After he changed the black robes he was wearing into a set of ordinary blue robes, Shun Long left the foggy space inside the ’Stone of Time ’ along with Little Silver.

Sitting on the black panther ’s back, Shun Long then headed towards the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’.

After all, the Wind dragon ’s forest was less than a day ’s distance away from the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’.


2 weeks passed by in the blink of an eye as Shun Long traveled around the northern part of the central region, before a young man and a black panther had finally arrived at the entrance of a massive, familiar-looking forest.

Of course, the vast majority of the distance had been covered on Little Black ’s back, or Shun Long would need to travel for more than 3 months until he returned back to the Northern Sovereign ’s city from Murong city.

Staring at the gigantic trees that towered in the skies and the roars of magic beasts that could be heard from the forest in front of him, Shun Long knew that he had arrived in the ’Wind Dragon ’s forest ’ where the peak rank 7 ’Wind wyrm ’ was living in.

A few moments later, Shun Long had Little Silver return back into the foggy space inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he walked towards the depths of the forest by himself.

Although Little Silver was already a peak rank 6 magic beast and it could hold its own against other powerful magic beasts at the same rank, inside this ’Wind Dragon ’s forest ’, its presence would end up doing more harm than good.

After all, there were plenty of rank 6 and even some rank 7 magic beasts in the depths of the forest, even if one didn ’t include the ’Wind wyrm ’ itself.

Although Shun Long could completely conceal his own aura and walk towards the depths of the forest unnoticed, the same couldn ’t be said for Little Silver who would definitely end up attracting the attention of many of those magic beasts the moment it got too close.

’ ’Little Black, are there any powerful Dao Emperors in this place? ’ ’ Shun Long asked Little Black while he kept walking towards the depths of the forest by himself.

Inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Little Black ’s bright blue eyes lit up for a moment, before a terrifying soul sense expanded from his body and immediately covered the entire ’Wind Dragon ’s forest ’ in the blink of an eye

A few moments later, Little Black shook his head and said seriously

’ ’Master, aside from a few groups of early-stage Dao Kings, there are only magic beasts inside this forest.
However, aside from that ’Wind wyrm ’, I can also sense 3 early rank 7 magic beasts in the depths of this forest. ’ ’

  Shun Long nodded his head when he heard this, as he continued to head towards the depths of the forest.

Although he knew that wyrms were territorial magic beasts by nature, and that that the ’Wind wyrm ’ wouldn ’t allow a Dao Emperor to step foot into its forest, in case that a Dao Emperor had somehow managed to evade its sense, things could become troublesome.

However, it also made sense that most powerful Dao Emperors would avoid this place.
After all, even a group of peak Dao Emperors may not necessarily be able to kill a Wind wyrm that had a dragon ’s bloodline inside it.
It didn ’t matter how thin the dragon ’s bloodline was, as most likely, only an expert at the Sovereign realm would be able to deal with it.


A few moments after Little Black ’s soul sense had covered the forest, a deafening roar sounded from the depths of the forest before a powerful sense came along with it, as it focused on Shun Long ’s direction.

Naturally, this was the soul sense of the ’Wind wyrm ’ that had just sensed Little Black ’s soul sense.

However, since Shun Long had completely retracted his aura and Little Black had only let out his soul sense for a single moment, the ’Wind wyrm ’ couldn ’t sense anything no matter how hard it looked.

3 hours later, Shun Long had already walked through the territories of more than a hundred peak rank 6 magic beasts, some of whom were even stronger than Little Silver and were only a step away from becoming rank 7 magic beasts, before he arrived in front of the entrance of a massive cave that was surrounded by hundreds of gigantic trees.

The entrance of this cave was more than 100 meters tall and 50 meters wide, while intimidating claw marks could be seen everywhere around it.

Even some of the massive trees that were thousands of meters tall had claw marks on their surface, giving off an eerie sensation.

At the same time, the moment he arrived at the entrance of the cave, Shun Long could feel the familiar aura of a peak rank 7 magic beast coming from the depths of this cave.

It was the same aura he had sensed when he was traveling with the Grand Elder on the back of the ’Darkness Eagle ’.

The look in Shun Long ’s eyes instantly turned serious as he took a step forward and entered the cave.

The ’Wind wyrm ’s ’ cave was extremely long, and even after walking for more than 10 minutes, Shun Long still couldn ’t see its end.

And yet, the deeper he walked inside this cave, the clearer he could sense the aura of the ’Wind wyrm ’ that seemed to be flucuating for some reason.

Finally, after walking for almost half an hour, Shun Long arrived at the cave ’s depths, before a stunning scene appeared in his eyes.

A huge, green, snake-like creature, that had the head of a dragon but was lacking legs and wings, seemed to be lying inside a small green pond at the depths of the cave with its eyes closed, while the aura of a peak rank 7 magic beast was coming from its body.

The moment that Shun Long ’s eyes landed on the ’Wind wyrm ’, tens of unanswered questions seemed to have suddenly solved themselves in his mind, as Shun Long mumbled to himself

’ ’No wonder there were no Sovereign realm experts who came to capture this ’Wind wyrm ’…. ’ ’

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