A few hours later, Shun Long was lying on top of the bed with Liu Mei ’s and Xingyi ’s naked bodies on his left and right respectively.

After staring at the blissful smiles on the 2 peerlessly beautiful girls ’ faces, Shun Long slowly sat up and waved his hand, as he took out a silver-colored guqin from the foggy space of the ’Stone of Time ’.

’ ’Brother Long, are you going to play the guqin? ’ ’ Xingyi asked with an excited voice when she saw that Shun Long had actually taken out the silverbark guqin.

Xingyi wasn ’t the one who was excited as a smile had also appeared on Liu Mei ’s face when she saw this scene.

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at Liu Mei and Xingyi and said smilingly

’ ’It ’s been a while since I played the guqin and it ’s about time to suppress the negative effects of Mei ’er ’s ’Blood Absorption art ’ as well. ’ ’

Shun Long knew that in these past 2 months that he had gone to Murong city, Liu Mei must have probably gone all-out to have reached the peak of rank 3 in the Dao King realm so quickly, which also meant that the negative effects of the ’Blood Absorption art ’ could truly affect her once she attempted to breakthrough to the middle stages of the Dao King realm.

A look filled with adoration appeared in Liu Mei ’s soul-stirring black eyes as she stared at Shun Long ’s back, while Xingyi nodded her head smilingly.

Without any hesitation, Shun Long closed his eyes and placed his hands on the silverbark guqin in front of him, before he gently pulled the first string.


The moment that the string was released both Liu Mei ’s and Xingyi ’s bodies trembled, as a heavenly note entered their ears soon after.

It was just a single note that couldn ’t seem any more ordinary, and yet it had made 2 Dao Kings like Xingyi and Liu Mei both shiver, before their bodies involuntarily relaxed a moment later, as the 2 of them closed their eyes.



A second and a third note quickly followed, as the sound of the music filled the room shortly after.

It wasn ’t just Liu Mei and Xingyi who were entranced by the sound of the guqin, as Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian who were inside their own rooms seemed to have also been affected by it.
It was as if the protective formations inside their rooms were completely powerless in front of Shun Long ’s guqin, as Jiang Chen and Bai Longtian both shivered before they too closed their eyes soon after.

The entire ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’ was soon filled with nothing else but the sound of the guqin, as Shun Long ’s fingers continuously plucked the guqin ’s strings for more than an hour until he finally stopped.

A few moments later, Shun Long finally opened his eyes and took a look at Liu Mei and Xingyi who seemed to still be in a trance as they sat on the bed with their eyes closed, before a smile gradually formed itself on his lips.

Closing his eyes, he then imagined himself entering the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ before his body disappeared from the room.

Inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long first took a deep breath, before he turned his attention towards the purple-colored earth flame that was floating just a few meters away from him.

Although he was at the peak of the fifth stage in the ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ and could even destroy a peak rank 5 magic beast with a single punch, even Shun Long was feeling some discomfort when he was this close to the earth flame.

A moment later, Shun Long waves his hand and placed the earth flame in an isolated spot a few tens of meters away from him, before he summoned the ’Heaven Swallowing vine ’ from the herb garden.

Surprisingly, the moment that the ’Heaven Swallowing vine ’ sensed the existence of the purple-colored earth flame, it even ignored the mountain of high-grade spirit stones around Shun Long, as it consciously moved towards the earth flame instead.

Shun Long ’s face changed when he saw this scene, as he hurriedly stretched out his hand and pulled the enormous vine back, before he said in a serious voice that was akin to berating a naughty child

’ ’Come back here! You can forget about that! ’ ’

At the same time, Little Black watched with an amused look in his deep azure eyes, as the enormous vine struggled to break free from Shun Long ’s grasp and head towards the earth flame that was floating peacefully a few meters away from it.

A few moments later, Shun Long finally shook his head and waved his hand, before he placed the earth flame inside the herb garden, and it was only then that the ’Heaven Swallowing vine ’ finally stopped struggling.

Of course, Shun Long knew that the ’Heaven Swallowing vine ’ wasn ’t a living entity, but instead, it was a heavenly treasure that was gradually developing some intelligence as time went by.

The vine could absorb almost every type of energy that it came in contact with, and it could clearly sense that the quality of the earth flame was much more ’appetizing ’ to it than even the high-grade spirit stones around Shun Long.

But of course, Shun Long wouldn ’t allow it to absorb this earth flame under any circumstances.

After all, this earth flame was simply too important for him right now.

A few moments later, the Heaven Swallowing vine started to devour tens of high-grade spirit stones from the mountain around Shun Long, before it begun to fill the air inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ with pure qi.

Without a doubt, the qi that the ’Heaven Swallowing vine ’ produced after it absorbed high-grade spirit stones was even purer and more concentrated than the qi inside the Northern Sovereign ’s courtyard.

Closing his eyes, Shun Long immediately circulated the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ as he absorbed the pure qi around him, before he began to condense the 13th ball of qi in his hands.

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