’ ’You little brats, stop joking! ’ ’

After a few moments of silence, these were the only words that could come out of Jiang Tianfang ’s mouth as he stared at Shun Long and Jiang Chen.

It wasn ’t that Jiang Tianfang didn ’t trust Shun Long or Jiang Chen, but the uncertainties in this matter were simply far too many.

Putting aside whether Shun Long could even find an earth flame to absorb if he wanted to refine a ’Heavenly purity pill ’, and how long the absorption process would actually take, it was simply unprecedented throughout the entire central region for an early rank 3 Dao King to refine even peak rank 3 gold-grade pills, let alone star-rank ones.

However, Jiang Chen didn ’t seem to have paid the slightest bit of attention to his father ’s shout, as his gaze was completely focused on Shun Long.

After taking a deep breath to calm himself down Jiang Chen then asked solemnly

’ ’Brother…
how certain are you that you can succeed? ’ ’

The look on Shun Long ’s face turned serious as he fell silent for a few moments, before he raised his hand and stretched out 4 of his 5 fingers a moment later, before he said seriously

’ ’Since I just finished absorbing the earth flame, I ’m not as accustomed to it just yet, so there should be around a 40 percent chance for it to be a top-grade pill and a 60 percent chance that it will just be a high-grade one. ’ ’

Although Shun Long was confident that he could successfully refine the ’Heavenly purity pill ’ without any issues, it was still the first time he was refining it, so the chances of the pill turning to be a top-grade one truly didn ’t exceed 40 percent.

Jiang Chen heaved out a sigh of relief when he heard this, and after a moment of thinking he asked

’ ’Is a high-grade pill going to be enough to fully heal my father or does it need to be a top-grade pill? ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head and said calmly

’ ’Don ’t worry, even a low-grade pill is enough. 

But since low-grade pills are filled with pill toxins, it would take him at least a hundred years to expel the pill toxins from his body and be able to use his previous strength again.

As for middle-grade pills, the pill toxins inside aren ’t as concentrated, and after 10 years at most, uncle Jiang should be able to fully utilize his cultivation base without any issues.

As for high-grade and top-grade pills, not only will they allow him to recover almost instantly, but they will even help his cultivation base to advance after he fully absorbs the pill. ’ ’

Jiang Tianfang was flabbergasted after he heard Shun Long ’s and Jiang Chen ’s conversation as he was completely unable to believe his ears.

After a few moments of silence, Jiang Tianfang could no longer restrain himself as he looked at Shun Long and asked in an incredulous voice

’ ’Nephew Shun…  are you serious? Can you really refine the ’Heavenly purity pill ’? …Don ’t you need to be a star-rank alchemist to do it? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at Jiang Tianfang and waved his hand, before a purple-colored earth flame appeared on his palm in the next moment.

Unlike how it had behaved the first time that it had entered his spiritual sea, the purple-colored earth flame was now much more docile in front of Shun Long, without showing any sign that it was about to go out of control.

The moment that Jiang Tianfang ’s eyes landed on this earth flame, his expression suddenly froze, before a look of disbelief covered his face soon after.

’ ’Isn ’t this the earth flame that Murong Tian got from the auction of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ back in Murong city? ’ ’

Jiang Tianfang couldn ’t restrain himself from asking this question while his eyes were completely focused on the purple-colored earth flame in Shun Long ’s hands.

With just a glance, Jiang Tianfang could see that Shun Long had perfect control over the earth flame in front of him, as if it was an extension of his own body instead.

’ ’Uncle Jiang is right.
I actually got this earth flame from Murong Tian.
However, not many people know that I possess an earth flame so I hope that you can keep this a secret. ’ ’

Although Jiang Tianfang hadn ’t heard of the news regarding Murong Tian ’s death just yet since he had left Murong city immediately after the auction had ended, a frightening thought appeared in his mind when he guessed of how Shun Long must have gotten his hands on this earth flame.

Of course, whether Shun Long had actually tricked or harmed Murong Tian to steal this earth flame didn ’t matter in the slightest to Jiang Tianfang.

After all, Jiang Tianfang didn ’t have any connection with Murong Tian or the Murong family, and even if he did, in Jiang Tianfang ’s heart, the entire Murong family still wouldn ’t be able to compare to a single Shun Long in terms of importance.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Tianfang raised his hand and pointed it towards the sky, before he said in a solemn manner

’ ’Nephew Shun, I, Jiang Tianfang, swear in my Dao of the Saber, that if I ever betray or reveal your secrets, my soul may then be slashed in a million pieces! ’ ’

Bai Longtian and the others were all taken aback by Jiang Tianfang ’s sudden oath, but a moment later, they seemed to have guessed why he did that.

Even though Jiang Tianfang was Jiang Chen ’s own father, an earth flame was still an extremely valuable treasure that countless experts would covet, so Jiang Tianfang wanted to make his stance clear, and the best way to do so was to swear a Dao oath.

At the same time, although his oath sounded extremely cruel to himself, it actually didn ’t matter much to Jiang Tianfang, since he wasn ’t planning on going back on it in the first place.

After all, although earth flames were rare treasures that even powerful Sovereign realm experts would fight each other for, even the value of 10 earth flames couldn ’t possibly compare to a single ’Heavenly purity pill ’ in Jiang Tianfang ’s eyes.

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