Murong Tian could sense an overwhelming force coming from the massive black claw in front of him, before his body was sent flying backwards like a meteor, crashing on the wooden wall behind him.

Even though the walls of the private room were enhanced by a peak 1-star formation master and could even take on the attack of a middle-stage Dao Emperor without much trouble, Little Black ’s all-out attack was an entirely different matter.

Murong Tian ignored the pain he was feeling in his right arm, as he stared at the creature that had appeared in front of him and had easily blocked his attack with a look of utter disbelief on his face.

’ ’A…
dragon? ’ ’

Although he had never seen a living dragon before, Murong Tian had naturally heard of this legendary-rank magic beast and could clearly recognize it with just a glance.

At the same time, a serious look had appeared in Little Black ’s eyes as he looked at the patriarch of the Murong family, before he sent a mental message to Shun Long through their spiritual connection and said calmly

’ ’Master, it seems that the information about this guy wasn ’t complete. ’ ’

Indeed, Shun Long didn ’t need Little Black to mention this since he had also realized that the information he had gotten from the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ about Murong Tian was incomplete.

Even after taking Little Black ’s attack head-on, Murong Tian was practically unharmed, without the slightest bit of injury on his body.

Even for a peak Dao Emperor like him, this shouldn ’t be possible, since, even though  Little Black was a middle rank 7 magic beast, his actual strength exceeded that of most peak rank 7 magic beasts.
Even with a peak 2-star armor, there was no way for Murong Tian to be completely unharmed like this, unless he was using a martial skill when he attacked Shun Long, or if he was a body refinement cultivator.

From the aura that was coming from his body, Shun Long was now certain that Murong Tian was also a body refinement cultivator.

Although the strength of his body wasn ’t at the same level as his qi cultivation, Shun Long could sense that Murong Tian was also a middle seventh stage body refiner, and he was even close to the peak of the seventh stage as well.

Paired with the peak 2-star armor that he was wearing, even a magic beast at the peak of rank 7 would find it hard to injure him, let alone kill him.

Murong Tian seemed to have guessed what Shun Long was thinking at this moment, as he looked at him and laughed loudly before he said in a mocking manner

’ ’Hahaha! Kid, you seem surprised to find out that I am a body refiner.
Don ’t tell me that you were counting on this little attack to kill me.
If that ’s the case, things will really be easier than I thought. ’ ’

As he said this, Murong Tian stared greedily at the black dragon in front of him, unable to hide the excitement in his eyes.

Putting aside how valuable the body of a dragon really was, just the thought that he would be able to tame a dragon today, made Murong Tian ’s heart beat with uncontrollable excitement.

Of course, Murong Tian knew that the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ would sell information about him as long as someone had enough spirit stones.
This was why he had always kept his body refinement cultivation a secret and had intended to use it as a trump card.

At this point, the entire private room had also been destroyed, allowing the guests in the restaurant to take a look at the 30-meter (100ft) long black dragon that was hovering in the air and was facing Murong Tian.

’ ’What is this?! Don ’t tell me that it ’s a real dragon! ’ ’

’ ’How did a dragon appear in Murong city? No…
how did it appear in the central region? ’ ’

’ ’Look at the person standing in front of the dragon! Isn ’t that the patriarch of the Murong family?! ’ ’

It wasn ’t just the cultivators inside the ’Burning noble restaurant ’ as even some people who were close by seemed to have noticed this commotion, as they all turned to look at Little Black and the patriarch of the Murong family.

However, neither Shun Long nor Murong Tian seemed to have paid any attention to the people around them, as they stared at each other for a few moments, before Shun Long finally shook his head and said

’ ’I am indeed surprised to see that you are also a body refiner, but it seems that you are mistaken about one thing.
I wasn ’t expecting that this attack would really kill you, but that it would simply injure you instead.

Even if you are a body refiner, since you haven ’t reached the peak of the seventh stage yet, you are still going to die. ’ ’

Hearing the calm tone that Shun Long used to speak to him despite being in this unfavorable situation, made Murong Tian turn serious.

Although he didn ’t know what Shun Long was planning to rely on, Murong Tian wasn ’t going to take it lightly either.

Shun Long noticed that Murong Tian had raised his vigilance even further, before he took a deep breath and pointed his finger towards him, as he then said in a cold voice that brought chills to every single cultivator watching this scene

’ ’Let ’s see who is going to die then, brat! Hand over your life! ’ ’

Murong Tian no longer held back as he shouted in a cold voice, before his qi started to gather around his body as it formed an illusionary black spike.

Muring Tian had decided to go all-out from the start as he used his strongest martial skill, a peak Saint-grade skill called the ’Soul spike ’.

The Soul spike was formed in barely a second, as it tore through the air and flew straight towards Shun Long.

Most Dao Emperors would be completely terrified in the face of Murong Tian ’s most powerful attack, but Little Black ’s mouth seemed to have formed a mocking smile, as the black dragon stood in front of the black-robed Shun Long, directly blocking this spike.

Murong Tian ’s eyes narrowed for a moment but he didn ’t choose to take back his attack, and instead, he used even more of his qi to power the soul spike.

However, the moment that the black spike touched Little Black and entered his spiritual sea, a look of terror appeared on Murong Tian ’s face in the next moment, as the patriarch of the Murong family stared at the black dragon with eyes filled with disbelief.

The black dragon didn ’t even tremble after taking on his strongest attack, nor did his eyes turn dull.
Instead, Murong Tian could sense that his soul spike was no different from a small pebble falling into an endless ocean, not raising even the smallest ripple in the process.

At the same time, a look that was filled with cruelty and killing intent appeared in Little Black ’s deep azure eyes as he faced Murong Tian, before Little Black then took a deep breath and opened his mouth.

Staring at the gigantic ball of black flames that had formed itself in the black dragon ’s mouth, for the first time in countless years, the patriarch of the Murong family finally felt the scent of death as his entire body shivered.

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