The door of the private room opened in the next moment, as Shun Long saw a black-robed person appear inside like a blur.

The young woman of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ bowed and closed the door soon after, before Shun Long stared at the person in black robes in front of him and said with a smile

’ ’Uncle Jiang, it ’s good to see that you are alright. ’ ’

Jiang Tianfang removed his black robes, revealing his face to Shun Long before he said in an elated voice

’ ’Nephew Shun! Hahaha! It ’s good to see you. ’ ’

Jiang Tianfang gave an excited bearhug to Shun Long before he continued

’ ’I didn ’t expect to see you here in Murong city, especially in this auction of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’.
I thought that you would still be cultivating inside the Holy sect.
Did Chen ’er and the others come with you as well? ’ ’

Shun Long shook his head and said

’ ’Jiang Chen and the others are all in the Northern Sovereign ’s estate in the ’Northern Sovereign ’s city ’.
I came here to deal with some personal matters so I hope that uncle Jiang can keep this a secret. ’ ’

’ ’The Northern Sovereign ’s estate? ’ ’

Jiang Tianfang was stunned when he heard that Jiang Chen and the others were actually cultivating in the Northern Sovereign ’s estate, but he still nodded his head and answered

’ ’Don ’t worry.
Since these are your personal matters you don ’t have to say anything.
However, I am slightly curious.
How did you end up meeting the Northern Sovereign? ’ ’

Shun Long smiled and proceeded to explain to Jiang Tianfang what had happened after they returned back to the Holy sect.

’ ’What? You are a Dao King already? ’ ’ Jiang Tianfang stared at Shun Long with disbelieving eyes, almost as if he was looking at a monster.

Even an expert like him couldn ’t believe that Shun Long was already a Dao King after just 3 brief years.
After all, the last time that they had met, Shun Long ’s cultivation was merely at the peak of rank 3 in the Nascent Soul stage.
To reach the Dao King realm from the early stages of the Nascent Soul stage in less than 3 years…
this was definitely an unprecedented feat even in the history of the central region.

As far as Jiang Tianfang knew, even those geniuses who were born with unique physiques that aided them in their cultivation speed, like Qiao Min who was ranked 2nd in the Martial Roll of Honor and was born with the ’Blackwater unique physique ’, wouldn ’t have such a terrifying cultivation speed like Shun Long.

At the same time, Jiang Tianfang was extremely excited when he heard that Jiang Chen had managed to breakthrough to the Dao King realm successfully as well.

In his heart, Jiang Tianfang had always been slightly worried that Jiang Chen would fail in his breakthrough, since he knew that his son was born with an immortal-grade bloodline from a ’Mythic-rank ’ magic beast, the ’Demonic crow of Darkness ’, and he even had a powerful unique physique as well.

Hearing from Shun Long that Jiang Chen had indeed succeeded in becoming a Dao King, helped remove the biggest burden from Jiang Tianfang ’s heart.

Shun Long only hid the details about his ’Stone of Time ’ and the golden skeleton that he had obtained from the depths of the King ’s Palace, before he explained to Jiang Tianfang how they met the Northern Sovereign and were invited to her estate, and that they were planning to enter the ’City of Immortals ’.

Jiang Tianfang nodded his head and proceeded to explain to Shun Long how he had searched through most of the northern part of the central region for the ’Golden light flower ’ during the past 3 years, and that he had only chanced upon this auction of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ today by pure luck.

Thankfully, Jiang Tianfang belonged to a powerful family in the past, and he was also someone who was renowned throughout the central region as a whole and had killed quite a number of late-stage Dao Emperors by himself, amassing quite a bit of wealth before his dantian was half-crippled, which was why he could afford to spend 400.000 high-grade spirit stones to get his hands on the ’Golden light flower ’.

At the same time, the auction continued, and after a few more items showed up, Shun Long ’s ’Flame Sovereign ’s hammer ’ and the 2 Saint middle-grade martial skills finally appeared on the stage, before they sold for a total of 550.000 high-grade spirit stones.

A little more than an hour later, after more than a dozen items had been auctioned, Jia Guiying stood on the main stage and stared at the people in front of her and those sitting in the private rooms, before she said in a warm and pleasant voice

’ ’Honorable guests, there are 2 final items left in our auction today, and I am sure that even the esteemed Sovereign realm experts present today will be satisfied with them.

Our next item is a 3-star ’Soul-locking talisman ’!

As you all know, talismans are really hard to make, and they can only be made by extremely powerful formation masters with extraordinary combat strength.

Even more powerful experts will be unwilling to offend a talisman master due to this.

This ’Soul-locking talisman ’ was made by a renowned peak 3-star formation master of our central region, grandmaster Wang.
Our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ has already verified that this ’Soul-locking talisman ’ can even affect peak rank 9 Sovereign realm experts, and only those Sovereign realm experts with extraordinary spiritual strength or those who have a soul-protecting peak 3-star artifact will be able to resist its effects.

The starting price for this ’Soul-locking talisman will be 300.000 high-grade spirit stones, while each subsequent increase must be a minimum of 5000 high-grade spirit stones higher than the last bid. ’ ’

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