Shun Long saw that the beautiful, yellow-robed young woman who was standing on the main stage, had an enchanting smile on her face as she faced the crowd in front of her, before she bowed slightly and introduced herself in a warm voice that was akin to a gentle breeze that warmed up the entire venue

’ ’Dear guests of our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’, my name is Jia Guiying and I will be your auctioneer for today ’s auction.
I want to thank you all, esteemed guests, for coming.

Since many of our esteemed guests today have even come from various parts of our central region, our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ has prepared many exceptional treasures for today! ’ ’

Quite a few people in the crowd stared at the beautiful young woman who had appeared on the stage with love-struck eyes, before someone said soon after

’ ’Indeed, miss Jia is worthy of being called the most stunning jewel of Murong city.
Since she is the auctioneer today, I am sure the rumors about the earth flame must be true! ’ ’

’ ’Of course they are true! Do you think that so many experts would be present today if they weren ’t? I heard that today ’s auction will even have some other treasures other than the earth flame that can entice Sovereign realm experts to go all-out! ’ ’

People in the crowd immediately began chatting with each other shortly after Jia Guiying ’s appearance, and Jia Guiying herself merely smiled and didn ’t speak when she saw this scene, allowing the excitement of the crowd to reach its peak before they began the auction.

After all, as a talented auctioneer, she knew that only when the crowd couldn ’t contain their excitement any longer, would the prices of the auction reach a new high.

A minute later, Jia Guiying bowed to the crowd for a second time, before her gentle voice entered the ears of every single person present in the venue

’ ’Then, esteemed guests, without further ado…
let us begin with the first item of today ’s auction! ’ ’

As Jia Guiying clapped her hands, 2 beautiful young women dressed in red robes walked out from the back of the auction venue, carrying with them 2 bottles that were filled with alchemy pills.

Some of the people in the crowd stared at the pills curiously, while the eyes of the most experienced ones quickly lit up.

At the same time, Shun Long ’s eyes flashed momentarily inside his private room, before he mumbled in a calm voice

’ ’High-grade rank 7 pills? ’ ’

Indeed, Jia Guiying verified Shun Long ’s and the others ’ guesses barely a moment later, as she took one of the pill bottles in her hands and gently removed one of the pills inside, showing it to the crowd in front of her before she said

’ ’Dear guests, as many of you have already guessed, the first item for today ’s auction is a set of high-grade rank 7 ’Limb restoring pills ’ made by Grandmaster Hu Dai himself!

Grandmaster Du Hai is the greatest alchemist in our Murong city, and this set of high-grade ’Limb restoring pills ’ made personally by him, can even allow a person who isn ’t a body refinement cultivator to restore a missing limb without any issue. 

As long as you are not a Sovereign realm expert, just one of these pills will allow you to restore a missing limb within a day after consuming it!

I am sure that everyone here understands how rare these high-grade rank 7 ’Limb restoring pills ’ are, and that you normally won ’t be able to see them even if you tour through half of our northern part of the central region!

The starting price for these 18 pills will be 70.000 high-grade spirit stones, and every subsequent increase must be a minimum of 500 high-grade spirit stones! ’ ’

The crowd didn ’t hesitate to start bidding, as a person in the lower seats instantly called out his bid

’ ’70.500 ’ ’

’ ’71.000! ’ ’

’ ’73.000! ’ ’

In the blink of an eye, the price climbed all the way to 80.000 high-grade spirit stones and it was still going strong.

Although these rank 7 ’Limb restoring pills ’ didn ’t require any exceptionally rare rank 7 medicinal herbs to concoct, due to how difficult the actual pill refinement of the pills was, they were considered to be quite rare rank 7 pills that many cultivators coveted.

A few minutes later, the price finally stopped as a person in the lower seats obtained the ’Limb restoring pills ’ for 93.000 high-grade spirit stones!

Of course, the person who had obtained them was a late-stage Dao Emperor who happened to be sitting in the lower seats, since only some extremely powerful middle or late-stage Dao Emperors, as well as people from extremely strong powers, could afford to pay such a high price for 2 bottles of pills.

But of course, to those experts, even a hundred thousand high-grade spirit stones were nothing if they could restore a missing limb.

These pills were no different from offering a second life to those who weren ’t training in body refinement!

Jia Guiying clapped her hands and congratulated the old man who had just won the pills, before the second item of the auction soon came out.

Staring at the rusty iron halberd that appeared in Jia Guiying ’s hands, Shun Long ’s lips curved up slightly as he watched the auction.

His iron halberd eventually sold for 80.000 high-grade spirit stones, and someone came to Shun Long ’s private room a few moments later to deliver him 76.000 high-grade spirit stones.

Clearly, those 4000 high-grade spirit stones were the 5 percent fee that the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ would get from every transaction.

The third, the fourth, and the fifth item of the auction soon followed, and nearly every single one of them sold for more than 30.000 high-grade spirit stones!

Unfortunately, none of those items were of any use to Shun Long who kept enjoying his wine calmly, while the wine ’s scent had already started to spread to some of the nearby private rooms by now, attracting the attention of the experts inside those rooms, who sent their soul sense to check Shun Long ’s room soon after.

Of course, since none of those experts could see through Shun Long ’s cultivation base and they were all enemies during the auction, none of them dared to approach him during this time. 

A little more than an hour later, after more than 10 items had already been auctioned, a bright smile suddenly blossomed on Jia Guiying ’s face, as the beautiful yellow-robed young woman faced the crowd and said in a warm voice

’ ’Dear guests, our next item is an exceptionally rare rank 7 medicinal herb that is very rarely seen even in most auctions, and it can even compare to some rank 8 medicinal herbs in terms of rarity.
Our ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ happened to obtain it by pure luck a few days ago, and we decided to auction it today! ’ ’

As she finished speaking, Jia Guiying personally went over to carry a small jade box on the main stage, revealing a seven-petaled flower inside the box that was emitting a bright light.

Staring at the flower in Jia Guiying ’s hands, Shun Long ’s eyes instantly lit up as he said with a smile

’ ’A ’Golden light flower ’! ’ ’

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