’ ’To think that they were trying to nurture a dragon through a bloodline awakening pond…
How stupid! ’ ’ Inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black said in a cold voice as he stared at the green pond that the ’Wind wyrm ’ was soaking in.

Indeed, the moment that their gazes landed on the ’Wind wyrm ’ and the green pond below it, Little Black and Shun Long both understood what was going on, and why nobody had tried to tame this ’Wind wyrm ’ and make it their mount.

After all, as a peak rank 7 magic beast that was, at the very least, comparable to the ’Hellfire crow ’ that Bai Liuxian had been riding on when she visited the Holy sect, the ’Wind wyrm ’ should have been something that even some early-stage Sovereign realm experts should be fighting over.

And yet, although even peak Dao Emperors like the Grand Elder seemed to know about the wyrm ’s location, there hadn ’t been a single Sovereign realm expert who had come to tame it during this time.

Shun Long had thought about this matter from the very beginning but he couldn ’t figure out the reason behind this.

However, the moment his eyes landed on this green pond in front of him, he immediately understood what was going on.

Shaking his head, Shun Long then stared at the green pond beneath the ’Wind wyrm ’ before he said calmly

’ ’It ’s not surprising that someone would be trying to nurture a dragon through this bloodline awakening pond.
As long as the percentage of the dragon ’s bloodline inside the ’Wind wyrm ’ isn ’t too low, it ’s not impossible to succeed and let the wyrm evolve into a real dragon.
Rather, what I am more curious about, is who the person behind all of this is.

For someone to do this so close to the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’, there is no way that the Northern Sovereign herself wouldn ’t be aware of this.
Perhaps she is even the one who is behind this. ’ ’

The more he thought about this, the more Shun Long realized that this guess of his was the most likely scenario.

Even if the Northern Sovereign wasn ’t the person behind this matter, she was definitely aware of what was going on in this ’Wind Dragon ’s forest ’.

After all, Shun Long knew that this Bloodline awakening pond that the ’Wind wyrm ’ was soaking in, was a rare treasure that was used to stimulate the bloodline inside a magic beast, giving the magic beast a chance to evolve.

As for the person who had placed it here in the depths of the ’Wind Dragon ’s forest ’, they were clearly hoping for the ’Wind wyrm ’ to unlock its dragon bloodline and become a real dragon.

Although the ’Wind wyrm ’ wouldn ’t be a pure-bred dragon, it would still be a dragon nonetheless, a magic beast that everyone in the central region would be fighting over.

At that moment, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black stared at the massive body of the ’Wind wyrm ’ for a few more moments before he said calmly

’ ’It ’s too bad that the bloodline inside this wyrm is too thin.
It doesn ’t matter how many years it spends inside the bloodline awakening pond, there is no chance for it to truly evolve.
At most, it will only allow its strength to be raised a little further. ’ ’

Although normal cultivators couldn ’t sense how dense the dragon ’s bloodline inside the ’Wind wyrm ’ really was, as a black dragon, how could Little Black possibly fail to sense this?

Shun Long remained silent for a few moments as he stared at the ’Wind wyrm ’ in front of him, before he said seriously

’ ’Little Black, I ’ll leave it to you. ’ ’

A moment later, the space in front of Shun Long was torn open, as the figure of a massive black dragon appeared in front of him.

The moment that the ’Wind wyrm ’ sensed the presence of another magic beast appearing in its cave out of nowhere, it immediately snapped its eyes open and turned around, before an aura of violent cruelty and killing intent burst from its body.

And yet, the instant that its eyes landed on Little Black ’s body, the wyrm ’s figure suddenly froze, before a look of terror covered its face soon after.

Although Little Black was only a middle rank 7 magic beast while the ’Wind wyrm ’ was a peak rank 7 beast, Little Black ’s bloodline innately suppressed the wyrm who could only shiver in terror in front of a real dragon.

The wyrm couldn ’t muster the courage to even fight Little Black, as it immediately turned its head to the entrance of the cave and tried to flee.

Unfortunately for it, Little Black was already standing in front of Shun Long and blocking the cave ’s entrance.

Raising his massive black claw, Little Black then swung it towards the wyrm ’s neck.

The wyrm tried to suppress the feeling of terror inside it, as it opened its mouth and spat out a small wind blade towards Little Black ’s claw, hoping that the terrifying being in front of it would back down after seeing this.

However, how could a weak wind blade possibly affect Little Black who could already deal with more peak rank 7 magic beasts?

Although the ’Wind wyrm ’s ’ peak strength could probably rival Little Black ’s, it was simply impossible for the wyrm to use its full strength when its own bloodline was being suppressed.

This was a feeling of reverence that all wyrms felt in front of real dragons.

Little Black ’s claw effortlessly destroyed the wind blade, before it continued towards the wyrm ’s long neck.

’ ’Roooooooaaarrr! ’ ’

A painful cry that was filled with terror left the wyrm ’s mouth before a spurt of crimson blood spouted from its neck.

A few moments had barely passed since Little Black had appeared in the cave, before the body of half-dead ’Wind wyrm ’ was now lying on the ground in front of him and Shun Long.

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