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The more details that they heard, the more astonished Xingyi and the others became when they heard about what Shun Long had experienced in these past 2 months.

Even Liu Mei who knew that Shun Long had Little Black with him, felt that the situations he had been in this time were truly too dangerous.

At this point, Jiang Chen and the others started to become even more curious about Shun Long ’s new ability, since they all understood that he only dared to act like this because he had absolute confidence that even peak Dao Emperors couldn ’t kill him.

A few moments later, Jiang Chen stood up and said

’ ’Brother, since there are only 4 months until the ’City of Immortals ’ opens, I am going to enter seclusion and see if I can breakthrough to the middle stages of the Dao King realm during this time. ’ ’

As he finished speaking, Jiang Chen stared at Shun Long with a determined look in his eyes, before he turned to look at Xingyi, Bai Longtian, and Liu Mei in front of him, as he then left the room.

Jiang Chen knew that right now, it was almost certain that Liu Mei would manage to breakthrough to the middle stages of the Dao King realm since she was already a peak rank 3 Dao King.

Perhaps she would even be able to reach the peak of rank 4 or even the early rank 5 of the Dao King realm if she was lucky.

However, in the ’City of Immortals ’ where the biggest geniuses of the central region were going to enter, an early stage Dao King would be equivalent to cannon-fodder while even middle-stage Dao Kings wouldn ’t amount to much.

Thus, he had to do his best and raise his cultivation as much as possible in the next 4 months.

Naturally, Bai Longtian wasn ’t willing to fall behind either, as he cupped his hands at Shun Long and said calmly

’ ’Brother Shun, sister Liu, sister Xie, I will see you all again in 4 months. ’ ’

Bai Longtian then returned to his own room, as he was planning to enter seclusion as well, leaving behind just Shun Long, Liu Mei, and Xingyi inside the room.

A brilliant smile appeared on Liu Mei ’s face when she saw that she was left inside the room with just Shun Long, as well as Xingyi, while Xingyi herself could feel her heart beating even faster than before.

Shun Long smiled and stood up as he removed his light-blue robes and said

’ ’I am going to take a shower first. ’ ’

Staring at Shun Long ’s naked body that was refined by his ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ countless times, both Liu Mei and Xingyi could feel their faces heating up, before Liu Mei was the first one to stand up, as she removed her yellow robes and said

’ ’Long-ge, let me join you.
It ’s been a while since we bathed together. ’ ’

Shun Long looked at Liu Mei ’s perfect body in front of him for a few moments, before he took a few steps forward, standing right behind Liu Mei who was still wearing her undergarments, as he removed them and said

’ ’Let ’s go together then. ’ ’

Shun Long then looked at Xingyi who was standing a few meters away from him and smiled, before he sweeped Liu Mei off her feet, carrying her like a princess towards the shower.

Staring at Shun Long ’s naked back, Xingyi had a shy look on her face as she removed her own robes, revealing her flawless body as well, before she followed after Shun Long and Liu Mei, while regretting that Liu Mei had been bolder than her and had made the first move.

Inside the shower, Shun Long could feel Liu Mei ’s supple, perfect breasts on his right as they rubbed on his arm and chest, while her lower body rubbed on his thigh, while at the same time, Xingyi was also rubbing her full, round breasts on his back.

Staring at Liu Mei ’s peerlessly beautiful face that was filled with clear desire in her beautiful black eyes, Shun Long could barely contain himself anymore.

At the same time, Xingyi had already hugged him from behind, letting him feel the sensation of her breasts even more clearly, while her right hand had moved to her own private place, as she tried hard to quench the heat she was feeling.

Feeling that the long dragon between his legs was fully erect, Shun Long placed his hand son Liu Mei ’s supple waist, as he turned her around and pushed her against the wall.

Sensing the wetness on his leg, Shun Long knew that Liu Mei was also ready, as he first rubbed his dragon between her supple butt cheeks, before he placed it right in front of her secret entrance that was even wetter than before.

Shun Long slowly pushed himself forward this time, as he could clearly feel Liu Mei ’s warm insides around his lower body, hugging tightly his little brother.

At the same time, Liu Mei was unable to contain the moans that escaped her mouth, making Xingyi feel even more jealous and unable to control herself.

Taking a few steps forward, Xingyi stood right next to Liu Mei and in front of Shun Long, before she pulled herself closer to him and gave him a passionate kiss.

Seeing the look of desire in Xingyi ’s stunning emerald eyes, Shun Long kissed her back without any hesitation, while his hands roaves around her full, round breasts and her already erect nipples.

At the same time, Shun Long ’s lower body kept moving as well, as Liu Mei ’s and Xingyi ’s muffled moans filled the room.

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