Shun Long was momentarily stunned when he heard Jiang Chen ’s response, but a moment later, he immediately understood what Jiang Chen was thinking.

Considering how rare a peak 2-star armor was, it was obvious that Jiang Chen would rather give it to Shun Long than use it himself.

However, Shun Long simply shook his head and pushed the armor towards Jiang Chen for the second time before he continued

’ ’Don ’t worry.
If this armor was useful to me, I would have kept it already.
If you truly consider me a brother, stop refusing and just take it. ’ ’

Jiang Chen stared at Shun Long seriously for a few moments before he nodded his head and accepted the bronze armor.

It wasn ’t just Jiang Chen, but Xingyi, Liu Mei, and Bai Longtian who all understood that Shun Long was right and that this armor was greatly suited for Jiang Chen.

After all, even if the armor slightly hindered his speed when he activated the Dao of Earth inside it, Jiang Chen ’s defensive abilities would also increase by many times thanks to it.

When this armor was paired with his ’Kingdom of Darkness ’, Jiang Chen would be almost invincible against other cultivators at the same level.

At the very least, the number of people who could hurt him would only be some monstrous geniuses who had comprehended extremely powerful offensive Daos, or those who had a peak 2-star weapon.

’ ’Long-ge, are you going to see the Northern Sovereign? ’ ’ Liu Mei asked a moment later, when she saw that Shun Long seemed to be pondering over something.

Nodding his head, Shun Long looked at her and the others and said calmly

’ ’Since everyone is here, let ’s go together. ’ ’

A few moments later, Shun Long, Xingyi, and the others all left the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’ as they headed for the Northern Sovereign ’s courtyard.

Their group didn ’t even have to ask anyone for directions since there were 4 large courtyards at the heart of the ’Northern Sovereign ’s estate ’, all of them adjacent to each other.

Those 4 courtyards were, the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’, the ’Northern Dragon ’s courtyard ’, the ’Eastern Dragon ’s courtyard, and the ’Western Dragon ’s courtyard ’.

As for the Northern Sovereign herself, she was naturally staying in the ’Northern Dragon ’s courtyard ’.

Normally, even the Sovereign realm experts under the Northern Sovereign weren ’t allowed to stay in any of these courtyards.

After all, other than the ’Northern Dragon ’s courtyard ’ that belonged exclusively to the Northern Sovereign, the other 3 courtyards were reserved for the most important guests of the Northern Sovereign who came to visit her estate.

For the Northern Sovereign to allow Shun Long and his group to stay within the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’ for so long, it was obvious how much she valued Shun Long.

A few minutes later, Shun Long ’s group of 5 arrived in front of the entrance of the ’Northern Dragon ’s courtyard ’, before Shun Long placed his hand on the restrictive formations outside the courtyard.

Naturally, this action was done to alert whoever held the token of the courtyard that someone had come to visit.

After waiting for nearly a minute, the gates of the courtyard suddenly opened, before the Northern Sovereign ’s voice drifted in the air, as it entered Shun Long ’s and the rest ’s ears

’ ’Come in. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head and entered the ’Northern Sovereign ’s courtyard ’ along with Liu Mei and the others, before a wave of extremely pure qi suddenly assaulted his senses.

Liu Mei and the others were also stunned momentarily, as they turned their attention towards the large building in the center of the courtyard that was surrounded by large amounts of extremely dense and pure qi.

It was obvious that the qi in this courtyard was even purer and more concentrated than the qi inside the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’.

However, Shun Long wasn ’t surprised by this, as he kept walking towards the large building in the distance without stop.

After all, it would be surprising if the Northern Sovereign ’s own courtyard didn ’t have the purest qi in the first place.

Moments later, their group arrived in front of the massive building at the center of the courtyard, before the doors of the building suddenly opened by themselves, as the enchanting figure of the silver-robed Northern Sovereign appeared in Shun Long ’s and the rest ’s eyes.

The Northern Sovereign had an amiable smile on her face as soon as she saw Shun Long, but a moment later, her gaze suddenly froze, as it immediately focused on Liu Mei and the others by Shun Long ’s side.

After a moment of silence, the Northern Sovereign looked at Liu Mei and asked in an incredulous voice

’ ’You…
you are already a peak rank 3 Dao King? How is this possible? It has only been 2 months! ’ ’ The Northern Sovereign had a look of disbelief on her face as she stared at Liu Mei in front of her, almost as if she was looking at a monster.

Indeed, in these last 2 months that Liu Mei had left the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’, she had actually managed to become a peak rank 3 Dao King and was only a step away from entering the middle stages of the Dao King realm.

Of course, it wasn ’t surprising that the ’Northern Sovereign would be stunned by this.

After all, even the strongest genius of the Holy sect, Yang Hui, had only managed to reach the middle-stages of the Dao King realm when he was 70 years old, while the person ranked 2nd in the Martial Roll of Honor, Qiao Min was 40 years old when she became an early rank 4 Dao King, and she had only managed to do so thanks to her ’Blackwater unique physique ’ that increased her cultivation speed.

After all, the Northern Sovereign had a good relationship with the Grand Elder and she knew that those geniuses had taken at least a couple of years, if not tens of them to become peak rank 3 Dao Kings.

As for this young woman in front of her, the Northern Sovereign couldn ’t understand how she can possibly be a peak rank 3 Dao King after merely 2 months of cultivation?

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