A moment later, the Northern Sovereign ’s figure appeared inside the ’Southern dragon courtyard ’, immediately attracting Liu Mei ’s and the others ’ attention.

However, the Northern Sovereign merely glanced at Liu Mei and the others for a brief moment, before her gaze landed on Shun Long and Jiang Tianfang.

’ ’Eh? Shun Long? That kid finally finished his seclusion? ’ ’ The Northern Sovereign muttered to herself in a calm but somewhat surprised voice, before her gaze drifted towards Jiang Tianfang who was sitting cross-legged on the ground.

Naturally, the Northern Sovereign could easily tell that the massive cloud of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky above the courtyard was specifically targeting Jiang Tianfang.

After a moment of silence, the Northern Sovereign ’s figure suddenly disappeared from the spot she was standing on, appearing right next to Shun Long, before the Northern Sovereign looked at him and asked with a profound look in her beautiful brown eyes

’ ’Shun Long, can you explain what is going on? ’ ’

Meanwhile, Shun Long wasn ’t surprised by the Northern Sovereign ’s sudden appearance in the courtyard.
After all, her ’Northern dragon ’s courtyard ’ was extremely close to his ’Southern dragon ’s courtyard ’ so it was only a matter of time before she noticed the commotion created by Jiang Tianfang.

Although ’old Lin ’ had told Shun Long and the others when they first arrived in the estate that no one could enter their courtyard without permission, naturally, this rule wouldn ’t apply to the Northern Sovereign.

Of course, Shun Long also understood what the Northern Sovereign meant by her question as she looked at him.

After all, as a powerful peak rank 9 Sovereign realm expert, how could the Northern Sovereign possibly fail to notice how ’peculiar ’ this Heavenly Tribulation in the sky really was?

Cupping his hands at the Northern Sovereign, Shun Long answered in a calm voice

’ ’Senior, this Heavenly Tribulation was caused by a pill that uncle Jiang consumed.
Once he finishes undergoing this Heavenly Tribulation, the injuries in his dantian should be fully healed and he will be able to use his full strength the moment he expels the corrosive energy inside him. ’ ’

’ ’What did you just say?! This Heavenly Tribulation was caused by a pill? ’ ’ The Northern Sovereign ’s eyes immediately widened as she stared at Shun Long with a look of disbelief on her beautiful face.

What kind of pill could possibly invoke a bolt of Heavenly Tribulation?

Of course, it was no wonder that the Northern Sovereign would be so surprised.
After all, the ’Heavenly purity pill ’ was a pill that only alchemists from the Immortal Dimension knew how to concoct, and even the most talented alchemists of the central region didn ’t have any knowledge of it.

For a pill to be able to summon a Heavenly Tribulation was truly unprecedented and it naturally took even the Northern Sovereign by surprise.

A moment later, the Northern Sovereign took a deep breath and calmed herself down, before she turned her gaze towards Jiang Tianfang and stared at him with an extremely deep look in her eyes.

Clearly, the Northern Sovereign already knew a few things about Jiang Tianfang, including the fact that he was the most talented genius in the history of the Jiang clan and that he had stolen the heart of a young lady from a big family from the Immortal Dimension, having a child with her and causing that family from the Immortal Dimension to descend and punish him.

The Northern Sovereign also knew that Jiang Tianfang had spent quite a few years visiting countless star-rank alchemists in hopes that they could treat him, but none of them was able to heal his injuries, leaving him utterly depressed.

But this was to be expected since his injuries were caused by a powerful Elder that came from a huge family from the Immortal Dimension!

For Jiang Tianfang to manage to get his hands on a pill that could fully heal him, even the Northern Sovereign was now interested in finding out more about this matter.

However, the Northern Sovereign didn ’t ask Shun Long anything else and simply stood there and waited for Jiang Tianfang ’s Heavenly Tribulation to descend.

Thankfully, the Northern Sovereign didn ’t have to wait long as the massive white-colored bolt of Heavenly Tribulation in the sky seemed to have finished absorbing its energy and had already reached its peak state, before it suddenly fell towards the ’Southern dragon ’s courtyard ’!


A deafening, rumbling sound that shook the heavens came along as the bolt of Heavenly Tribulation descended from the sky, before the white-colored lightning bolt that was more than 20 meters(65ft) long and as thick as an adult man ’s waist, instantly appeared in front of Jiang Tianfang.

Clearly, the protective formations around the ’Southern dragon ’s courtyard ’ that could easily block even the combined attacks of hundreds of peak rank 9 Dao Emperors were completely unable to stop this bolt of Heavenly Tribulation, as it entered the courtyard and headed directly towards Jiang Tianfang ’s dantian.

A moment later, Shun Long, the Northern Sovereign, and the others, all saw a white-colored lightning bolt piercing through Jiang Tianfang ’s abdomen and causing him to vomit a mouthful of blood, before the early rank 9 Dao Emperor let out a painful groan.

And yet, Jiang Tianfang suppressed his pain and focused his entire attention on the scene that was taking place inside his dantian.

The wisps of corrosive energy that had already fused with his dantian seemed to have found their nemesis, as they were being completely destroyed by the white-colored bolt of Heavenly Tribulation inside his dantian.

Jiang Tianfang could clearly sense that the bolt of Heavenly Tribulation wasn ’t just attacking the wisps of corrosive energy inside him that were left by the Elder of the Yu family, but it was completely wreaking havoc inside his dantian.

However, Jiang Tianfang could also sense that the protective layer that was formed by the ’Heavenly purity pill ’ was still holding on without any signs of breaking, protecting his dantian from receiving any harm and allowing the bolt of Heavenly Tribulation to only strike those wisps of corrosive energy inside him. 

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