, it means that this place is anything but simple!”

Naturally, as a late-stage Dao Emperor, Jiang Tianfang was privy to some of the secrets of the central region and he clearly understood, that none of the top powers of the central region would choose to send only their descendants or disciples to explore the ‘City of Immortals’ while their top experts leisurely stayed at home.

After all, considering that the ‘City of Immortals’ was rumored to contain even immortal-grade cultivation techniques and martial skills along with other treasures at a similar level as them, Jiang Tianfang was certain that the top experts throughout the central region wouldn’t want to miss out on those treasures and would do everything they could to get their hands on them, regardless of the dangers they had to face.

This was even more so for experts at the Northern Sovereign’s level who had already reached the peak of the Sovereign realm and just needed one final push to reach that legendary realm and stand at the peak of the central region!

For those experts to have no other choice but simply sit back and wait, Jiang Tianfang knew that the only possible explanation was, that they couldn’t forcefully enter inside no matter what they tried.

A few moments later, Quan Lin stood up from the ‘Purple-scaled desert worm’s’ back and turned his attention towards Jiang Tianfang before saying calmly

”Jiang Tianfang, let’s go.”

Nodding his head, Jiang Tianfang threw one last look at Liu Mei and the others, his gaze lingering on Jiang Chen and Shun Long for a few seconds longer, before he followed Quan Lin and stood right in front of the majestic city gates of the ‘City of Immortals’ as well.

”Young master Shun, we will go first!” Quan Lin said seriously before he placed his hand on the surface of the gigantic city gates in front of him.

A few moments later, Quan Lin’s body started to glow with a bright golden light before his figure disappeared from Jiang Tianfang’s side.

The majestic-looking gates didn’t seem to have moved even a bit and it seemed as if Quan Lin had been teleported away instead.

Turning around, Jiang Tianfang looked at Shun Long and the others and said solemnly

”Be careful inside!”

Without saying another word, Jiang Tianfang mimicked Quan Lin’s movements as he placed his hands on the majestic gates of the ‘City of Immortals’, before his cultivation at the middle of rank 9 in the Dao Emperor realm exploded outwards.

Moments later, just like Quan Lin’s figure, Jiang Tianfang’s figure was suddenly enveloped by a bright golden light, before he disappeared on the spot.

Jiang Chen stared at Jiang Tianfang’s figure that had already disappeared, before he mumbled to himself in a determined manner

”Father, you must be careful as well…”

Jiang Chen then turned his attention towards Shun Long and asked seriously

”Brother, shall we enter inside as well?”

Nodding his head, Shun Long who had his gaze fixed on the gates of the ‘City of Immortals’ turned to look at Jiang Chen and the others before he said calmly

”Let’s go.”

Moments later, Shun Long stood up from the ‘Purple-scaled desert worm’s’ back and flew towards the gigantic gates in front of him, before he stretched out his right hand and placed it on the cold surface of the enormous gates.

Liu Mei, Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Jiang Chen, all did the same as well, as they placed their hands on the gates of the ‘City of Immortals’ and began to inject their qi inside.

At this moment, Shun Long could sense that other than the cold feeling in his hand, he could now sense even clearer the extremely ancient aura that the gates in front of him were emitting, before he closed his eyes as well and allowed his cultivation at the peak of rank 3 in the Dao King realm to explode outwards.

The qi inside his 27 golden balls of qi started to rumble, before Shun Long allowed it to enter the gigantic gates of the ‘City of Immortals’.

The moment that he injected his qi into the enormous gates, Shun Long could sense his entire body being enveloped by an extremely ancient and irresistible force, before his vision started to blur as his body disappeared on the spot soon after.

Liu Mei, Xingyi, Jiang Chen, and Bai Longtian were the same as well, as their bodies were enveloped by the same golden light that had enveloped Shun Long’s body, before their figures all disappeared from the entrance of the ‘City of Immortals’.

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