It was no wonder that Shun Long would be surprised when he heard that an earthquake had actually managed to shake the entire ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ since he had already seen the protective formations around the city walls when he first entered the city along with the Northern Sovereign. 

Forget about a normal earthquake…
even the attack of a peak rank 8 magic beast at the same level as the Northern Sovereign would find it difficult to shake the city to the extent that it would cause an earthquake.

Bai Longtian nodded his head and began to explain everything that had happened during the past few months, including the earthquake that was caused by the ’City of Immortals ’ opening, the Grand Elder ’s visit, Xingyi cutting off relations with her master, and even the Northern Sovereign ’s visit, as well as Jiang Tianfang ’s own guess about the Northern Sovereign coveting their cultivation techniques.

Staring at Jiang Tianfang who was still sitting on the ground a few meters away from him, Shun Long cupped his hands towards him and said seriously

’ ’Uncle Jiang, thank you for saving Xingyi. ’ ’

Jiang Tianfang shook his hand in a dismissive manner and said

’ ’You little brat, there is no need for you to thank me.
Putting aside how much I owe you for helping me expel the poison inside my dantian, why would I even let that old hag from the Holy sect bully your little wife in the first place? Hmph, after I recover my strength, only a few Dao Emperors at the same level as Kang Wen will be enough to threaten me.

As for that old hag, I can already kill her with a single slap if I want to.
Unfortunately, with Kang Wen by her side, even if I wanted to kill her, I doubt that he would let me do so. ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long didn ’t say anything else and simply cupped his hands towards Jiang Tianfang, before he put this matter into the back of his mind.

No matter what, Mao Jing trying to cripple Xingyi wasn ’t something that Shun Long and the others would tolerate.

This was a debt that had to be paid back in the future, regardless of whether Mao Jing was an inner court Elder of the Holy sect or not.

A moment later, Jiang Chen stared at Shun Long and said seriously

’ ’Brother, since you are out, should we leave for the ’City of Immortals ’ as well? Half a year has already passed since that place opened, and we are probably far behind everyone else already. ’ ’

Since Shun Long had already decided to enter the ’City of Immortals ’, it was better for them to leave right away, since they were already half a year ’s time behind everyone else.

After all, they didn ’t know what they were going to find in the ’City of Immortals ’, or what that place even was in the first place.

Shun Long looked at Jiang Chen, Liu Mei, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, and noticed the eager looks on their faces, as they were all ready to leave the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ and were simply waiting for his answer.

To their surprise however, Shun Long actually shook his head and said calmly

’ ’Before that, there is something else that needs to be done first. ’ ’

After he finished speaking, Shun Long turned his gaze towards Jiang Tianfang and said with a smile

’ ’Uncle Jiang, please give me the ’Golden light flower ’. ’ ’

Jiang Tianfang was stunned momentarily, but he still waved his hand and took out a small jade box from his spatial ring, as he handed it to Shun Long without asking anything.

Although he didn ’t know why Shun Long wanted to take a look at the flower, Jiang Tianfang still trusted him enough to give it to him without any questions.

At the same time however, an excited look appeared in Jiang Chen ’s eyes as he stared at Shun Long, before he asked seriously

’ ’Brother, don ’t tell me that you can now refine that pill?! ’ ’

Although Shun Long had already told Jiang Chen and the others that he would be able to refine star-rank pills after reaching the peak of rank 3 in the Dao King realm, Jiang Chen also remembered that Shun Long had mentioned how exceedingly difficult it was, even for star-rank alchemists to refine a ’Heavenly purity pill ’.

This was why, even though Jiang Chen could sense that Shun Long was now a peak rank 3 Dao King, and was clearly just a step away from breaking through to the middle-stages of the Dao King realm, he still didn ’t dare to ask him whether he could refine that pill unless Shun Long mentioned it by himself.

At the same time, Jiang Tianfang was about to berate Jiang Chen for asking such a foolish question when Shun Long was clearly just a peak rank 3 Dao King and had yet to even become a Dao Emperor just yet.

After all, to become a star-rank alchemist, one not only needed to have studied alchemy for thousands of years and be familiar with countless pills and medicinal herbs, but they also needed for their spiritual strength to be at the level as that of a peak rank 6 Dao Emperor!

Regardless of how talented of a cultivation monster Shun Long was, in Jiang Tianfang ’s eyes, it was impossible for his spiritual strength to be at the same level as that of a peak rank 6 Dao Emperor when he was still just a peak rank 3 Dao King.

Forget about becoming a star-rank alchemist, with Shun Long ’s current cultivation base, even being a peak rank 3 gold grade one should be impossible right now.

Even if Shun Long was actually an alchemy genius, Jiang Tianfang guessed that he should at most be able to refine some peak rank 2 gold-grade pills.

Naturally, this was the limitation posed by his one ’s own cultivation base and it wasn ’t something that could be surpassed, regardless of how gifted a person was.

However, before Jiang Tianfang had enough time to berate Jiang Chen, Shun Long actually nodded his head and said calmly

’ ’Right..
I should be able to refine a ’Heavenly purity pill ’ by now. ’ ’

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