Staring at the body of the ’Wind wyrm ’ in front of him, Little Black swung his black claw with a merciless look in his eyes, before he finally took the wyrm ’s life.

Although Little Black was usually warm and cheerful, that was only when he was in front of Shun Long.

Whether it was in front of other humans or magic beasts, the ferocious nature of a dragon would always show itself.

It was the same for the ’Wind wyrm ’.

After all, it was unknown how many humans and magic beasts it had slaughtered inside this ’Wind dragon ’s forest ’, but the number was definitely in the tens of thousands.

Even the Grand Elder and the disciples of the Holy sect had barely managed to escape with their lives the last time they were in this place.

Although it wasn ’t a real dragon, the wyrm had always considered itself an apex predator in this central region, that very few magic beasts could possibly rival.

Other than magic beasts at the rank 8 or above, no other beasts could possibly pose a threat to it.

Even if it faced other peak rank 7 magic beasts like the ’Hellfire crow ’, the wyrm was still confident in its ability to kill them.  Unfortunately, the bloodline of a pure dragon wasn ’t something that it could possibly resist, which was why it had lost its life today.

Little Black had a cold look in his eyes as he stared at the massive, lifeless body of the ’Wind wyrm ’ in front of him, before he turned his attention towards the Bloodline awakening pond a few meters away from him.

Other than some ripples on the pond ’s surface, the green water seemed incredibly tranquil, giving off a relaxing sensation.

After a moment of silence, Little Black shook his head and said

’ ’Master, although this Bloodline awakening pond is useless to me and master, since my bloodline is already in its purest state, it is still a rare treasure nevertheless.
It would be a waste to leave it here. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head while his gaze was also focused on the Bloodline awakening pond in front of him.

Indeed, Little Black was right.

Although both his bloodline and Little Black ’s own couldn ’t be enhanced any further since they were in their purest states, this didn ’t mean that Shun Long was going to leave this Bloodline awakening pond behind.

Instead, he already had a way to use it in his mind, that would not only help him increase his own strength, but it would also help make Little Silver ’s and Jiang Chen ’s bloodlines even purer.

After all, Jiang Chen ’s bloodline of the ’Demonic Crow of Darkness ’ was still far off from the true ’Demonic Crow of Darkness ’.

A few moments later, Shun Long stored both the ’Wind wyrm ’s ’ body and the Bloodline awakening pond inside his herb garden, before he let Little Black return back in the foggy space inside the ’Stone of Time ’ as well.

Raising his right hand, Shun Long then slashed the air in front of him, opening a large space tear, as he entered inside it and disappeared from the Wind wyrm ’s cave.

Sometime later, the figure of a blue-robed young man appeared in front of the entrance of the ’Wind dragon ’s forest ’.

The moment he left the ’Wind dragon ’s forest ’, Shun Long immediately circulated his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’, as his cultivation of an early rank 2 Dao King exploded outwards, before he shot straight towards the direction of the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’.

A day passed by in the blink of an eye, before Shun Long arrived in front of the city gates of the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’.

After he paid the fee of 300 high-grade spirit stones, Shun Long entered the city and headed straight for the ’Northern Sovereign ’s estate ’.

The streets of the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’ weren ’t any less crowded from the first time that he had come with the Northern Sovereign, but since he was walking through them by himself this time, he could now take an even better look around this massive city.

The number of powerful Dao Kings and Dao Emperors that he could sense in the streets were hundreds of times more numerous than those in Murong city.

A little more than an hour later, Shun Long arrived in front of the ’Northern Sovereign ’s estate ’.

Taking a look at the Dao Kings who were guarding the estate, not allowing anyone to get too close, Shun Long simply waved his hand as he opened another space tear, before he stepped inside it and appeared directly inside the estate.

A few minutes later, Shun Long arrived in front of the entrance of a huge, familiar-looking courtyard that was covered in restrictive formations.

Staring at the restrictive formations around the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’, Shun Long merely smiled as he took a step forward and placed his hand on top of them.

Moments later, the formations in front of him immediately receded and the gates of the courtyard opened by themselves, before 4 figures flew out from the courtyard, appearing in front of Shun Long.

’ ’Long-ge! ’ ’

’ ’Brother Long! ’ ’

Liu Mei ’s and Xingyi ’s excited voices entered his ears, before the 2 kingdom-toppling beautiful girls shot out from the courtyard soon after, appearing in front of Shun Long as they hugged him affectionately.

’ ’Haha, brother Shun, welcome back! ’ ’ Bai Longtian said with a smile on his face, while Jiang Chen nodded his head and said

’ ’Brother, did you deal with everything that you needed? ’ ’

Nodding his head, Shun Long said smilingly

’ ’Yeah.
Let ’s talk inside. ’ ’

Shun Long, Liu Mei, and the others then entered the courtyard, before the protective formations around the ’Southern Dragon ’s courtyard ’ were activated once again, preventing anyone from entering without permission.

Once the 5 of them were inside the biggest room in the courtyard, Bai Longtian looked at Shun Long and said seriously

’ ’Brother Shun, 2 weeks after you left the Northern Sovereign came to look for you.
She said that she was planning to introduce you to the geniuses of the Tianhuan dynasty that would enter the ’City of Immortals ’ this time..
We told her that you were in seclusion, but the Northern Sovereign said that you should visit her once you come out. ’ ’

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