The screech was so powerful that it didn ’t just shake the entire central region but also traveled through every single place of the entire Demonic Mountain Region.

Even the big shots from the 4 sects were alarmed, as they looked at each other with fear in their eyes. 

Grand Elder Hui Zhong of the ’Flying sword sect ’ looked at the other 3 people around him as he said

’ ’That was definitely the cry of the overlord of the Demonic Mountain Region! Do you think that perhaps someone has managed to anger it? ’ ’

Everyone looked at Hui Zhong stupefied before Grand Elder Lan Hong was the first one to respond as he lashed out at him

’ ’Nonsense! How could anyone even get close to that magic beast, let alone provoke it!? Hui Zhong, I say, have you gone senile due to your old age? ’ ’

Hui Zhong was immediately angered by Lan Hong ’s words as he responded

’ ’You are the one who has gone senile Lan! Do you think that, that monster would cry out for no reason? ’ ’

Lan Hong snorted disdainfully before the vice pavilion master from the ’Roaring wind pavilion ’, Li Huian came forth to meditate as she said

’ ’Seniors, please calm down.
There is no mistaking it, as per to whom that beast cry belonged to.
However, it ’s also unlikely that there is anyone strong enough in our ’Desolate east ’ that can fight that bird.
Even the head priest of the ’Golden Buddha temple ’ doesn ’t have any confidence in fighting it. ’ ’

However, at that moment Lan Hong ’s expression suddenly changed as he remembered something that the sect master Liu Jian had said, back in the central hall about 2 months ago.

Everyone instantly noticed his change in expression as sect master Da Chao was the first one to ask

’ ’Elder Lan, could it be that you know something about this? ’ ’

(author ’s note: the usage of the word elder here, refers to someone ’s age and it isn ’t the same as the word Elder which refers to someone ’s status)

Lan Hong however, shook his head as he said

’ ’What vice pavilion master Li Huian said earlier, may not be necessarily true. ’ ’

After taking a deep breath, Lan Hong continued

’ ’About 2 months ago, a mysterious person appeared in my ’floating cloud city ’.
No one managed to communicate with him, aside from a small rank 3 bronze grade alchemist.

However, that mysterious person happened to release his aura once, and the entire ’floating cloud city ’ trembled.
Liu Jian then ordered everyone to keep what had happened a secret as that person had most likely exceeded the Spirit realm.
Even I wouldn ’t have mentioned it today if the circ.u.mstances weren ’t as such. ’ ’

Everyone suddenly sucked in a cold breath as they considered the implications of this shocking revelation.

After hearing Lan Hong ’s words Hui Zhong asked gravely

’ ’Old man Lan, are you certain that this person has reached ’that stage ’ then? ’ ’

Everyone stared intently at Lan Hong who in return shook his head as he said

’ ’This is just the estimation of Liu Jian.
However, even if this person hasn ’t reached that stage yet, he shouldn ’t be too far from it. ’ ’

Silence suddenly permeated the place as this news was like a hammer that struck everyone ’s hearts.

The vice pavilion master Li Huian suddenly asked

’ ’Then, what will happen to the sect examination? ’ ’

Da Chao and Hui Zhong ’s eyes flashed with panic as both their son and grandson were inside the Demonic Mountain Region.

’ ’I think that we should cancel this sect exam and summon all the disciples back here. ’ ’

Da Chao nodded after hearing Hui Zhong ’s words and said

’ ’I agree! Things have gotten out of our control.
If every disciple inside dies then that would be a tragedy for our sects. ’ ’

Lan Hong who heard their words immediately understood what they were worried about.
He turned his head to look at Li Huian as he said

’ ’Vice pavilion master, I think it ’s best if we first wait for the qi eruption to finish before we end the sect exam prematurely. ’ ’

Since this was a joint sect examination, and 3 out of 4 people had already taken their stance, everything depended on what Li Huian ’s vote.

If she sided with Da Chao and Hui Zhong then the sect examination would end now, while if she agreed with Lan Hong, then the sect exam would continue normally as it would, until the central mountain erupted. 

