The fifth floor of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ was silent for a few more moments after Shun Long ’s bid, before Shun Long heard a cold snort coming from one of the private rooms near him, as the person inside that private room said in an overbearing voice

’ ’160.000 high-grade spirit stones! Today, I, Zhuan Jie of the ’Black mist valley ’ will be the one who is going to win this ’Golden light flower ’! ’ ’

At the same time, Zhuan Jie deactivated the formation around his private room, allowing everyone below him and even the other experts who were sitting inside the private rooms to see his facial features.

Seeing the tall dark-haired man with sunken cheeks and that pair of cold eyes that were staring at Shun Long ’s room directly, many people in the crowd couldn ’t hold themselves back from whispering among themselves

’ ’It ’s really Zhuan Jie, the right-hand of the demon lord of the ’Black mist valley ’! I ’ve heard that he is at the peak of the early stages in the Sovereign realm.
I didn ’t expect that the ’Black mist valley ’ would send him here today! ’ ’

’ ’Things are going to be tricky! Now that Zhuan Jie has already declared his presence and that he wants to obtain the ’Golden light flower ’, I doubt that anyone else will dare to bid against him other than the experts of the 3 strongest powers in the northern part of the central region. ’ ’

’ ’I am sure the ’White Tiger chamber of commerce ’ won ’t be happy with this either.
They have already said that nobody is allowed to try and bully others through their status or background in their auctions.
I wonder how miss Jia will handle this. ’ ’

Indeed, a cold light flashed through Jia Guiying ’s eyes in the next moment, as the beautiful young woman looked at Zhuan Jie and said in a displeased manner

’ ’Senior Zhuan Jie, I am sure that you are aware of the rules of our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, and that trying to scare other guests from bidding is forbidden.
Are you trying to challenge my authority today? ’ ’

A stifling atmosphere filled the entire fifth floor of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ at that moment, as everyone stared at Jia Guiying with wide-open eyes.

Nobody had expected that a middle-stage Dao King like her would be so arrogant in front of a renowned Sovereign realm expert like Zhuan Jie!

Even if she was the auctioneer of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, Zhuan Jie himself was known as a merciless demon who could kill others with a snap of his fingers.

However, Jia Guiying didn ’t seem to be afraid of him in the slightest, as she stared at him with a questioning gaze.

Surprisingly, Zhuan Jie merely laughed a moment later, as he shook his head and said

’ ’Bullying others? Little girl, I think you are mistaken.
I simply declared that I am going to win the auction today.
If there is some trash present here today who are too afraid to bid against me, then that simply means that they didn ’t deserve their spot in the first pl- ’ ’

’ ’180.000 high-grade spirit stones. ’ ’

Before Zhuan Jie could even finish his sentence, Shun Long ’s hoarse voice came from his private room, attracting the attention of every single person present.

Silence filled the auction venue for a few more moments, before someone asked in a disbelieving tone

  ’ ’Another increase of 20.000 high-grade spirit stones?! This person dares to bid against Zhuan Jie? ’ ’

The people in the normal seats down below were stunned when they heard Shun Long calling out another bid against Zhuan Jie so casually, but the experts inside the other private rooms like the beautiful silver-haired woman from ’White ice city ’ and the others were unperturbed.

After all, they had already sent their soul sense to scan every single person sitting inside the private rooms as well as those in the normal seats down below, and Shun Long was the only mystery in these experts ’ eyes.

Someone who could hide his cultivation in front of so many experts present, clearly wouldn ’t be afraid of someone like Zhuan Jie.

At the same time, the cold look in Zhuan Jie ’s eyes deepened as he stared at the blurry silhouette inside Shun Long ’s room, before he spoke a second later

’ ’200.000 high-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

’ ’220.000! ’ ’ Shun Long ’s voice echoed right after Zhuan Jie ’s, as Shun Long called out his next bid.

It was clear that Shun Long had already decided to get his hands on this ’Golden light flower ’!

’ ’The ’Flame Sovereign ’s hammer ’ and the 2 Saint middle-grade martial skills should sell for at least 200.000 more high-grade spirit stones.
I doubt that this Zhuan Jie will be willing to spend close to half a million high-grade spirit stones for a single rank 7 medicinal herb. ’ ’ Shun Long thought to himself calmly as he waited to see if Zhuan Jie wanted to keep bidding.

Everyone on the fifth floor of the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ stared at Zhuan Jie curiously, including the experts inside the other private rooms.

Indeed, as long as it wasn ’t a matter of life and death, Zhuan Jie shouldn ’t keep fighting for the ’Golden light flower ’.

After all, the ’Golden light flower ’ was nothing more than a rank 7 medicinal herb, and it was one of the most difficult medicinal herbs to extract its essence!

If Zhuan Jie spent hundreds of thousands of high-grade spirit stones to bid for it and ended up gaining nothing, he would truly regret that.

And yet, contrary to everyone ’s expectations, Zhuan Jie simply snorted and said

’ ’You think that a few hundred thousand spirit stones mean anything to me? Today I will make you bleed as well! 250.000 high-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

’ ’270.000! ’ ’ Shun Long called out in a calm voice before Zhuan Jie ’s own voice could even disperse.

At that moment however, just when everyone thought that Shun Long and Zhuan Jie would keep bidding against each other until one of them didn ’t have anymore spirit stones, a solemn voice came from the normal seats down below, attracting everyone ’s attention

’ ’400.000 high-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

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