The silver page seemed as if it had automatically found its target, as it headed towards the roc ’s spine.

As soon as it touched the roc though, it didn ’t pierce a hole in its body like Shun Long had expected.
Instead, it looked as if this silver-white page had turned into something intangible after leaving Shun Long ’s hand, as it buried itself deep within the silver winged roc ’s body.


The roc cried out in agony after that silver-white page had entered its body.
Letting out cries of indescribable pain it didn ’t have any strength to keep attacking little Black as it immediately collapsed to the ground.

The black dragon, whose body had suffered terribly after the roc ’s onslaught, was still lying on the ground as well, when he saw Shun Long approaching him.
Little Black tried to stand up but the wounds he had suffered were just too heavy. 

Shun Long patted the dragon ’s head while his eyes had started to redden seeing the condition he was in after fighting the roc.

Cuts were present all over his body, while blood was flowing from his mouth.
Shun Long was also certain that even some of his internal organs were damaged, before he sent little Black inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

After handing a purple fruit with red lines on it to little Black, along with 2 pieces of ’blood lotus ’, Shun Long said

’ ’Directly eat this rank 2 ’purple fire fruit ’ as well as these 2 pieces of ’blood lotus ’.
They will stop your injuries, while I will make sure to refine a pill for you in a bit. ’ ’

Shun Long had picked this rank 2 ’purple fire fruit ’ from the lush forest earlier along with a dozen more rank 2 medicinal herbs.

He had also gathered the seeds from every fruit that he had obtained so far including the rank 3 ’Profound earth fruit ’, and had planted them all inside the ’Stone of Time ’.
Although they hadn ’t matured yet as Shun Long hadn ’t found the time to enhance their growth speed, it was only a matter of time until they did.

Little Black seemed to be smiling as he instantly swallowed the ’purple fire fruit ’ as well as the pieces of the rank 2 ’blood lotus ’.

Although his strength was enough to match a middle rank 4 magic beast and rank 2 medicinal herbs shouldn ’t be of much use to him, the ’purple fire fruit ’s effects when combined with the ’blood lotus ’ were enough to stop his injuries until Shun Long refined a medicinal pill for him.

After handing the rank 2 herbs to little Black, Shun Long turned his eyes to look at the silver winged roc on that was still wreathing in pain on the ground.

Half an hour later, the roc ’s cries had started to weaken as its struggle started to lessen. 

At the same time, Shun Long could feel that his connection with the silver-white page was becoming thinner by the second, and after an hour, at the same time as the roc stopped moving the silver-white page had completely disintegrated inside its body.

From the first time that this silver page had appeared inside his spiritual space, back in the ’Alchemist ’s Guild ’, Shun Long had instantly understood its use.
It was a killing weapon that was meant to save his life once. 

The 9m(30ft) roc ’s body was now sprawled on the ground.
Its red eyes that were still open had now completely lost their l.u.s.ter as its body didn ’t have the slightest trace of life in it anymore.

Seeing the dead silver winged roc in front of him, Shun Long touched its body without hesitation as he put it inside the ’Stone of Time ’.
Then he completely turned his attention to the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ that was buried at the heart of the mountain.

The biggest challenge was about to start now.

The moment that Shun Long removed the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ from the central mountain, he expected pandemonium to take place in the central region. 

As soon as the magic beasts here noticed the absence of the ’silver winged roc ’ as well as the disappearance of the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’, all of them would definitely rush to the central mountain.

And now that little Black was hurt and couldn ’t fly, if even a middle rank 2 magic beast noticed Shun Long, he would be in danger.

’ ’Since it ’s only a matter of time before the rank 4 beasts notice that the ’silver winged roc ’ has disappeared, there is no reason to hesitate.
After all I can ’t leave such a treasure here in the first place. ’ ’

Hearing Shun Long mumbling to himself, little Black nodded his head as he agreed with him

’ ’That ’s right master, the magic beasts here have taken enough advantage of this ’Heaven swallowing vine ’.
I ’m actually curious as to how no high-level expert has noticed this place yet. ’ ’ 

Shun Long nodded his head at little Black ’s words as he moved his hand towards the huge vine.

As his hand came in contact with the green body of the vine, Shun Long felt an immense repelling force the moment he tried to put the vine inside the ’Stone of Time ’.
After all, although the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ wasn ’t alive, it had its own spirit and understood that Shun Long was trying to store it inside a spiritual space. 

The ’Heaven swallowing vine ’ burst forth with a blindingly bright green light that forced Shun Long to close his eyes.

However, just as the vine ’s spirit started to resist, the ’Stone of Time ’ also reacted, as it emitted an even stronger blue light that completely suppressed the ’Heaven swallowing vine ’.

The 10m(33ft) vine was instantly absorbed inside the ’Stone of Time ’, but before Shun Long had any time to rejoice and check his spoils, little Black ’s voice sounded inside his head as he said

’ ’Master, I can sense a lot of magic beasts moving from the forest on our east, and they are all coming towards our direction ’ ’

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