The Northern Sovereign soon learned about Jiang Tianfang ’s arrival from Quan Lin and that he was also staying in Shun Long ’s and the others ’ courtyard, but such an event was of no actual importance to her.

Although Jiang Tianfang was a genius who had been close to the peak of the Dao Emperor realm in the past, he was still not much in the eyes of the Northern Sovereign.

This was even more so after he had been seriously injured by the Elder of the Yu family and he was exiled by his own Jiang clan.  Even if Jiang Tianfang had somehow managed to recover a part of his own strength, he was nothing more than a late-stage Dao Emperor. 

In the Northern Sovereign ’s eyes, he wasn ’t even comparable to her 12 commanders, let alone a Sovereign realm expert.

Like this, a month continued to pass while Shun Long was still in seclusion, before the entire ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’ suddenly began to tremble.

This tremor was extremely violent and abrupt, similar to a powerful magic beast suddenly going berserk, surprising not just Liu Mei and the others, but even Jiang Tianfang who was sitting in the courtyard with his eyes closed, as he suddenly snapped them open.

’ ’What ’s going on? ’ ’

The same question appeared in everyone ’s minds, as Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian immediately rushed out of their own rooms when they sensed this tremor, while Liu Mei and Xingyi appeared in the courtyard nearly at the same time as them, as they all turned their attention towards the courtyard ’s gates soon after.

However, there was clearly no one in front of the gates attacking their courtyard.

And yet, this tremor didn ’t seem to die down even a few moments later, and it was clearly becoming even more intense with every passing second, completely baffling Jiang Chen and the others.

’ ’Father, what ’s going on? ’ ’ Jiang Chen turned his attention towards Jiang Tianfang and asked curiously.

Liu Mei and the others also turned their gazes towards Jiang Tianfang as they waited for his answer.

However, Jiang Tianfang merely shook his head with a serious look in his eyes before he said

’ ’I don ’t know either.
However, it seems that the entire ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ is affected by this, not just your courtyard. ’ ’

As a powerful early rank 9 Dao Emperor, Jiang Tianfang could naturally cover a large part of the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ with his soul sense, and he could clearly sense that there were millions of people who were also alarmed by this tremor that had affected the entire city.

Even an expert at Jiang Tianfang ’s level was actually unable to understand what was going on!

What type of earthquake could possibly affect a behemoth like the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ to the extent that the entire city would start to tremble?  Even if a peak rank 8 magic beast that was similar to a peak rank 9 Sovereign realm expert attacked the city, it still wouldn ’t be able to cause the entire city to tremble like this!

The earthquake continued for more than 10 minutes, spreading utter chaos throughout the entire city before it started to finally die down.

A few moments later, at the same time that the earthquake had stopped, the figure of a tall old man dressed in white robes appeared outside of the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’, right next to commander Quan Lin, while another old man and an old woman who were also dressed in white robes were also following behind them.

Liu Mei and the others immediately recognized the 3 people outside the courtyard who were standing next to commander Quan, as Liu Mei opened the gates of the courtyard and said in a respectful manner

’ ’Greetings Grand Elder! ’ ’

Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian cupped their hands and bowed slightly as well, as they greeted the Grand Elder, before their eyes moved towards the 2 Elders who were following behind him.

The old man behind the Grand Elder was the same inner court Elder who had been responsible for the Martial Roll of Honor tournament, Elder Sun Wen, while the old woman next to him was no one other but Xingyi ’s own master, Elder Mao Jing.

The Grand Elder nodded his head with a bright smile on his face when he saw Liu Mei and the others, but the moment he sensed their cultivation bases, his smile was suddenly frozen stiff before an expression of disbelief replaced it soon after.

’ ’You…
what is going on? How…
how is this possible? ’ ’

It wasn ’t just the Grand Elder who was stunned, as Elder Sun Wen and Elder Mao Jing were similarly frozen stiff, as they were unable to believe the scene in front of their eyes.

It seemed that the 3 Elders of the Holy sect had even failed to notice Jiang Tianfang ’s presence within the courtyard, as their entire attention was placed on Liu Mei ’s and the others ’ current cultivation bases.

The only ones who weren ’t surprised were Jiang Tianfang and commander Quan who already knew about this long ago.

After all, Jiang Tianfang stayed within the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’ and he had already learned that Jiang Chen and the others were all training in immortal-grade cultivation techniques, while commander Quan interacted with Liu Mei and the others quite often since Liu Mei had already left the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ more than 3 times in the last 6 months.

Clearly, every time that Liu Mei returned back to the city, her cultivation base would experience a huge increase, and Quan Lin would hear all about it from the experts who escorted her.

Originally, the squad of experts who escorted Liu Mei had seen their mission as nothing more but child ’s play, but after they noticed Liu Mei ’s cultivation speed that increased rapidly every time, they realized that the person they were protecting was actually a terrifying monster.

Of course, it was no surprise that the Grand Elder and the others would be stunned and would have trouble accepting the scene in front of them.

After all, the current Liu Mei ’s cultivation base was nothing like it was in the past and had already reached the peak of rank 4 in the Dao King realm, while Jiang Chen, Bai Longtian, and Xingyi were all at the peak of rank in the Dao King realm as well.

’ ’Didn ’t they just breakthrough to the Dao King realm half a year ago? How is it possible for their cultivation bases to advance like this? ’ ’ Elder Sun Wen mumbled in disbelief as he stared at the 4 young people in front of him.

Even the strongest outer court disciples in the Holy sect couldn ’t hold a candle to Liu Mei and the others.

In fact, other than the person who was currently ranked 2nd in the Martial Roll of Honor rankings, Qiao Min, there was no one else who had a higher cultivation base than Liu Mei in the entire outer court of the Holy sect.

Even Jiang Chen, Xingyi, and Bai Longtian, could probably be ranked in the top 10 of the Martial Roll of Honor right now!

At the same time, Elder Mao Jing was similarly surprised, but apart from surprise, a look of excitement could also be seen in her eyes as she stared at the kingdom-toppling beauty next to Liu Mei.

Since Xingyi was her own disciple, Elder Mao Jing was naturally exhilarated to see her advance so quickly.

’ ’Eh? Jiang Tianfang? ’ ’

It was only a few moments after that, that the Grand Elder had finally snapped out of his daze and noticed that Jiang Tianfang was also present in the courtyard.

Jiang Tianfang nodded his head and cupped his hands at the Grand Elder before he said with a smile

’ ’Greetings, senior Kang! ’ ’

Sun Wen and Mao Jing were also surprised to see Jiang Tianfang present, but a few moments later, they turned their gazes towards Jiang Chen and realized what was going on.

After all, it wasn ’t a secret that Jiang Chen was the son of the previous number 1 genius of the Jiang clan, and the inner court Elders of the Holy sect already knew about this.

If Jiang Tianfang hadn ’t been exiled by the Jiang clan, Jiang Chen would have definitely been nurtured by the Jiang clan with all they had, in hopes that he could reach similar or even greater heights than his father.

The Grand Elder nodded his head in greeting towards Jiang Tianfang, before he turned his attention towards Liu Mei and the others and said with an amiable smile

’ ’You brats…
I don ’t know how you managed to advance in your cultivation so quickly, but I am very happy regardless.
Even I hadn ’t expected you to reach the peak of rank 3 in the Dao King realm before the City of Immortals opened! ’ ’ The Grand Elder then turned to look at his surroundings before he continued

’ ’Call out Shun Long.
I ’ve come to take you all to the City of Immortals! ’ ’

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