Inside the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, Shun Long opened his eyes and exhaled once, before he turned his attention to the 12 golden balls of qi that were hovering above his head.

After breaking through to the Dao King realm, Shun Long truly realized how much more qi his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ required compared to other cultivation techniques.

During this past month that he had spent in seclusion, Shun Long had spent nearly 10.000 high-grade spirit stones before he finally reached the early rank 2 of the Dao King realm.

If it was any other early-stage Dao King who had absorbed all of this qi, they would have certainly reached the middle stages of the Dao King realm.

However, Shun Long still knew that the benefits of the ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’ far outweighed the disadvantage of needing to absorb enormous amounts of pure qi.

After all, the higher the grade of a cultivation technique, meant that a person had higher chances of reaching the immortal realm in the future.

At the same time, it was only after he broke through to the Dao King realm that Shun Long realized another benefit of his ’Monarch ’s Hourglass ’.

If he had been training in any other cultivation technique, even if he had comprehended the ’Dao of Time ’ as well, Shun Long was certain that he wouldn ’t have been able to use his ’Monarch ’s Domain ’ or any other of the skills that he had comprehended, simply because the requirements to use them were extremely high.

’ ’Master, are you going to take a look at the auction? ’ ’ Little Black asked as he coiled his large head around Shun Long who was still sitting cross-legged on the ground.

According to what Liao Huo had said, there wasn ’t much time left until the auction started.

Shun Long nodded and patted Little Black ’s head once before he answered

’ ’I am curious to see what type of earth flame the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ is planning to auction.
Besides, that old man, Liao Huo said that there will be other treasures as well that will be worth to take a look at. ’ ’

Naturally, in Liao Huo ’s eyes, Shun Long who could completely hide his aura in front of him was at least a late-stage Dao Emperor, which meant that the treasures that the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ was planning to auction would most likely be enough to attract the attention of even some extremely powerful Dao Emperors, otherwise Liao Huo wouldn ’t be so confident to make such a claim.

A few moments later, Shun Long closed his eyes and imagined himself leaving the foggy space in the ’Stone of Time ’, before he returned back to his room inside the inn.

This time however, Shun Long didn ’t keep Little Silver by his side and had the black panther return to the foggy space inside the ’Stone of Time ’, before he walked towards the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ all by himself.

Sometime later, Shun Long arrived in front of the entrance of an extremely crowded ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ that had a sea of cultivators in front of its entrance.

It seemed that the auction today had attracted a huge number of people.

Of course, this was only natural since everyone inside Murong city had learned during the past 2 months that an earth flame was going to be auctioned today.

A treasure that needed hundreds of thousands or perhaps even a million years to form itself naturally…
how could it not attract the attention of every single powerful cultivator within the city? 

But even though every person present coveted the earth flame, everyone understood that it would most likely end up in the hands of the few Sovereign realm experts who were present today, or the representatives of the large powers throughout the northern part of the central region who had come to get their hands on it.

Sometime later, Shun Long managed to enter the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ before heading straight for the fourth floor.

Of course, the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ wasn ’t going to let just anyone participate in the auction since there were simply too many people present today, while the seats in the auction couldn ’t hold all the cultivators present.

This was why the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ was holding the auction on the fifth floor, and every person who wanted to participate would have to pay a fee of 100 high-grade spirit stones.

Although this price was nothing to the powerful Dao Emperors who were going to bid for the earth flame or the other treasures, to most ordinary cultivators who only wanted to take a look at the auction out of curiosity, it was an exorbitant price that few of them were willing to pay.

Of course, powerful experts who had an invitation token like the one that Shun Long had received from Liao Huo didn ’t have to pay any fee whatsoever.

As soon as he reached the staircase that led to the fifth floor, Shun Long saw more than a dozen of golden-armored guards standing there silently, as well as a number of beautiful young women dressed in white robes who were receiving the guests with smiles on their faces.

Every single one of those guards was at the peak of rank 9 of the Dao King realm, but Shun Long was certain that there were even some Dao Emperors hidden in the surroundings as well.

’ ’Perhaps the ’White tiger chamber of commerce ’ has even asked for the help of a Sovereign realm expert, to make sure that things go smoothly today. ’ ’ Shun Long thought to himself as he showed his silver token that he had gotten from Liao Huo to one of the white-robed women in front of him.

The moment that the guards and those young women noticed Shun Long ’s silver token, they all bowed respectfully, before the young woman in front of Shun Long offered to lead him to the private room that was reserved for him.

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