At the same time that the figure of the old ancestor of the Murong family disappeared, a few tens of thousands of miles away from Murong city, Little Black who was flying at full speed suddenly stopped and turned around to look at the distance behind him, before he said seriously

’ ’Master, I can sense the aura of a middle stage Sovereign coming from that direction.
Most likely, it ’s one of the 2 Sovereigns of the Murong family.
Although that person hasn ’t located us yet, we will definitely enter the range of his soul sense in a few moments. ’ ’

Shun Long wasn ’t too surprised when he heard this, before he too turned his gaze towards the horizon where the outline of Murong city had already disappeared by now.

Barely a few moments had passed since they had left the city, but Little Black had already covered such a large distance, that Murong city couldn ’t even be seen from Shun Long ’s current location.

And yet, despite Little Black ’s current speed and his strength that could seriously injure and even kill most peak-stage Dao Emperors, Shun Long knew that it was practically impossible for him to escape the pursuit of a middle-stage Sovereign realm expert like the old ancestor of the Murong family that easily.

Even if Little Black ’s speed exceeded that of a peak Dao Emperor ’s and was even comparable to an early-stage Sovereign realm expert ’s, it still couldn ’t compare to the speed of a middle-stage Sovereign like the old ancestor.

After all, the old ancestor of the Murong family was an entire major realm above Little Black in terms of his cultivation.

Even a dragon ’s innate talents couldn ’t make up for such a disparity of strength.

Nodding his head, Shun Long patted Little Black ’s head gently and had him return back in the foggy space inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he threw one last glance at the direction where Murong city was located.

He then sat cross-legged on the ground and closed his eyes, before he imagined himself entering the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’ as well.

A moment later, Shun Long ’s body suddenly vanished from the spot he was standing on, as if he had never appeared here.

A few moments had barely passed before the figure of an emaciated old man appeared in the area where Shun Long and Little Black were standing just now.

The old ancestor of the Murong family stared at his surroundings with a look of confusion and surprise before he mumbled to himself in a disbelieving tone

’ ’How is this possible? I am certain that I just sensed the aura of a middle rank 7 magic beast from this place! How can it disappear? ’ ’

The emaciated old man ’s eyes were filled with an extremely profound look as he stared at his surroundings in silence, before his aura at the peak of rank 6 in the Sovereign realm along with his powerful soul sense both exploded outwards at the same time.

And yet, no matter how he searched, the old man seemed to have completely lost track of Little Black as he couldn ’t sense the slightest bit of his aura any longer, almost as if the black dragon had disappeared into thin air.

Naturally, when a cultivator or a powerful magic beast were going all-out to fight or run away, it wasn ’t possible for them to hide the fluctuation of their aura around their bodies.

Even if Little Black was faster than the old ancestor, it was impossible for him to suddenly disappear like that.

A dense aura of killing intent exploded from the old ancestor ’s body as he suddenly flew towards another direction a few moments later.

No matter what, after reading through the memories of the manager of the ’Burning noble restaurant ’ and seeing the scene of a living dragon appearing in his Murong city, the old ancestor was now determined to find Little Black.

Naturally, he wasn ’t going to let a living dragon go so easily.

Even if he had to turn the entire northern part of the central region upside down, the old ancestor was still going to find him.

At the same time, inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long opened his eyes and turned to look at the piece of bronze armor and the half-charred spatial ring that were lying on the ground in front of him, before a smile finally formed itself on his lips.

Even though he was forced to reveal Little Black ’s existence, he had truly managed to get his hands on Murong Tian ’s spatial ring and the piece of peak 2-star armor that he was previously wearing.

Even if this piece of 2-star armor was inferior to the earth flame in terms of value, Shun Long only needed a glance to tell that it was a rare treasure of its own.

Of course, how could the armor that the patriarch of the Murong family was wearing be anything ordinary?

After he examined the armor for a few moments, Shun Long then turned his attention to the half-charred spatial ring that seemed to be on the verge of collapse.

Thankfully, Murong Tian ’s spatial ring was made by rare and extremely durable materials, which was why it had managed to barely avoid being destroyed, even after it was struck by Little Black ’s ’Flames of Destruction ’.

Of course, Shun Long had never expected that Murong Tian would participate in the auction of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ for the Murong family, and that he would even win the auction for the earth flame.

Naturally, if it was simply for Huo Wuyi ’s revenge, there was no way that Shun Long would be willing to put himself in danger and allow people to find out that there was a living dragon somewhere in Murong city.

However, the moment that Murong Tian won the bid for the earth flame, Shun Long had decided to put his plan into motion and kill the patriarch of the Murong family.

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