As everyone looked at the blue-robed vice pavilion master of the ’Roaring wind pavilion ’, she sighed as she turned her eyes at Lan Hong and said

’ ’I think that we should end the sect examination ahead of time.
The dangers for our disciples have already escalated beyond our control.

Da Chao and Hui Zhong sighed in relief while Lan Hong felt a slight sense of loss.
Although the other 2 had a chance to lose their direct descendants in the chaos, the qi eruption that happened once every 30 years had always allowed the disciples that survived to become stronger than the other batches.
It wouldn ’t be an exaggeration to say that it was an opportunity filled with endless danger, that allowed a carp to become a dragon.

The 4 of them took out their ’sect identifying jades ’ and as they activated them, countless strands of red light flew towards the Demonic Mountain Region.

’ ’What is this? Did the sect exam end prematurely? ’ ’

’ ’Haha! I ’m sure it ’s the Grand Elder.
He couldn ’t bear seeing so many talents of our ’Flying sword sect ’ die here so he must have persuaded everyone to end the sect exam ahead of time. ’ ’

All the disciples who had been frightened silly previously by the terrifying screech that came from the central region, now felt a sense of relief as they saw their sect jades emit a red light that indicated the end of the exam. 

At that moment, in the central region, every rank 4 magic beast was looking at the central mountain where that screech had originated from.

After Shun Long had heard that loud cry his brows shot up as he muttered

’ ’It can ’t be.
How can something like ’that ’ ever be a rank 4 magic beast? I must be mistaken. ’ ’

’ ’Master, did you find out anything? ’ ’ Little Black asked after hearing Shun Long mumbling to himself

’ ’It ’s nothing ’ ’ Shun Long replied as he shook his head before he saw a faint strand of red light coming all the way from the outer region, as it headed towards the ’sect identifying jade ’ at his pocket. 

The sect jade lit up with a red light, that was like an invisible string which Shun Long could follow to return back to the Demonic Mountain Region ’s entrance.

’ ’They decided to end the sect exam already? There is no way that I will simply go back after having come so close to the central mountain ’ ’

Originally, Shun Long was planning to rest for the night before heading towards the mountain in the morning but now, he had to alter his plans.

Little Black who saw that Shun Long was ready to go to the central mountain now said 

’ ’Master the magic beast that cried out earlier, is no ordinary peak rank 4 magic beast.
Based on the strength of its roar earlier, I ’m afraid that its power could probably match up to even some early rank 5 beasts.
I ’m afraid that even with your ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ it will be hard for us to escape after entering its lair. ’ ’

Shun Long nodded his head after he heard little Black ’s words and replied

’ ’I know.
Don ’t worry, I still have a trump card if things really turn bad for us. ’ ’

Absorbing the pure qi in this Demonic Mountain Region, had incited Shun Long ’s greed.
If the treasure inside the central mountain was really connected to the purity of the qi here, then it was worth taking the risk to obtain it.

Shun Long already knew that both his ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ as well as his ’Monarch ’s Eternal body ’ would probably be useless against a beast that was at the peak of rank 4 like the overlord of the Demonic Mountain Region.
Although treasures were important, one still had to be alive to obtain them, hence without a certain degree of assurance, Shun Long wouldn ’t head at the central mountain since he already knew of the dangers beforehand.

Little Black didn ’t warn Shun Long again.
He had absolute faith in his master, and if he really was about to die, then the black dragon would accompany him to the other world without a second thought.
This was what it meant to share life and death.

Almost half an hour later, Shun Long arrived at the foot of this barren mountain.

Looking up from the base of the mountain, one couldn ’t even see its peak that was hidden inside the clouds.

Now that they were closer to it, little Black once again sent his soul to sense the surroundings.
A couple of breaths later he said

’ ’Master, I can sense the 2 presences from before.
They are both inside a cave at the heart of the mountain. ’ ’

Taking a step forward, Shun Long followed little Black ’s directions as he started climbing the central mountain,

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