’ ’Haha, master, this situation has become quite interesting. ’ ’ Little Black said with a look of amusement in his deep blue eyes as he also stared at the silhouette of Murong Tian from the foggy space inside the ’Stone of Time ’.

Nodding his head, Shun Long observed Murong Tian seriously without saying a word.

Indeed, this was something extremely unexpected.

At the same time, although the experts inside the other private rooms were slightly surprised when they found out that the patriarch of the Murong family had come to bid for the earth flame as well, they merely threw a few more glances at him before they continued to call out their bids.

After all, even though Murong Tian may have been famous within Murong city, in the eyes of those experts who came from the strongest powers of the northern part of the central region he was only a slightly stronger Dao Emperor.
Only experts at the Sovereign realm or higher were enough to warrant Zi Hu ’s and the others ’ attention.

’ ’850.000 high-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

’ ’900.000! ’ ’

’ ’1.000.000 high-grade spirit stones. ’ ’

In less than a minute, the price of the earth flame had already gone past the 1 million high-grade spirit stones mark, and yet there were still no signs of it slowing down.

’ ’1 million 200 thousand high-grade spirit stones! ’ ’ An old man in luxurious yellow robes suddenly called out from the ordinary seats down below, immediately attracting everyone ’s attention.

Even experts like Zhuan Jie and the silver-haired woman from ’White ice city ’ had turned their attention towards this person, staring at him with some surprise in their eyes.

After all, the people who could afford to call a bid of a million high-grade spirit stones were almost all, renowned Sovereign realm experts. 

As for this old man, they could clearly sense that he was just an early rank 9 Dao Emperor, the same level as Jiang Tianfang.

’ ’Who is this person? He actually dares to bid for the earth flame against the Sovereign realm seniors? Isn ’t he afraid that he won ’t be able to keep the earth flame even if he wins the bid? ’ ’

’ ’Wait! I have seen this person before! He is the current clan head of the Xi clan! ’ ’ A person in the audience seats quickly recognized the yellow-robed old man, as he exclaimed in a loud voice a moment later.

’ ’The Xi clan? What kind of clan is that? ’ ’

’ ’They are a powerful clan that is no weaker than the Murong family! I have heard that the previous clan leader of the Xi clan and the old ancestor of the Murong family have been rivals for many years.
No wonder the current clan head of the Xi clan would come here to fight for the earth flame! ’ ’ Another person answered seriously a moment later, as his eyes stared at the clan leader of the Xi clan who was sitting just a few meters away from him.

’ ’1 million 400 hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones! ’ ’ The Sovereign realm expert from Lord Zhu ’s garden, ’senior Xiao ’ snorted before he said in a cold voice, increasing the price of the earth flame even further.

At the same time however, the beautiful silver-haired woman from the ’White ice city ’ didn ’t choose to remain silent either, as she called out a moment later

’ ’1 million 500 thousand! ’ ’

In just a few moments, the price of the earth flame had reached a staggering 2 million high-grade spirit stones, and it was only then that it finally started to slow down.

At that moment, Jia Guiying took a deep breath and smiled brightly as she looked at the silhouettes of the Sovereign realm experts inside the private rooms, before she said in a clear voice

’ ’Esteemed guests, I suggest that you don ’t miss the chance to obtain this earth flame.
Even our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ doesn ’t get the chance to auction an earth flame very often.
Who knows when you will get another chance if you miss this one? ’ ’

It was unknown if it was intentional or not, but Jia Guiying ’s gaze ended up landing on the Sovereign realm expert from the ’Black mist valley ’ as she said the last sentence.

And yet, Zhuan Jie merely snorted but he didn ’t choose to bid for the earth flame even after Jia Guiying ’s attempt to entice him.

After all, the moment that he managed to get his hands on the earth flame, Zhuan Jie knew that Zi Hu would use his ’Soul-locking talisman ’ to deal with him.

Although an earth flame was valuable, he wasn ’t going to risk his life for it.

Of course, if there was a chance to get revenge on Zi Hu in the future, there was no way that Zhuan Jie would let it go!

10 minutes later, the bids finally stopped, as the experts present all stared at a certain private room with mixed emotions.

Inside his own private room, Murong Tian laughed without restraint as he looked at the purple-colored earth flame on the main stage with a fervent look in his eyes.

After spending 3.4 million high-grade spirit stones, he had finally forced everyone else to concede.

’ ’Tsk, I didn ’t think that even with more than 3 million high-grade spirit stones I wouldn ’t be able to secure a single earth flame. ’ ’ ’Senior Xiao ’ clicked his tongue and said in a dissatisfied tone as he stared at Murong Tian.

Clearly, it wasn ’t that Murong Tian was richer than ’senior Xiao ’, but that ’senior Xiao ’ himself wasn ’t prepared for Murong Tian ’s involvement.

Naturally, as the patriarch of the Murong family, Murong Tian could take out a much larger amount of spirit stones than ’senior Xiao ’ could, which was why even though ’senior Xiao ’ had prepared more than 3 million high-grade spirit stones for the earth flame, it still wasn ’t enough.

At the same time, inside the private room right next to Shun Long ’s, one of the 3 white-robed women asked the silver-haired woman who was sitting on the couch

’ ’Master, you really don ’t want to continue bidding? Even the Murong family wouldn ’t be able to compete with you in terms of wealth, unless their old ancestor personally comes out of his seclusion! ’ ’

The beautiful silver-haired woman from the ’White ice city ’ looked at the purple-colored earth flame on the main stage and shook her head, before she answered in a calm tone

’ ’If it was an earth flame with the element of ice I would definitely go all-out to obtain it, but an earth flame with the element of fire isn ’t worth me spending more than 3 million high-grade spirit stones for it.
Since the patriarch of the Murong family wants it, I will let him have it.
Instead, there is something else that I don ’t understand… ’ ’

As she finished speaking, the beautiful silver-haired woman turned her gaze towards the room that was right next to hers with a perplexed look on her face.

She had been certain that the person in the room next to hers had come here for the earth flame as well, but from the moment that the auction of the earth flame begun until it ended, that person didn ’t even call out a single bid for it.

Meanwhile, inside his private room, after he stared at Murong Tian with a deep look in his eyes, Shun Long turned his attention towards Jiang Tianfang who was sitting right next to him and said calmly

’ ’Uncle Jiang, let ’s part ways for now..
If you have time, you should go visit Jiang Chen and the others in the Northern Sovereign ’s estate. ’ ’

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